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Apple Dreams iPhone 5s, Microsoft suing Samsung and more

Apple's latest Dreams ad focuses on iPhone 5s
Apple’s latest Dreams ad focuses on iPhone 5s

New Dreams ad focuses on the many uses of the iPhone 5s — Apple has released another of its classy ads that show just how powerful we humans can be when equipped with an iOS device. In Dreams, Apple focuses on the iPhone 5s and shows everything from a Vaavud anemometer being used to measure wind speed at a beach to a doctor using the device to translate a question into Spanish.

Microsoft sues Samsung over unpaid Android patent royalties — Microsoft on Friday filed a lawsuit with a New York district court claiming Samsung is in breach of an Android patent cross-licensing contract after failing to turn over an undisclosed amount in royalty payments.

Clima is a compact and useful weather app — Clima (NZ$1.29) packs a lot of information into a deceptively simple user interface. Enter a city or cities and you get temperature and sky conditions on a colorful background.

Swift and iOS 8 course — This Complete iOS 8 Course With Swift is available for  pre-order has you build 14 iOS 8 apps using Xcode 6 & Apple’s new programming language, adding up to 36 hours of training.

Broken Age — It’ll scratch that point-and-click itch: Broken Age might be the prettiest game the genre has ever seen, but while the iPad game sets a new high mark for visual style, it doesn’t do anything dramatic to shake up the usual investigate-everything approach.

Make your iPad into a professional recording studio — Andrea Pejrolo decided to try and use the iPad for each stage of production – from recording and mixing all the way to mastering and SoundCloud distribution. The recording session was split in two days and took place in the new Berklee Production suites in Boston; the assistant engineer was the talented Vince Espi.

Al-Qaeda prefers Android over Apple’s iOS — Apple’s iOS has taken majority market share in education, government and the enterprise, but Google’s Android has become the favoured mobile platform among Al-Qaeda operatives.