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new Spotify, Microsoft Cortana is coming, Apple Watch course, brain sharpening

Spotify has a new feature that matches song-beats to your running pace
Spotify has a new feature that matches song-beats to your running pace

Hands-on with the new Spotify: still the streaming service to beat — Spotify took the wraps off its new app at a major New York press event last week that featured appearances from D’Angelo, Questlove, DJ Tiësto, and Broad City stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. Streaming music’s dominant player spared no expense to prove that it’s the company to beat.

Cortana comes to iOS and Android as Microsoft builds a bridge to Windows 10 — Microsoft is rolling out a red carpet for iPhone and Android users, giving them a standalone version of Windows Phone’s Cortana digital assistant and some help syncing their data to Windows PCs.

Apple Watch Course: go from newbie to pro building 14 apps — The time has come to make your mark on the Apple Watch app ecosystem. In this full-spectrum training, you’ll get your hands dirty right off the bat coding 14 real-world apps with Swift and WatchKit. The result? You’ll be fully prepared to bring your dream app to life, and take the wearable tech world by a storm. (This is at 87% discount – the course is currently US$25 instead of US$199.)

Apps to keep your brain sharp — Work by scientists and the medical research community has shown that it should be possible for the brain to be ‘trained’ to create new pathways and places for memory and cognition to occur. There are apps for that.

NZ Police iPad ‘problems’, iPhone 6 cases, new Spotify and Twitter features

Labour claims there have been multiple problems with Police Apple technology; the Police claim otherwise.
Labour claims there have been multiple problems with Police Apple technology; the Police claim otherwise.

NZ Police to ditch new iPads — The police are looking to replace thousands of iPads that they have only just finished rolling out to frontline staff.
Police have spent $4.3 million rolling out iPads and iPhones to thousands of officers over the last two years.
[Labour is claiming it’s because they’ve been problematic; other sources say it’s because the iPhone 6+ is a better replacement because it does an iPhone and an iPad job in one device. The NZ Police can apparently replace – or ‘upgrade’ – the iPads with large iPhones as part of the contract with Vodafone. I can tell you, though, that the NZ Police took on no training outside of the force once they started introducing iPads; officers largely had to learn them for themselves.]

iPhone 6 cases — Macworld has a slideshow of clear cases to show off your iPhone 6. I listed cases available in New Zealand on iStart – with a more detailed version to appear here in a few days.

Spotify’s Touch Preview makes song sampling painless — Spotify introduced a new feature on Thursday to make up for dumping the old music preview feature that disappeared last summer. Dubbed Touch Preview, the replacement aims to be a one-click solution that lets you hear 30-second song previews with a simple press and hold.

Twitter debuts ‘While you were away’ posts on iOS, Web version coming soon — Twitter on Wednesday announced “While you were away” recaps, a new feature designed to keep users up to date with the goings on of people they follow by surfacing missed posts in their home timeline.

Developer NimbleBit announces Apple Watch support for upcoming letter puzzle game — Third-party app developer NimbleBit, known for 8-bit style real-time simulation games, announced on Wednesday that its upcoming project will be one of the first game titles to hit the diminutive screen of the Apple Watch .