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iOS 8 is here, with lots of handy explanatory links – iPhone 6 review, convert from Android, 1Password

It's out!
It’s out!

iOS 8 is here! Read TUAW’s complete guide to Apple’s new mobile OS — Now that iOS 8 is officially available, here’s a list of all of TUAW’s detailed write-ups of the new features. While you’re waiting for iOS 8 to download and install on your favourite device, take some time to read through our guide to most of the top new features of the mobile operating system. [I recommend plugging your iPhone into your Mac with the white USB cable and updating via iTunes while the phone is plugged in. It’s faster, more reliable and the iPhone can’t run out of charge while it’s updating.]

What iOS 8 is all about — The Applecentric sites have loads of features on all sorts of iOS 8 topics: first, which iPhones, iPods, and iPads are eligible to upgrade to iOS 8? Mac Observer tells you how to prepare your devices for the upgrade,  Alernative keyboards and Swypecompatibility updates for Beats Music, Find My Friends and more, how to use iOS 8 ContinuityiOS 8 ExtensionsiOS 8: Spotlight, Siri, and notificationschanges in the Settings app, and how to upgrade to iOS 8 (and downgrade to iOS 7 if you regret it). Finally, TUAW writes ‘Be aware, be careful, be prepared for iCloud Drive‘.

iPhone 6 review — Giving the people what they want.

Apple offers iPhone migration guide for Android converts — Now that Apple has joined the giant smartphone party, it’s reaching out to Android users with a helpful migration guide. [Cheeky!]

1Password 5 now available for free — So many people use AgileBits’ 1Password app to keep track of the hundreds or even  thousands of passwords in their lives this is worthy of a separate announcement. 1Password 5 has just appeared in the App Store, and you can pick up your copy for free.