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MacBook Pro free fix, Jobs ’98, Superfish PC flaw, Japan Display, Maps Connect, devs to ARC

If you think your MacBook Pro is one of the "bad apples"? You can check by using Apple's "check your coverage" tool.
If you think your MacBook Pro is one of the “bad apples”? You can check by using Apple’s “check your coverage” tool.

Apple fixing MacBook Pros with video problems free — Some people have been having issues with MacBook Pros sold between February 2011 and December 2013. On Apple’s support pages, a huge discussion of the problem had been raging for years.
Only a small percentage of all of the MacBook Pros made during that period are affected with the problem: it manifests itself as distorted or missing video and random restarts. The devices include 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pros manufactured in 2011, and 15-inch Retina MacBook Pros from mid 2012 to early 2013. Starting today, Apple is offering a free fix.

Steve Jobs talks higher education in 1998 interview — The Chronicle of Higher Education conducted an interview with Steve Jobs at an interesting time in 1998. It was shortly after his return to Apple, but before the iMac’s introduction. In the previously unpublished interview, Jobs discusses the higher education market and Apple’s future.

Apple Maps Connect service for small businesses extended beyond US borders — Following a brief outage on Thursday, the Apple Maps Connect Web portal returned to service with new German and French language options, suggesting the service is slowly rolling out internationally. It looks like France, Germany and England will get it, anyway.

Superfish security flaw extends beyond Lenovo — A security flaw disguised as advertising installed on computers by Chinese computer maker Lenovo, called Superfish, was supposed to add shopping results to web searches (whether you wanted them or not) and opened these machines to a terrifying security hole. But it’s worse than that. [No, it doesn’t affect Apple.]

Apple reportedly in talks to build $1.7B plant in partnership with Japan Display — Apple may soon secure a more stable source for small to medium sized device displays, as the company is said to be in talks with Japan Display on a $1.7 billion manufacturing plant.

Apple says Mac app makers must transition to ARC memory management by May — In an announcement posted to Apple’s developer portal on Friday, the notified app makers that all Mac App Store submissions will soon be restricted from using garbage collection in favour of the Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) compiler feature.