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iPhone video with 8 times the resolution, 8 times the quality, 8 times the detail thanks to this app
iPhone video with 8 times the resolution, 8 times the quality, 8 times the detail thanks to this app

How your iPad can keep school kids on track — The right iPad apps let teachers create dazzling lessons, quickly update parents, and stay organised without going crazy.

Scare yourself silly with iOS horror games discounted for Halloween — Save some money while you get spooky and scary with these popular horror apps, which have been discounted just in time for the October holiday.

Vizzywig 8xHD price tag now a very affordable US$49.99 — Until a few months ago, your choices for shooting 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) video were to use a dedicated, very expensive, 4K video camera or DSLR. Then in September, developer Michael Zaletel and his company i4Software released Vizzywig 4K, a US$999.99 UHD app that used an iPhone 5s and a tweak on burst mode to capture 4K video.
The app has now been given a US$49.99 price tag (that’s NZ$64.99 for us). It’s also been given a new name –Vizzywig 8xHD (pictured above) –to reflect the fact that each video frame captured by the app contains more than eight times the number of pixels as 720p video.

Xpress Yourself is a wonderful way to talk with friends — Xpress Yourself is a chat app in an already crowded field. However, TUAW finds it’s a very polished, fun app providing a full suite of features and then some. In addition to the usual text and photo capabilities, it also adds the ability to draw on pictures, send video and audio, and provides the capability of sending ephemeral messages that expire after 3 to 9 seconds never to be seen again. It’s free.

An iOS app predicts your death thanks to HealthKit data — Apple’s latest push is to make you as healthy as possible – or at least give you the tools to do so – but a new app will read your newly available HealthKit data and use it for a more sinister purpose: predicting your death. The app is called Deadline, and it uses health statistics, along with your own personal readings to make an educated guess on when you’ll meet your demise. [Yikes! Gives Halloween a new shade of macabre.]

iPhone 6 is out in some countries, NBA thief, iOS 8 bundles, 20nm A8 processor, iOS 8 explained, Swift

iPhones from the 2g up to 6+ speed-tested
iPhones from the 2g up to 6+ speed-tested

Speed test of every iPhone from2G to  6+ — The people at YouTube channel EverythingApplePro have posted a new video showing a test between all ten versions of the iPhone. The results are not particularly surprising, but there’s still a thrill in watching each and every iPhone swiped on all at once. Stick around until the end to see how dramatically the iPhone Geekbench Scores have gone up since the iPhone 3G. You’ll wonder how you ever used your old phone.
Meanwhile, first impressions,  iPhone 6 is torn down, ten ‘first things’ to odo when you get one,

Former NBA player Rex Chapman arrested after stealing over $14,000 in merchandise from an Apple store — Former NBA star Rex Chapman was arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona yesterday after stealing over $14,000 in Apple merchandise from an Apple retail store over the course of a few weeks. Chapman subsequently pawned the stolen goods for cold hard cash.

iOS 8 App Store Bundles explained — With the advent of iOS 8 we have also seen the appearance of ‘Bundles’ in the App Store. These are groups of apps from a single developer, making them available for a discount over purchasing each individually. There is a variety of bundles available already, of apps and games.

TSMC confirmed as manufacturer of Apple’s 20nm A8 processor — According to a report on Friday, Apple’s latest 64-bit A8 system-on-a-chip, currently powering the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, is built by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, not Samsung.

Getting to know iOS 8 — Customise your Notification Center with handy new widgets, photo editing gets easier with iOS 8’s new Photos app and extensions and quickly access your Favorite Contacts with the Home Button. Also, Apple has an ‘iOS 8 War Room’ to deal with problems.

Want to learn Apple’s new programming language? Here’s a method to learn via examples.

