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Older versions of Office, accurate battle, Manhattan Store, ConnectEd

You can enter the Beta program for the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
You can enter the Beta program for the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Installing the Older Version of Microsoft Office — On September 22, Microsoft will stop offering the 2011 version of its Office software to Office 365 customers. If you have any reason that you might need that older version of the suite, now’s the time to snap it up! Here’s how.

The Totally Accurate Battle Simulator — The Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, or TABS, is just starting alpha development. You set up units (the red and blue rag dolls in the video), arm them with weapons, and let TABS show you what would happen.
Being developed by Landfall, the game has been greenlit by Steam, according to The Next Web. Landfall is accepting signups for the alpha for Mac, Windows, Linux, Xbox, and PS4, though the company is specific about not promising which platforms will be supported on release. If it does hit Steam, there’s a good chance it will have Mac support.

New Manhattan Apple Store at World Trade Center to open — Apple has announced an August 16th grand opening date for its new retail store located within the World Trade Center complex in Lower Manhattan.

Apple’s ConnectED efforts reach more than 32,000 students — As the 2016-2017 school year kicks off, there are now 32,145 students at underserved public schools across the country who are learning, creating and exploring on iPad through Apple’s ConnectED commitment, the company says.

UK parliament goes Apple, iOS 8.3 removes an inconvenience

All 650 members of the British parliament will get iPad Air 2 and MacBook Airs after the election (picture from the Daily Express).
All 650 members of the British parliament will get iPad Air 2 and MacBook Airs after the election (picture from the Express).

UK Parliament approves $1.5M plan to supply members with new iPad Air 2s, laptops — The UK’s House of Commons has decided to give each member of parliament a copy of Apple’s latest iPad Air 2, as well as a laptop, as part of a project that will cost taxpayers almost $1.49 million. iPads have already been used across the House since 2012.

iOS 8.3 allows users to turn off password requirement for free App Store downloads — Apple’s pre-release betas of iOS 8.3 include an option to disable password entry when downloading free applications from the App Store, removing a potential inconvenience for users.

Intel reveals Broadwell, Pages and Numbers mail-merge, Corel Painter Essentials

Intel has finally unveiled 14 different Broadwell-series chips (picture from Engadget)
Intel has finally unveiled 14 different Broadwell-series chips (picture from Engadget)

Intel officially unveils full Broadwell-based Intel Core CPU lineup — Chip giant Intel on Monday took the covers off if its oft-delayed fifth-generation Intel Core processor family, a revamp that includes significant efficiency improvements and is expected to sit at the heart of Apple’s rumoured all-new MacBook Air.
Based on the 14-nanometer Broadwell microarchitecture, Intel says that the new chips are “purpose-built for the next generation of compute devices.” Manufacturers will have 10 new low-power, 15-watt models and 4 new 28-watt variants to choose from.

Pages and Numbers mail-merge — It’s not a feature directly built into either app but it’spossible through the power of AppleScript. On the Mac OS X Automation site is an AppleScript and Pages page that provides instructions for using the free Pages Data Merge utility (the page also includes a link to that utility). As its name suggests it lets you incorporate data found in a Numbers spreadsheet into a Pages documents. Christopher Breen has more.

Review: Painter Essentials 5 offers fun photo painting with 31 new brushes — Corel Painter Essentials has hit the streets. Targeted toward hobbyists, art enthusiasts and emerging photo painters, Painter Essentials 5 was redesigned to be smoking fast and far easier to use. It includes a whopping 31 new and useful brushes, including some of Painter 2015’s hot new Particle Brushes, plus two new tools for creating mirror and kaleidoscope paintings, a vastly improved photo painting engine, a powerful brush-tracking utility, real-time effect previews, and more.

Apple target raised, Lego iMac, Microsoft, MacBook Air, Facebook changes

Build a Lego iMac
Build a Lego iMac

Susquehanna raises AAPL target to $135 on strong iPhone 6 demand — Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Chris Caso raised his 12 month target price for Apple’s stock from US$120 up to $135 on Tuesday in response to continued high demand for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. According to his research, demand for the iPhone 6 Plus is so high that Apple simply can’t make phones as fast as consumers buy them.

How to build a Lego Apple Mac Computer — Lego is for children of all ages: YouTube user Isaac Ray specialises in making Lego animation videos and his latest shows you how to build an Apple Mac Computer (looks like an iMac) out of spare Lego parts. It’s adorable and well shot.

Microsoft ramping up its anti-Apple ad blitz — With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, Microsoft’s anti-Apple ad blitz is slowly but surely picking up steam. Over the past two-and-a-half weeks, the folks up in Redmond have released three commercials which poke fun at the iPhone and, somewhat curiously, the MacBook Air.

Facebook details upcoming privacy changes with notifications to users on mobile & desktop — Facebook pushed a rare service notification to users on Tuesday, reminding millions of the social network’s members of updates to its terms, data and cookies policies, advertising systems, and new privacy controls.

MacBook Air EFI update reissued, InDesign 2014, Ember & Shazam for Mac

Shazam is now available for Mac, free
Shazam is now available for Mac, free

Apple reissues MacBook Air EFI update after resolving install, crashing bug — Apple just rereleased a recent MacBook Air EFI update targeting sleep-from-wake problems after a flawed initial rollout caused some machines to crash unexpectedly. Noting the change from the original build it replaces, Apple’s EFI firmware update is labeled version 2.9.1 and looks to fix sleep-from-wake issues seen by owners of mid-2011 MacBook Air models.
Apple’s MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update 2.9.1 is available now as a 4.3MB download.

InDesign CC 2014 — InDesign’s new ePub tools opens the digital book market to a giant new group of authors, and improvements to often-used features in InDesign will ease the workflow of a large number of design…  See Macworld’s review.

Ember for Mac gains ‘hugely-requested’ screen recording feature — Popular web clipper and digital scrapbooking app Ember was updated today with a killer new feature – the ability to make a video recording of your screen. No longer limited by only static images, Ember now allows you to capture your screen as you demo webpages, click through a presentation or showcase an app.

Apple activates in-house content delivery network, begins migrating content downloads — Following months of rumours, Apple appears to be in the early stages of launching its own in-house content delivery network, the latest in a series of steps taken by the company in recent years to reduce its reliance on third-party infrastructure vendors to deliver content to customers.

Shazam lands on the Mac with new menu bar utility — Shazam is now available on the Mac, landing in the Mac App Store (free) as menu bar app. Announced today, the new utility identifies music and TV playing in your surrounding environment, notifying you when it has made a match.