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Image from Apple's iPad Pro gallery
Image from Apple’s iPad Pro gallery

Review of iPad Pro with A9X CPU and 12.9-inch Retina display by Neil Hughes — The iPad Pro is Apple’s most fully realised example yet of the future of computing, with a workhorse of a processor and a beautiful 12.9-inch Retina display packed inside a svelte, ultraportable design. Current limitations with iOS apps prevent it from being a PC replacement for the most demanding tasks, and at [US]$799 it won’t appeal to casual users, but we are confident the iPad Pro will carve out a niche in the high-end market. Indeed, Horace Dediu calls is a ‘desktop computer‘.
In another post, it turns out the Pro has a USB 3.0 controller, hinting at an ultra-fast Lightning connector, and here’s How to Use Your iPad Pro as a Graphics Tablet with your Mac.

You’ll be waiting 4-5 weeks for that Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil — If you want a Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro, you’ll be waiting awhile. They’re now showing a 4-5 week waiting time for availability.

Microsoft OneNote picks up video embeds, new iPhone features, and more — As part of its massive November update cycle, Microsoft has pushed a smorgasbord of new features to the OneNote notetaking software across a wide variety of platforms.
Users of OneNote Online and OneNote for iOS can now record audio into a note straight from the web and mobile app. It’s an extension of similar capabilities already available on OneNote for Mac and OneNote for Windows.

Typeeto is a ‘magic software keyboard for all of your mobile devices’ — There are many third-party accessories for attaching hardware keyboards to iOS devices, from iPad cases to Logitech’s multi-device K480 wireless keyboard, on down to that bizarre BlackBerry knockoff for the iPhone courtesy of Ryan Seacrest. Typeeto is a clever little piece of OS X software that allows existing Mac keyboards to be used with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android smartphones or tablets, Apple TV, or most any device capable of pairing over Bluetooth, including game consoles.

Apple updates App Store search engine algorithms, results go beyond metadata — According to a report on Friday, iOS app developers have noticed a change in the App Store’s search algorithms that appears to return more relevant results for direct app searches by going deeper than title and assigned keyword metadata.

Apple hit with second class action lawsuit over Wi-Fi Assist data overages — Apple was hit with another class action lawsuit over iOS 9’s new Wi-Fi Assist feature on Friday, with plaintiffs seeking a jury trial for damages in excess of $5 million.

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Indie labels and musicians balk at Apple Music terms, Apple denies iTunes threat — Anton Newcombe of the band Brian Jonestown Massacre (BJM) recently took to Twitter complaining Apple had threatened to pull his music from iTunes if he didn’t sign up to be a part of Apple Music streaming. Newcombe’s comments have circulated widely, but Apple issued a statement to Rolling Stone on Friday saying, “[Indie music] will not be taken off.”

Home Automation is collapsing into a trough of disillusionment — When a new technology first emerges, corporations have no choice but to hype their products in the hopes of becoming a leader, collecting all the early adopter profits and squeezing out the laggardly competition, reckons John Martellaro. [I tend to agree. I tested a few things and it was like ‘I can turn a light on with my iPhone. So what? It’s just as easy, if not easier, to reach out and hit the wall switch.]

Goodbye original iPad mini — Apple has quietly removed the original iPad mini from its website and its online storefront. Released in 2012, the first-generation iPad mini was innovative when it debuted, sporting the same internal specifications as the iPad 2, its bigger 9.7-inch counterpart. The loss of the non-retina iPad mini is a transition point for Apple as all of its iOS devices and most of its Mac lineup now sport a high-resolution Retina display.

Apple, IBM collaborate on app for teachers — The Coppell Gazette reports that Apple and IBM have been working on a Student Achievement App aimed at educators. Representatives from both companies attended a meeting of the Coppell ISD Board of Trustees to discuss the solution, which will provide teachers with “actionable intelligence on a per-student basis.” The app will reportedly run on Apple hardware exclusively.

New York school district converts 75% of its curriculum to Apple’s iPad — All students in grades 3 through 9 in the affluent Mineola, NY, school district have been equipped with Apple’s iPad, in an aggressive and ambitious initiative that has converted some 75% of its students’ instructional days to the touchscreen tablet.

Microsoft OneNote’s new to-do list feature debuts on iOS first —
Microsoft is continuing the cross-platform push for its OneNote note-taking app with new features on iOS. [A case of go where the money is, despite past differences.]

Apple takes App Analytics service out of beta, adds features — Apple has sent out an email to developers notifying them of new features added to App Analytics, including data for crashes, number of paying users and a ratios tool for comparing statistics.

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Apple’s iPhone 5c helps man survive shotgun blast to the chest — A 25-year-old British man who was shot in the chest with a shotgun during a confrontation outside of his home survived the event, thanks in part to his green iPhone 5c, which absorbed much of the impact. [Other coloured 5Cs probably work too – but I don’t think this is one of Apple’s selling points for iPhone.]

Apple Maps in China offer a sneak peek at what’s in store for Maps in iOS 9 — Apple has gobbled up mapping market share on iOS (and the Mac) since introducing its own alternative to Google Maps back in 2012, despite lacking a variety of key features. Hints at how Apple Maps may soon improve are coming from China, where Apple Maps has accurate transit lines and station depictions.

Five ways OneNote is better than Apple’s Notes app — The iPad is a convenient note-taking tool for the classroom and boardroom alike. And while Apple’s own Notes app is more than equipped to handle any text you can throw at it, it lacks any breakthrough features to keep you coming back. The last company Jason Cipriani ever expected to boast about having a better iOS app than Apple is Microsoft, but that’s exactly what I’m about to do. Microsoft’s OneNote app is vastly better than the Notes app that comes installed on your iPhone and iPad.

Three easy ways to begin with Home Automation — Kelly Guimont can get you started.

Apple, IBM roll Apple Watch support into three MobileFirst apps — As part of an ongoing enterprise solutions partnership, Apple and IBM on Thursday announced Apple Watch support for three MobileFirst apps serving the healthcare, public safety and energy industries.

Two iOS games of note — Dead Man’s Draw (universal, free with in-app purchases) is a push-your-luck card game with an enjoyable pirate theme and Does Not Commute turns a time-shifted traffic jam into fun.