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Whiskey connoiseurs like Distiller app
App for alcohol appreciation

Apple says no customers were affected by the Masque Attack — Last week, security researchers at FireEye disclosed a new iOS vulnerability dubbed Masque Attack. The attack works when users download what appears to be an updated version of an app they already have outside the confines of the App Store or their company’s provisioning system. Apple issued a statement to iMore indicating that it’s not aware of any users having fallen prey to Masque Attack.
Apple manages iOS malware with a  ‘2-door’ system.

Retailers report strong customer interest in Apple Pay after first weeks of service — It appears Apple Pay is off to a good start as participating retailers nationwide report the service is generating high levels of interest from customers looking to try it out, something heretofore unheard of in the mobile wallet space.

Apple’s A8X iPad chip causing big problems for Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung and Nvidia — Apple’s A-series Application Processors that power iPads, including the latest and greatest A8X in iPad Air 2, are inciting billion dollar losses for Intel and threatening major problems for rival tablet chips from Qualcomm, Samsung and Nvidia, along with all the companies that depend upon those vendors for their mobile chips.

Apple assures FTC that it will keep Apple Watch health data secure — With the Apple Watch capable of collecting sensitive health data, Reuters reports that the FTC has sought assurances from Apple that said data will not be used without the consent of the owners, will not be sold to third-parties, and above all, will remain safe and secure. Naturally, Apple has obliged, pointing out to the FTC that health data on the Apple Watch is encrypted.

Microsoft’s health tracking, iOS-compatible Band — The competitive price, strong feature set, and universal compatibility of the Microsoft Band will make it a compelling product for anyone in the market for a wearable fitness and health tracking device, though it does suffer from some of the expected shortcomings of a first-generation product.

YouTube iOS app updated with new music options in advance of YouTube Music Key — YouTube has updated its iOS app in advance of the launch of its newly-announced YouTube Music Key service.

The Scout navigation app adds chat, meetups and personalized traffic — Scout has always been a worthwhile free alternative for people looking for something beyond Google and Apple Maps. A just-issued update gives users predictive, intuitive traffic push notifications for users’ everyday trips, eliminating the need to manually check for traffic delays.

Distiller proves booze apps are no flash in the bottle — Communities of booze connoisseurs have existed on the Internet for ages, but they weren’t exactly easy to find or join. If you’re a casual whiskey drinker, you’re not going to ask a forum full of diehards if Jim Beam or Wild Turkey will go over better at your next dinner party. But a new breed of apps proves booze — from delivery to discussion — pairs well with technology.

BRUVELO would be your iPhone-powered coffee powerhouse — What is it with Apple fans and coffee? Perhaps it’s the fact that you can totally “geek out” on the process, the beans, the hardware and so on. Add your iPhone to the mix and you’ve got Apple-loving Coffee Nerd Nirvana.

App Store gamers are cheap, angry and whiny — Monument Valley developer Ustwo learned a harsh lesson about App Store customers this week when the group released a large update to its highly regarded iOS title. ‘Forgotten Shores’ added a further eight chapters to the popular puzzle game for $2.29, and if you had read any of the glowing user reviews for the game ahead of the expansion’s launch you’d probably have guessed more paid levels were exactly what everyone wanted. But no …

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Masque Attack is a serious threat, but you're probably safe.
Masque Attack is a serious threat, but you’re probably safe (image from Mac Observer).

Masque Attack … and why your iPhone is probably safe — Masque Attack sounds like an ominous threat to the iPhone and iPad because it lets attackers replace legitimate apps with their own malicious versions. Getting those on your iOS device, however, involves some trickery and some interaction on your part. While the security flaw is serious, it isn’t likely to hit you.

Video-sharing app Ocho puts a new iPhone’s supersized screen to work — The enduring popularity of Vine and Instagram video proves that people use different video-sharing apps for different reasons. Ocho is a new iOS video-sharing app that lands squarely in the middle with eight-second clips, but it also has a slew of features—and some high-profile partnerships — that set it apart from the pack. It’s free. [Of course, you have to get your friends to get it too.]

iPhone 6 already driving iOS enterprise share gains for Apple — Enterprise mobile services vendor Good Technology reports that Apple’s iPhone 6 launch helped the company win back mobile device enterprise share from Android, boosting iOS to 69% of all device activations as firms’ deployment of custom mobile apps continues to grow exponentially.

Voice Jam Studio offers professional vocal looping, effects — Voice Jam Studio is a powerful vocal recorder for iPad with dozens of professional effects, looping, fine tuning and even video recording so you’re able to produce high quality audio and get creative with the process. The app includes four tracks to record your loops and layer them, plus other advanced tools like undo/redo, a tap-enabled metronome and more. The standard price is NZ$29.99, but it’s currently on an introductory sale price of NZ$12.99. The app requires iOS 7.1 or later and recommends you use it paired with headphones or a PA system.

Pilot a fighter jet through a gorgeous cityscape — Jet Run: City Defender has enemies reminiscent of Space Invaders . This endless runner sends players on an exciting ride that after five waves of enemies culminates in an epic boss battle in each run. The game features upgradeable ship weapons and other items.
Jet Run: City Defender is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 7.0 or later and it’s free.