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Apple Music Festival (formerly known as the iTunes Music Festival) starts next month in London — Apple says Pharrell Williams, One Direction, Florence + The Machine and Disclosure are among the headliners at the 2015 Apple Music Festival at London’s Roundhouse this September, which gets broadcast free to Apple devices. The Apple Music Festival takes place over 10 nights from Sept. 19 to Sept. 28. UK residents can apply to win tickets on Apple Music as well as through media partners including the London Evening Standard. Apple hosted the iTunes Festival in London for eight years, and now in honor of the launch of Apple Music, has renamed the event the Apple Music Festival. Customers can enjoy the Apple Music Festival via Apple Music or iTunes on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC or in HD with the Apple TV.

Back to school — It’s almost the start of new school years in the northern hemisphere, so articles about what tech gear to have abound abound. Here’s Macworld’s 12 must-have gadgets ‘for your new college dorm’. There is also ‘Five must-have back to school laptop accessories‘.

Sante Fe Opera Announces The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs — The Sante Fe Opera has announced the premiere of The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs for 2017. It is a collaboration of Composer Mason Bates and librettist Mark Campbell and is based on “one of the greatest innovators of our time.” [Gah!]

Majority of current Apple Music trial users likely to pay for subscription — Most consumers still using the three-month free trial of Apple Music say they are likely to continue paying for a subscription after the period ends, new survey data shows, though a significant portion may have dropped off soon after trying the service. [Sounds like wishful thinking to me.]

Fifth build of OS X 10.11 El Capitan supplied to Apple’s public beta testers — Apple has just pushed out the fifth public beta of OS X 10.11 El Capitan [it has yet to appear for me], its forthcoming major update for the Mac operating system, scheduled to launch this fall as a free update.

Troubleshooting Continuity calls between Mac and iPhone —
People are having trouble with Apple’s Continuity configuration and consistency for phone calls.

Master the media views in iTunes 12 — iTunes 12 offers several ways to view your content: your music, movies, TV shows, and more. Each of these views presents content in a different way and displays different information about it. While many of these views are similar to what iTunes 11 offered, there are some changes. Meanwhile, to fix iTunes, Apple should revisit iSync, an app that actually worked
Even before Bluetooth came along, syncing cell phones and PDAs to your Mac was a piece of cake, thanks to iSync.

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Apple has re-added the 2TB storage option back for the fastest mini
Apple has re-added the 2TB storage option back for the fastest mini

Apple brings back 2TB Mac mini option — When the latest version of the Mac mini rolled out in October 2014, fans of the tiny PC welcomed the refresh, even if the upgrade had a few downsides. One thing that was conspicuously absent, however, was an option to buy the mini with 2TB of storage. Apple quietly added the option back during mid-December, but it’s only an option (+NZ$160) for the $1499 2.8GHz model.

Apple may shun Intel for custom A-series chips in new Macs within 1-2 years — Mac buyers in 2016 and beyond could have the option of purchasing a machine powered by Apple’s A-series processors, which currently sit at the heart of the iPhone and iPad, according to KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo. [Not exactly obvious, but not exactly an outrageous idea either, when you consider the latest iPad has the same power as an iMac from just 4 years ago.]

More litigation — Apple has now set its sights on Swedish tech firm Ericsson. Apple’s suit centers on Ericsson’s massive collection of wireless patents and, more specifically, the claim that Ericsson’s LTE patents are not a crucial part of the wireless standard and do not warrant the hefty royalty payments that the company has been collecting.

Christopher Breen explains more about Migration Assistant — Migration Assistant in both Mavericks and Yosemite can copy data between your new Mac and another Mac running a version of the Mac OS as old as Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.8).

And he does the same for iTunes 12 — iTunes 12 brings a lot of changes to Apple’s venerable music/everything-else-in-the-world app and, because of these changes, some people find it frustrating. [I do – it sucks!]

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Add widgets to Notifications
Add widgets to Notifications

Apple to reportedly open new corporate office and R&D center in Cambridge — (It was reported earlier this week that Apple is planning to open a new office in the city of Cambridge – in the UK, before NZ Hamiltonians get excited. This ‘intellectual hotspot’ already plays host to bases of operation for a number of large tech companies.

The state of iTunes 12 says something important about Apple’s future, reckons John Martellaro — “There is a fundamental tension between writing great software and picking your fights. Recently, that tension has bubbled to the surface with the release of iTunes 12. When times change and customer trends become noticeable, Apple software has to change as well. But throwing in the towel on the monolithic iTunes app isn’t the way to do it.”

OS X Yosemite: let’s make some phone calls! Melissa Holt explains how.

Roundup: the best Notification Center widgets for Apple’s OS X Yosemite — Apple’s newly released OS X Yosemite allows third-party apps to include interactive Notification Center widgets, and AppleInsider offers a look at some of the best and most useful widgets you can install on your Mac right now.

Apple activates iCloud Photos image uploads for iCloud.com beta users — As part of Apple’s continued effort to roll out next-generation cloud services, the company on Thursday updated the iCloud.com beta website with support for browser-based image uploads to iCloud Photos.

Evidence shows Apple operating a mysterious Web crawling bot — A developer has discovered that Apple appears to be crawling HTML websites with its own automated bot, but the exact purpose of the mysterious homegrown software remains unknown.

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The Albums dropdown menu lets you switch to the song list view
The Albums dropdown menu lets you switch to the song list view

The Retina iMac 5k maxed out with 32GB of RAM is incredible — Apple’s new Retina iMac 5K is a stunning computer for graphic design and video editors looking for the best possible screen to get their work done. Still, considering it’s price tag, you’d think Apple could throw in more than 8 GB RAM. Maxing it out to 32 GB in Apple store will cost you an extra NZ$960, but if you do it yourself you’ll be paying half that much. After you see this video you’ll understand why you’ll want to.

Apple last year spent a record $6 billion on Research and Development costs — Apple this week filed its 2014 10-K annual report with the SEC, offering investors a comprehensive look into the company’s operations over the last 12 months. The $6 billion figure is the highest amount Apple has ever spent on R&D (Apple spent $4.5 billion and $3.38 billion on R&D costs in 2013 and 2013). In just two years, Apple’s R&D budget increased by an astounding 78%.

Apple hit with class-action lawsuit over 2011 MacBook Pro graphics failures — A long-running issue with owners of Apple’s 2011 series of MacBook Pros has resulted in a class-action lawsuit, seeking compensation for apparent graphics card failures experienced by customers.

Rumour: Microsoft Office for Mac to get Retina redesign, feature parity with Windows in Q1 2015 — Microsoft is set to release an all-new version of Office for Mac in the first quarter of 2015, documents revealed on Tuesday suggest, modernising the Mac version of the popular software suite and bringing it to feature parity with its Windows counterpart.

iTunes 12: bringing back the Library and Playlist sidebar — Apple seems hell-bent on making iTunes as painful to use as it can, and iTunes 12 really drives that point home by killing the Library and playlists sidebar. There is a way to bring the sidebar back to life and take away some of the sting that’s the iTunes 12 interface.

Cook criticises Alabama’s rights — Cook pointed out Alabama’s slow acceptance of civil rights for African-American citizens, and begged them not to follow the same path with regards to civil rights for the LGBT community.

Make Yosemite look like OS 7 — OS X Yosemite is modern, and a far cry from what Apple desktops ran 20+ years ago. When Macs ran on CPUs with speeds of 33MHz (or even less), OS 7 aka System 7  was the best looking operating system most users had ever seen. Today, not so much, but if you long for the look of yesteryear anyway, here’s how to tweak Yosemite and make it look it was released over two decades ago.