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More Maps flyovers, Cook in Israel, Ive and Musk, Smartflash loss

More cities get Flyover support.
More cities get Flyover support.

Apple expands Maps Flyover support to 9 new locations — Apple recently added nine new cities, including Venice, Italy, to the list of locations sporting 3D Flyover support.
Apple’s updated Flyover coverage includes the following locales:
Baton Rouge, La; Boise, Idaho; Cáceres, Spain; Edinburgh, Scotland; Guadalajara, Mexico; Ponce, Puerto Rico; Linz, Austria; Rennes, France; Venice, Italy. [Dunedin NZ was added in the last tranche.]
On the Mac, this is basically 3D. On iDevices, it’s a real tailored flyover – here’s how.

Apple CEO Tim Cook visits Israel, meets with President Reuven Rivlin — Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook was in Israel on Wednesday, and had a meeting with President Reuven Rivlin, as Apple prepares to open a new office in the country.

Apple’s Jony Ive and Tesla’s Elon Musk ‘inseparable’ in conversation at Oscars afterparty — Apple’s top designer and the leader in electric car technology were spotted engrossed in conversation this past Sunday at an exclusive Academy Awards afterparty, amidst a flurry of rumours surrounding Apple’s rumoured plans to build its own electric, autonomous car. [They could have been talking about anything – polo, drinking 100-year-old champagne out of solid gold glasses, the scandal at their exclusive club …]

Apple pays up in Smartflash case — As reported by Bloomberg, a federal jury found Apple guilty of infringing patents held by holding company Smartflash LLC. Filed in 2013, the original lawsuit claims that the iTunes Store, the iOS and Mac App Store, and Apple’s other transaction services infringe on three Smartflash patents that cover “data storage and managing access through payment systems.” The company originally was seeking $852 million in damages, but was awarded $533M as part of the jury’s decision.