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MagBytes 90 ~news, views, tips and tricks

Yes, I have a full-time regular  job now, but I’m still (so far) managing to get this done. MagBytes 90 looks like this, at left, (that’s a thumbnail picture; the download is from the text link below).


Please remember that feedback is always welcome. I like to feel MagBytes is useful to people, and if you can think of any way I can improve MagBytes, I’m all ears.
MagBytes 90 —>>Issue90August17

MagBytes 70

Issue 70 looks like this ...
Issue 70 looks like this … handy, right?

Goodness, 70 issues already. This one has a much larger Shiny&New section with some gift ideas. I know I want all of them, anyway. (All the best for the New Year, holidays etc in case I don’t manage to get a December issue out. Counter to accepted wisdom, I think New Zealand’s in for a stonking summer.

An editor of a magazine once told me that he didn’t use exclamation marks as ‘only bad writers used them’ … I replied ‘You should use them liberally, then.’

As always, feedback and suggestions always welcome.

Here it is – download it from the link below (click on the link, arrowed, to view in your browser, or right-click/Control click to download the PDF to your device

—>) MagBytes Issue 70 Nov 2015
(for iPad users, hold your finger on the link for a few seconds for download options.)

MagBytes 62, March 2015

This is a picture of the cover of MagBytes 62, March 2015
This is a picture of the cover of MagBytes 62, March 2015

Another instalment of collected tips for the last month, plus news links, updates info, more for your edification, enjoyment and spiritual enlightenment. OK, the first two anyway.

To DOWNLOAD the PDF, right-click or hold down the Control key on your keyboard while you normal-click on this link ——>> Issue 62 March 2015 <<——
This will give you a pop-our/contextual menu with one of the offerings being ‘Download linked file’. 

It will look like this: DownloadLinked

Then choose a destination and put it on your computer to read at your leisure. If you just click the link, chances are it will just appear in your browser. It’s fine to read it this way, but you won’t be ‘keeping’ it.

To download the newsletter on an iPad or iPhone: tap anywhere in Safari’s window, firmly but briefly. If you hold your finger there too long, you’ll just get the iOS editing magnifying glass. After a brief tap, you’ll see ‘Open in iBooks’ at top right.

Tap the button “Open in iBooks”. The document will be whisked from Safari to iBooks where you can read it with IBooks controls – and keep it forever if need be.