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Pixelmator for iOS, Pokémon Go don’ts, free CarPlay for some Kia models, Brazil, Iran, Apple Watch


Pixelmator 2.3 Speeds-up iOS photo editing with new selection tools — Pixelmator, the powerful-and-inexpensive image editor for both Mac and iOS, also got a free update on iOS to version 2.3. It brings the new Quick Selection Tool and Magnetic Selection Tool over from the Mac.

Seven things you shouldn’t do while playing Pokémon Go — Most mobile games can be played quietly and anonymously in the privacy of your own home, cubicle, train seat, or bathroom stall – but Pokémon Go isn’t that kind of game. With physical movement as a primary gameplay mechanic, the Nintendo favourite is getting millions of people out and about and exploring their neighbourhoods. Be safe out there!

Kia to offer free Apple CarPlay upgrades on select models — Kia has announced plans to update some of its fleet with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, marking a rare instance in which older vehicles will get access to the phone link technology.

Brazilian judge orders indefinite block of WhatsApp, affecting millions of users — A Brazilian judge on Tuesday ordered the country’s five cellular carriers to block access to Facebook’s WhatsApp indefinitely, disrupting access to the popular chat/VoIP app for tens of millions of people. WhatsApp is believed to have 100 million or more users in Brazil, many of whom use it to circumvent the steep fees local cellular carriers charge. [Just in time for the Olympics, duh.]

Iran ready to ban and confiscate iPhones — The Iranian government has given Apple an ultimatum: register with the country’s anti-smuggling office now, or all iPhones will be banned and confiscated. The demand comes as part of Iran’s plans to create a database of every cell phone in the country under the guise of blocking smuggling. [Hrrmphdictatorshipphhh.]

Apple sold 1.7 million Apple Watches in the June quarter — Swiss bank UBS has issued a research note that projects Apple Watch sales totalled 1.7 million units in the June quarter, an increase of 100,000 units compared to its estimate of 1.6 million sales in the March quarter, reports MacRumors.com. Here’s how to use Notification Privacy on the Watch, and how to use Siri on it.