Apple Watch ~ Appreci-8 (iOS 8 is out, free, for iDevices)

I isnatlled iOS 8 immediately on my iPhone 5 and iPad mini
I isnatlled iOS 8 immediately on my iPhone 5 and iPad mini

iOS 8 is out, and as long as *your device is up to it, it has some pretty nifty features. If you have Yosemite already (a million people around of the world are evaluating OS 10.10 Betas) then you have even more features. And if you don’t well, that will be available soon, as it’s due in the US autumn. That’s now-ish. As we’re supposed to be in spring …

Anyway, the release of the newest operating system for iDevices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) follows fairly hot on the heels of the announcement of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (which is already on sale in the US and Australia, and some other lucky countries).
So what’s great about iOS 8? For one thing, if you’ve got used to the look of iOS 7, it looks the same. There’s no big wrench like there was going from iOS 6 to 7. One new app gets added – Tips. As someone who shows people things about iDevices they didn’t know, I know there’s a lot people don’t know about them, so this is a good thing. I even meet people who don’t know how to turn an iPad or iPhone on or off. They think when the press the top button once, it’s off. It’s only in Sleep mode (the last time was a youth sitting next to me on a plane from Wellington, when the announcement came to turn devices off).

Anyway, if you have a compatible device and you install iOS 8 … so what? So it has improved Spotlight that has Wikipedia entries automatically appearing in search results. Hopefully, you know Spotlight is Apple’s search engine and to get into its search interface on your iDevice, you swipe down from the top third of your screen. Spotlight now searches news sources, nearby places, Apple’s online stores (iTunes, App, and iBooks) and suggested websites.
Notifications are more interactive, just like they are in Yosemite, and one feature I really like is that double-clicking the Home button not only launches the app switcher/quitter, but also shows your Favourites for quick calls, messages etc and people who have contacted you recently. Tap their icon for instant access to calling, messaging or to FaceTime them.
There are a few changes in the Settings app, the most obvious being beefed-up Accessibility features, better voices for speaking text and extra detail under Mobile (I believe this section is called Cellular rather than Mobile, with some carriers), plus it has more specific Usage data. You can also turn on the new Handoff feature here, which lets you start an email on your iPad and finish it on your Mac or iPhone and vice-vice-versa, if they’re all signed into the same iCloud account. It’s cool, I’ve tried it.
And the there are two new wallpapers: an underwater sea shot, and a new white shade of the hexagonal wallpaper (I prefer to use my own shots as wallpaper – close-up shots of coloured glass work really well, and so does, ahem, beer in a glass in all it’s golden wondrous fizziness …).

But … think before you turn on the iCloud Drive option. It may be a wonderful addition to Apple’s ecosystem, but it is not compatible with older versions of iOS (iOS 7 or earlier) or older versions of OS X (OS X 10.9 Mavericks or earlier). This presents a major problem for iPhone owners with older iOS devices that can’t run iOS 8, or anyone with a Mac since OS X Yosemite is not available publicly yet, if they have lots of documents in iCloud already.

Nervous? Some people hate upgrading. Especially those who have switched from the Dark Side. They’re used to new systems being dangerous, dodgy, inconsistent and worse. If you’re nervous, hesitant, or need more reassurance, check out MacObserver’s page first.

Please note that I really recommend plugging your iDevice into your Mac and running the update via iTunes. It’s faster and more reliable. There’s more info on Thursday the 18th’s post on the release of iOS 8 under iOS news.

* Compatible iOS devices are iPhone 4s and up, although it’s possible the 4s will be slow under iOS 8; iPad 2 and up; and iPod touch 5th generation.

Maps, Camera+, +Cue music creator, Panik adds in social media, GPS to alarms

Powerful photo app adds features, fixes bug, teases more for iOS 8
Powerful photo app adds features, fixes bug, teases more for iOS 8

Maps.Me price drop — Maps.me app was thought a good deal at $6.99 bucks, but today the app is discounted (free, even, in the US) to NZ$2.59. Why would anyone need another maps app when they already have Apple and Google Maps? The main reason is that both Apple and Google map apps need an internet connection.
Not so with the German Maps.Me. Once you load the app, you can download maps for anywhere (including hundreds of points of interest for any corner of the world) while you have an internet connection. When you get to your destination, everything is on your iOS device so you won’t be burning up those precious megabytes, but it’s not a navigation app.

