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LaCie 48TB, HD space, Dropbox Pro to 1TB, Parallels Desktop 10

LaCie 8big Rack is designed to fit into a standard 1U rack space
LaCie 8big Rack is designed to fit into a standard 1U rack space

LaCie unveils 48TB Thunderbolt 2 drive — French external drive maker LaCie showed off its new rack-mount Thunderbolt 2 drive in a 48 terabyte configuration. LaCie says the 8big Rack is the fastest Thunderbolt 2 drive available, boasting transfer speeds up to 1330 megabytes per second. It comes equipped with eight six-terabyte Seagate hard drives spinning at 7200 rotations per minute that the company promises will deliver better throughput and simpler setup than competing fibre channel products.
The drive is available now from LaCie for US$4,999.99 in the 48-terabyte configuration or US$2,799.99 and US$1,699.99 for 24-terabyte and 12-terabyte models, respectively.

How to free up space on a packed hard drive — Christopher Breen on Macworld explains how to seek out large files to free up space: “In the Finder just press Command-F and in the resulting Searching “This Mac” window, choose to view your files in a list. Click on the Kind pop-up menu and choose Other. In the sheet that appear enter “size” in the Search field, enable the In Menu option that appears next to the File Size option, and click OK.”

Dropbox Pro changes increase storage to 1TB at the same price — Dropbox users with a Dropbox Pro account paid US$99.99 a year for a rather paltry 100 GB of storage. That sounds like a lot until you begin using Dropbox to back up all of your RAW photo files, videos, and every selfie you’ve ever snapped from your iPhone. Well, worry no further – if you’re a Dropbox Pro user, you’ll soon find that your storage has magically increased tenfold – it’s now a full terabyte.

Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac represents more mobile efficiency, more ease of use — Parallels Desktop 10 for the Mac is now shipping. Parallels D10 has added some excellent features that make the new version compelling and the upgrade price worthwhile.