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iPhone 6 screen sizes, competitors react, trading in, Joswiak, Apple Watch

What size for you? To me it comes down to pocketable compared to not pocketable
What size for you? To me it comes down to pocketable compared to not pocketable

Shedding light on iPhone 6 screen sizes and one-handed use — Steve Sande works it all out for you. [Image, left, from Apple online.]

How easy it is to mine Apple services, devices for data — Digital safety is on everyone’s mind after the massive iCloud breach that resulted in many celebrity nude photos leaking across the Internet. While the company has promised fixes to both its mobile operating system and cloud storage service in the coming weeks, the perception of Apple’s current security feels iffy at best. Ars Technica demonstrates the dangers.

Infographic hilariously compares two-year-old Nexus 4 with iPhone 6 — Android fan and Ars Technica Reviews Editor Ron Amadeo created an amusing infographic comparing Apple’s latest iPhone 6 with the Nexus 4. It not-so-subtly implies Apple’s hardware is years behind Google’s cutting edge technology.

Samsung ads attack Apple’s Watch, iPhone 6, live stream blunder — Samsung is being quick to the punch: barely a day after Apple’s iPhone and Watch media event, Samsung Mobile began posting a series of web ads mocking Apple’s recent product announcements from all angles. [It’s the John Key Method – but both these instances discount the most important thing to me: it’s not about the specs, it’s about a better iPhone for my Apple ecosystem.]

So why are people trading in their Samsungs? The unveiling of Apple’s iPhone 6 handsets has unsurprisingly fuelled a flood of trade-in requests from previous-generation iPhone owners lured by the new devices’ larger displays and bonus features. But they’re not the only ones preparing to make the jump — many owners of smartphones from Apple’s chief rival Samsung are also eager to upgrade their experience.

Apple exec Greg Joswiak to be interviewed at Code/Mobile conference in October — In a rare public interview, Apple Vice President Greg Joswiak will appear onstage at the Code/Mobile conference in late October, where he will discuss his company’s fall 2014 lineup, set to include the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple Watch tidbits: One-day battery life, but a smart anti-theft trick — Some extra details on the Apple Watch have trickled out over the past couple days, filling in a couple of the blanks in Apple’s big announcement.
One of the bigger lingering questions was what to expect for battery life, as Apple made no mention of it during the press event. But speaking to Re/code, Apple spokeswoman Nat Kerris confirm that users should get used to a nightly charge. [Expect lots of third-party nightstand accessories shortly.]

EA announces upcoming SimCity BuildIt for iOS — EA has announced that it will bring a new version of its popular SimCity franchise to iOS. The SimCity BuildIt game keeps the same city planner theme of earlier titles, but is designed from the ground up for gaming on the go.

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