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Cheaper games — Since it’s May the 4th, you can get up to 77% off Star wars games.
MacHeist also has a special on ten (ie, non-Star Wars) indie games as a bundle, with a percentage going to charities you can pick.

Nisus Writer Pro Tutorials, Express — James Tummins has created a series of video tutorials for Nisus Writer Pro. These tutorials walk you through subjects such as styles, find and replace, table of contents, track changes, comments, and more. If you are new to Nisus Writer Pro or need a refresher, these videos are a great resource.
Meanwhile Nisus Writer Express is now only US$20? Like Pro, Express is a multilingual powerhouse, with support for just about every language and even right to left scripts. It’s compatible with popular file formats (.doc, .docx) and its native file format (.rtf) is compatible with just about every word processor out there.

Filters for Photos now in the Mac App store (still free) — Dozens of creative filters: vintage, analogue, oil paint, comics and many others. Use it as a standalone app or within Photos as an extension. Apply filters in real time, mix & match filters, adjust the look and even draw with filters. This is a free package – it hasn’t arrived in the NZ Mac App Store yet, but if you prefer to get things through Apple’s mediated Store, it will be there soon.

Cooks says to calm down — Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared yesterday on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show and said all the “Apple is doomed” talk after a disappointing second fiscal quarter is way overblown. He also pointed out that great new products are coming [all eyes on June’s WWDC, then]. 

Fixing out-of-storage problems for iCloud backups — Macworld talks you through it.

MacScan deals to Trojan Horses, trackers and other malware — MacScan 3 has been designed to quickly identify and eradicate malware, spyware, Trojan horses, and tracking cookies from your system. Rewritten from the ground up for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and later, the software is well organised and simple to use. Malware Scan and Internet Clutter Cleanup options are grouped together on the home screen, along with with a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute library of known malware threats. It costs US$50.