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iPad falter, light trails with iPhone, April Fools Siri prank

With the right apps, you can get longer shutter times than iPhone's slowest 1 second.
With the right apps, you can get longer shutter times than iPhone’s slowest 1 second.

John Martellero thinks he has the real reason iPad sales are falling — “Apple’s iPad sales started out growing like gangbusters. It looked to become a major product line alongside the iPhone. But then, in the last year, sales have faltered. Various reasons have be put forward: update cycles, the popularity of phablets, and so on. But the real reason goes much deeper.”

How to create light trail photographs with your iPhone — Light trails can be created on bright sunny days as well, and that opens up a world of possibilities, writes Vern Seward. [It’s down to apps that let the shutter stay open longer than a second.]

April Fools Day Siri prank you can play — My kids love to play with Siri on my iPhone. They are always changing my default name to some oddball phrase or asking Siri to “Tell them a story.” For April Fools’ Day, I decided that I am going to prank them by changing Siri’s voice and language. It takes less than a minute to change those attributes, and you’ll get a good laugh when you watch the bewildered responses of your familly members. Follow the steps in today’s 60-second tip, so you can be armed and ready for the prank fest that is April Fools’.