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Apple details workaround for iOS Messages bug, permanent fix coming soon — Apple on Thursday posted a support document detailing workarounds for a recently discovered bug that crashes the iOS Messages app when a specific text string is received.

Your complete guide to every Apple TV channel, A to Z — When you’re trying to pick a set-top box, content is king. You’re not just picking a box, you’re choosing an ecosystem: if you already buy or rent content from iTunes, the Apple TV seamlessly puts it on the biggest screen in the house. The Fire TV is similarly amazing if you shop for digital media at Amazon, and the Chromecast is great for frequent shoppers of the Google Play Store. [Not all of these channels are available in NZ – and note that WWDC will most likely include an update to Apple TV, hardware and/or software.]

iTunes ‘Limited Time’ Movie Bundles: Lord of the Rings for $14.99, Aliens Anthology for $19.99 — Apple announced several “limited time” offers on movie bundles in the US through iTunes on Thursday, a way for customers to buy full movie series at a heavily discounted price. [Not sure if they will be available here, but … Aliens!]

Uber to allow background location tracking in privacy policy update — Starting July 15, ride-sharing service Uber will update its privacy policies to allow tracking of a user’s location in the background, the company revealed in a blog post.

WWDC app updated, Messages bug, Carbo, Android stutters, Kindle app

Carbo, currently on sale, lets you snap handwritten notes on paper, store them, edit them and more.
Carbo, currently on sale, lets you snap handwritten notes on paper, store them, edit them and more.

Apple updates WWDC app for 2015 event, confirms June 8 keynote at 10am US Pacific Time — Apple on Wednesday confirmed the full schedule for the 2015 Worldwide Developers Conference — including the keynote presentation on June 8 — and released version 3.0 of the WWDC iOS app, introducing a new Apple Watch companion. (At WWDC Apple is expected to reveal a number of products, such as iOS 9 and OS X 10.11, a new Apple TV set-top, and a rebranded Beats Music.)

How to prevent the new Messages bug from crashing your iPhone — A bug in iOS 8 turns a string of Unicode characters into a phone-crashing catastrophe. If you receive a message with the characters, either as an iMessage or an SMS text from contacts on other platforms, your iPhone will crash—but only if you open it. If you receive a notification with the message on your lock screen, your phone will either reboot or lock you out of Messages altogether. The bug doesn’t actually generate the message — some prankster with your phone number has to actually send the code to you.

Creaceed Carbo takes analogue notes into a digital future — A new universal iOS app from Creaceed is about to change the way you take notes with digital devices. Carbo (NZ$8.99, launch price currently set at $4.99) is advertised as “handwriting in the digital age”, and that describes in a nutshell what the app accomplishes.

Android stutters while iOS shines during Q1 — Sales of Android smartphones were up in the first quarter but its share of the market fell, while that of iOS grew for the third consecutive quarter.

Kindle app gets new typeface — Amazon has updated the Kindle app for iPhone and iPad with an exclusive font called Bookerly. The font was made available on the Kindle Fire HDX in December, 2014 and has now come to Apple’s devices. Designed for “optimal readability at any screen size,” Amazon notes that Bookerly is available on “most” Kindle books.