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The Lily is a self flying drone that pairs with a small, wearable beacon it follows to capture footage
The Lily is a self flying drone that pairs with a small, wearable beacon it follows to capture footage

iOS-connected Lily drone promises to make aerial photography simpler than ever — A newly announced iOS-compatible camera drone ditches controllers entirely, making it as simple as tossing the device into the sky to begin recording high-quality aerial footage.
Lily is also waterproof, as demonstrated in a promotional video shown by the company behind it, in which a user simply tosses the drone into a river and the device floats before automatically taking off. It’s also small enough to fit in a backpack.
The drone’s camera can take still pictures at 12 megapixels, record 1080p video at 60 frames per second, or capture 120-frames-per-second slow-motion at 720p. Shooting modes for Lily include follow, lead, fly up, side, and loop.

Apple TV gets new channels in Australia, Europe and Japan — Apple has just added new app channels for several countries with Apple TV support, including Australia, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Why, in the face of Netflix etc? Well, Apple TV is doing better than expected.

BitTorrent’s Bleep secure chat comes to iOS, Microsoft adds features to core iOS Office apps — BitTorrent on Tuesday released the first iOS version of Bleep, its secure messaging app, while Microsoft updated its flagship Office iOS apps with a handful of new features. [Now we can organise that revolution.]

Archdiocese of San Francisco to begin accepting church donations through Apple’s iPhone — Starting this Friday, Catholics in San Francisco will be able to donate to their local church by using an iPhone app, bringing modern technology to the millennia-old practice of tithing.

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Smash Champs is  unique game
Smash Champs is a unique game

Apple blocks WireLurker apps to help stop malware threat — Apple was Johnny-on-the-spot Thursday morning with its response to the WireLuker malware threat for the iPhone, and has already blocked the trojan horse apps that install it so they can’t launch. WireLurker is a malware threat out of China that uses Apple’s own provisioning tools to install itself on iOS devices.
If you aren’t sure how to protect yourself from WireLurker, be sure to check out our article detailing just what you can do.

Microsoft offers Office 365 refunds to iPad users after launching free version — If you recently forked over US$70 or more to edit Office documents on an iPad, you can now switch to the free version and get a partial refund.
The iPad version of Office previously required an Office 365 subscription for document editing, priced at $70 per year for the “Personal” edition and $100 per year for the “Home” edition. That changed on Thursday, when Microsoft made basic editing free on all mobile devices, including iPads.

CBS launches news channel on Apple TV, quietly — CBS News and CBS Interactive launched Thursday a “digital streaming news network” called CBSN. The 24 hour channel features live, anchored news for 15 hours each weekday, and while CBS didn’t announce it was launching on Apple TV, the service is up and running on Apple’s device now [it’s not on mine though].

Facebook says 66% of Android phones it sees have iPhone 4 era specs from 2011 (or worse) — The world’s most popular mobile app has developed a new way to manage Android fragmentation, targeting users’ hardware capabilities rather than devices’ installed OS versions. Facebook’s new efforts note that two thirds of the Android phones it sees “are equivalent to something released in 2011 or earlier.”

Apple drops Fitbit products from Online Store — Apple has quietly dropped Fitbit’s fitness trackers from its online store, hinting at a growing rift between the two companies over HealthKit support. There isn’t any official word on why Fitbit’s products are gone, but other fitness trackers that support HealthKit are still available.

Smash Champs is stunning, unique and action-packed — Smash Champs (pictured above) is a unique action/adventure game in which you must train your fighters to battle their opponents and gain power and success. It sounds clichéd but it has a few tricks up its sleeve that make for some interesting gameplay. The iOS game is free with in-app purchases and universal for iPhone and iPad.

Swype keyboard for iOS is free for a limited time — One of the big additions of iOS 8 was the introduction of third party keyboards for typing. There are lots of options out there at different price points, but right now you can get one of the best keyboards on the market for free. It’s called Swype and it’s wonderful. [I have it.]

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Complex image masking and more on iPad with Superimpose
Complex image masking and more on iPad with Superimpose

iPad Air 2 glass cover has 2.5% screen reflectance vs 8% reflectance for sapphire — Apple fans still hoping the company will adopt a scratch-resistant sapphire cover for the iPhone in the near future might temper their expectations: one display expert believes the impressive anti-reflective glass coating on the iPad Air 2 display is instead the way of the future. It’s less reflective.

Apple Pay activated 1 million times in first three days — Apple’s new contactless payment system on the iPhone 6 saw 1 million activations in its first three days of use, pointing to an initially enthusiastic response from Apple users.

How to disable taking iPhone calls on your iPad — Its easy: open your iPad and go into Settings, choose FaceTime, and switch iPhone Cellular Calls to off (the switch will be green if on). This same toggle is in the Mac version of FaceTime as well, in Preferences for the app there.

Big iPhone 6 Plus selling well — Outspoken T-Mobile CEO John Legere on Monday said Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus ‘phablet’ is generating unprecedented demand for America’s fourth-largest wireless carrier, and at one point accounted for about 55% of the company’s smartphone sales.

Microsoft unveils Office 365 SDK and APIs for iOS app extensibility — Microsoft on Tuesday revealed a multi-pronged initiative to supply developers with new Office 365 APIs and open-source SDKs, which can be used to tap into the company’s cloud-based productivity platform for deep iOS app integration.

Superimpose for iOS lets you blend and superimpose your photos — Superimpose (pictured above and NZ$1.29) does a first class job of taking part of one photo and adding it to another. It’s great for removing your best friend from a picture taken in your living room and putting them at Niagara Falls, or taking the head of one person (or your dog) and placing it on another body.