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New iPad Pros in Store, 3rd iOS 10.3.3 Beta, drag ‘n’ drop, Logitech Circle C, leather Band, Alto’s Odyssey, Minecraft, South Park

The 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro now available in Apple Stores — Apple’s brand new 10.5-inch iPad Pro and just updated 12.9-inch model are now available in the company’s retail stores. Both models were introduced last week at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose, California.

Apple Seeds third Developer Beta of iOS 10.3.3 — Apple seeded the third developer beta of iOS 10.3.3 on Tuesday. It’s seen as a maintenance release. Developers can download the beta through their device or iTunes for iOS devices set up with a developer profile.

Drag-and-drop for iPhone enabled by tweaks in Apple’s iOS 11 beta code — Though the upcoming technology is reserved for iPads, drag-and-drop can be enabled for the iPhone by making a few adjustments to the iOS 11 developer beta, according to a series of tweets.

Logitech Circle 2 security camera ships in July with incoming Apple HomeKit support — Logitech has unveiled the Circle 2, the follow-up to the Circle connected camera, with the second-generation security device adding weatherproofing and using a more versatile design, as well as supporting Apple’s HomeKit home automation platform in a future software update.

Classy Leather Apple Watch Band — Grovemade has been making really beautiful wood and leather accessories for the past eight years, and they just announced new Leather Apple Watch Bands that use a clean, minimalist design to complement the design of the Apple Watch.

E3 2017: Sony announces ‘PlayLink’ local multiplayer titles with PS4-to-iOS cross-platform support — Sony this week unveiled a new series of games branded PlayLink, focussing on in-person multiplayer experiences for its PlayStation 4 console that will allow new players to get in the game with their iPhones. One announced PlayLink title was Hidden Agenda, which lets participants collaborate to stop a serial killer.

Anticipated sequel ‘Alto’s Odyssey’ arrives on Apple’s iOS this summer — The follow-up to popular iPhone game Alto’s Adventure was showcased this week at E3, as the finishing touches are put on endless runner Alto’s Odyssey ahead of its launch on iOS this summer.

Minecraft will allow iOS gamers to play with Windows 10, Android users — Mojang will be releasing an update to its popular building and exploration game Minecraft this summer that will introduce increased cross-platform play, allowing owners of the iOS version to play with Windows, Android, VR, and console versions, as well as a number of other changes to the popular title.

Ubisoft’s South Park: Phone Destroyer will bring free-to-play PvP to Apple’s iOS — The wacky world of South Park is coming to the iPhone later this year with Phone Destroyer, a free-to-play title where characters from the hit long running TV show square off against each other in a neighborhood showdown.

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There is no more free Single of the Week in iTunes.
There is no more free Single of the Week in iTunes.

After 11 years, iTunes Single Of The Week is no more — BusinessInsider is reporting that Apple is ending its longstanding “Single Of The Week” promotion after 11 years. As the name implies, Apple, for 11 years on end, promoted a new song every week that iTunes users could download for free. [That sucks, I’ve made some really good discoveries through this feature. There goes my presentation of ‘Think Apple gives you nothing for free?’]

List of HomeKit products from CES — So far all we have seen of HomeKit is promises from June 2014; there wasn’t a way to take advantage of it until iOS 8 shipped, and even now virtually nothing utilises HomeKit. But that’s slowly starting to change: CES 2015 was the first wave of hope for Siri-friendly home automators.

Traffic from Apple’s unannounced iOS 9 grows into new year — Testing on Apple’s anticipated iOS 9 release continues to ramp up at the start of 2015, with the next major iPhone and iPad operating system expected to make its official debut at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition — Minecraft: Pocket Edition is bigger than Texas, 23 times hotter than the Sun, and “more than the entire observable universe.” Of course, if you’re looking for actual statistics, Mojang has one of those, too: the number of times the pint-sized version of the game has been purchased is 30,000,000!

Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop app lands on iOS — Google Chrome has a lot of fancy features built-in or available through extensions. One of those awesome additions is Chrome Remote Desktop — but until this week, the feature was limited to computers running the Chrome browser itself or Android devices. Now, however, iOS users can get in on the remote desktop action as well.

Train for a marathon like a pro with these apps — There’s no single app that can absolutely take you from lazy couch potato to marathon finisher, there are several apps that can help you in your quest to run the absurd distance of 26.2 miles. Because marathons are so taxing, even the most seasoned runners still need to train—constantly.

Scannable app supercharges Evernote scanning on the go — Scannable for iOS delivers quick and easy scanning to Evernote with a minimum of configuration. Whether you’re snapping Post-It notes or capturing business cards, Scannable is intended to make it as fast as possible (and get it all into Evernote, of course). It’s free.

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iOS holds 88% share of enterprise apps, iPad 90% of tablets in Good’s business activations — Enterprise mobile services vendor Good Technology detailed in its latest quarterly report that companies continue to overwhelmingly prefer Apple’s mobile platform over Android or Windows Mobile alternatives. The firm also noted a jump in government adoption of iPads.

iPhone vs. Tricorder: seeing the future with blurred vision — It’s interesting to see how the blinders of the present affect our predictions of the future. The Star Trek Tricorder vs. the modern Apple iPhone is a case in point.

Time Lapse! beats iOS 8 Camera app to the punch — I’ve always been fascinated by time lapse photography, where you capture a still image a few times a minute, then create a movie with a very speeded-up effect. The 1982 documentary film Koyaanisqatsi is really striking with its creative use of time lapse photography. Apple is adding a time lapse function to the Camera app in iOS 8, but if you’d like to play around with time lapse photography now try Time Lapse! for NZ$2.59.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s evolution into a mobile juggernaut — Minecraft is an absolute sensation of a game, having sold more than 54 million copies across platforms and spawning all sorts of officially licensed doodads.
Minecraft: Pocket Edition for iOS and Android, the bite-sized, touch-centric take on the building block sensation, which had sold more than 21 million copies as of April. It makes sense on the surface: Pocket Edition is the lowest-priced version, and there are hundreds of millions of active devices that can run the game. But this is the same game critically shrugged off upon release less than three years ago, derided for being a hollow shell of the PC experience.