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Pixelmator is now available for iPhone as a universal app (iPhone/iPad)
Pixelmator is now available for iPhone as a universal app (iPhone/iPad)

Google’s Inbox app is now available for all — Anyone with a Gmail or Google Apps account can now try out Inbox. Inbox is an overhaul of Gmail, giving you the ability to snooze, pin, and quickly swipe away emails. Inbox launched about eight months ago, and has been invite-only since then — though recently, Google let in a pilot group of Google Apps users to test it out. Google announced the wider availability and new features at the keynote for its I/O developer conference Thursday.

Shazam’s expansion to visual scanning is all about marketing — Everybody’s favorite music-identifying app, Shazam, is branching out beyond music with a new QR-style scanning feature. Now you can use Shazam to scan movie posters, magazine spreads, postcards, print ads, QR codes, and posters.

Pixelmator for iPhone is a feature-packed mobile image editor — With its first iPhone app offering, Pixelmator stuffs in a dizzying array of photo editing tools normally restricted to more powerful devices like Mac and iPad, including full-featured image adjustment options, a wealth of paint brushes, layer support, effects, a polished design and much more, for NZ$6.49.

Pebble Time Ships, Apple Watch comparisons coming soon — Pebble Time is now shipping, which means we’re about to see head-to-head comparisons with Apple Watch. Pebble introduced its newest smartwatch with a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year that was fully funded in only 20 minutes. With Apple Watch shipping, too, the smartwatch market is heating up

Jawbone sues Fitbit for ‘systematically plundering’ confidential data — Jawbone is suing rival fitness tracker maker Fitbit, accusing the latter of “systematically plundering” corporate secrets by hiring Jawbone workers who smuggled sensitive data before exiting the company.