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2x Diversity scholarships, London Mac User Group ready for 9/9, VMWare for Yosemite, Logitech keyboard for everything

Great Logitech idea: one keyboard for Mac, iPhone and iPad
Great Logitech idea: one keyboard for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Apple announces two $10K diversity scholarships for minorities in technology — Following a recent diversity report that revealed Apple employees are predominately white males, Apple revealed two Product Integrity Inclusion and Diversity Scholarships aimed at minority college students looking to pursue careers in technology. The scholarships would provide two eligible students with US$10,000 each for their educations.

London Mac User Group doing the 9/9 Apple keynote in style — Every year as the seasons begin to change, Apple has an event or two scheduled to announce the latest additions to the product line. And the London Mac User Group (LMUG) in England schedules a fun event for its members and others who want the excitement of being in Cupertino – without the long flight and jet lag. This year on September 9, LMUG has a special event scheduled to start at 1730 “in the Groovy Wonderland at the Tiger Tiger Nightclub just off Piccadilly in Central London. ”
[This all happens on NZ’s Wednesday 10th september, BTW.] Meanwhile, a week before the media event, a line has already formed outside the New York City Apple Store.

VMWare releases Fusion 7 with support for OS X Yosemite and Retina optimisation — Virtualisation firm VMWare on Wednesday announced the availability of VMWare Fusion 7, the latest release of its popular consumer virtualisation package brings compatibility with Apple’s upcoming OS X Yosemite as well as better performance.

Logitech’s new Bluetooth keyboard quickly switches between PC, tablet, and phone — Switching between three different devices while working is a real problem, albeit one of the first-world variety. Logitech’s new keyboard, with the turn of a dial, can connect to a computer, smartphone, and tablet simultaneously and quickly switch between them (pictured above). NZ availability TBA.