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The potential uses of Flic buttons seem to be endless
The potential uses of Flic buttons seem to be endless

Strong demand for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus persists, prompts Piper Jaffray to raise Apple price target to $135 — Piper Jaffray has been tracking availability of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at Apple Stores and continues to see demand outstripping supply, leading the investment firm to raise its price target on AAPL stock on Thursday.

Apple continues to enhance Maps app with new business listings providers — After Apple’s Maps app launched to negative reviews in 2012, the company has actively taken steps to enhance the fledgling navigation service, the latest effort being the addition of listings data from at least ten new companies. Apple now taps 13 providers for aggregating and supplying business listings data.

The best games showcasing Apple’s Metal API for iOS 8 — Apple’s  iOS 8 introduced new developer tools dubbed Metal, allowing for more advanced graphics on both the iPhone and iPad. Here are the best games out now showcasing the power of Metal.

Adidas now lets you print your iPhone photos on your shoes — Adidas earlier this year announced its plans to offer a new miZX Flux service that allow users to print their photos on their shoes. That service has now gone live and is available to customers in the US. [I’d print on a picture of cleanliness.]

Corning launches 2X harder Gorilla Glass 4 with improved drop damage resistance — Apple supplier Corning has taken the wraps off of its next-generation Gorilla Glass 4, which the company says is up to two times harder than competing glasses used in existing smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. [Take that, sapphire.]

MapItOut is a feature rich app for runners, travelers and map mavens — MapItOut (NZ$2.59) is a very enhanced map program for iOS. You can search almost any city on Earth and then easily find places to go. You save those destinations, and the app creates a customised map for you, complete with directions. MapItOut can be used to create a whole travel plan for a trip, or just a local map if you’re a runner and want to see the sites while getting your exercise.

Apple planning to bundle Beats Music app into iOS early next year — The Financial Times is reporting Apple plans to bundle the Beats Music app into iOS sometime early next year, perhaps as early as March.

Flic is a ‘smart button’ that tells your iPhone to STFU — As far as smart gadgets go, Flic is about as simple as it gets. The tiny magnetic button can be programmed to control various functions of your phone, from silencing an alarm to snapping a photo. Each button can be programmed with three different functions initiated by either a single tap, double tap, or push-and-hold, and at US$27 each they’re relatively cheap.