Camera+ fixes Flickr sharing, adds features, teases ‘big things’ for iOS 8 — Camera+, the consistently well-rated and powerful photography app, has released a new update for iOS adding new features, bug fixes and meanwhile using the release to tease “big things” for the iOS 8 version. The app (pictured above)  costs NZ$2.59.

+Cue is an intuitive way for anyone to create music — +Cue is a unique way for anyone to create music. This even includes people with absolutely no experience with music or instruments. Including over a dozen different instrumental sounds, all you need to do is shake your iOS device to generate different pitches that integrate seamlessly with a provided beat. It’s a free app available for all iOS devices and requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Panik is an assault alert app with social integration — Currently free, with in-app purchases, the Panik assault alarm app goes beyond the standard alerts and offers layers of security to keep you safe. Panik works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 7.0 or later. If you live in a city and frequently travel by foot or public transportation, or you just generally have cause to worry about your safety, this may be of interest. It has lots of features including a shake to activate– best of all, you can connect the app with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, type in a distress message (or use the default message) and Panik will post that message plus your current location when you activate the app. That’s clever.

iOS market share, Tricorder vs iPhone, Time Lapse, Minecraft,

iOS holds 88% share of enterprise apps, iPad 90% of tablets in Good’s business activations — Enterprise mobile services vendor Good Technology detailed in its latest quarterly report that companies continue to overwhelmingly prefer Apple’s mobile platform over Android or Windows Mobile alternatives. The firm also noted a jump in government adoption of iPads.

iPhone vs. Tricorder: seeing the future with blurred vision — It’s interesting to see how the blinders of the present affect our predictions of the future. The Star Trek Tricorder vs. the modern Apple iPhone is a case in point.

Time Lapse! beats iOS 8 Camera app to the punch — I’ve always been fascinated by time lapse photography, where you capture a still image a few times a minute, then create a movie with a very speeded-up effect. The 1982 documentary film Koyaanisqatsi is really striking with its creative use of time lapse photography. Apple is adding a time lapse function to the Camera app in iOS 8, but if you’d like to play around with time lapse photography now try Time Lapse! for NZ$2.59.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s evolution into a mobile juggernaut — Minecraft is an absolute sensation of a game, having sold more than 54 million copies across platforms and spawning all sorts of officially licensed doodads.
Minecraft: Pocket Edition for iOS and Android, the bite-sized, touch-centric take on the building block sensation, which had sold more than 21 million copies as of April. It makes sense on the surface: Pocket Edition is the lowest-priced version, and there are hundreds of millions of active devices that can run the game. But this is the same game critically shrugged off upon release less than three years ago, derided for being a hollow shell of the PC experience.

iTunes Festival yours to watch, and more iOS news

The Flir case makes an iPhone into a thermal imaging camera
The Flir case makes an iPhone into a thermal imaging camera

iTunes Festival live in London, watch free in NZ on Apple TV — Apple’s official page is up, so you can see the lineup.

Apple’s iPad reaches 78% North American tablet share as Amazon’s Kindle Fire passes Samsung, Google — iPad is still making gains in North American tablet web usage, reaching a 78% share in Apple’s “first quarter-over-quarter usage share gain since June 2013,” notes a new report by Chitika.

Apple gets patent on iTime smart watch — The US Patent and Trademark Office served up further evidence on Tuesday that Apple is designing a smartwatch when it awarded the company a patent for a wrist-worn gadget with a touchscreen and ability to communicate with a smartphone.
“The invention pertains to an electronic wristwatch,” wrote Apple in the filing for US Patent 8,787,006, which was submitted in July 2011 but made public on Tuesday.

Apple responds to troubling allegations of iOS ‘backdoor’ — Information security has never been a more sensitive subject than it is these days, so it’s little surprise that allegations from a security researcher that iOS contains a ‘backdoor’ permitting access to users’ information provoked a strong response from Apple. Apple Insider’s take is here.

Samsung releases yet another anti-iPhone ad dubbed Screen Envy — Well, you gotta hand it to Samsung – the company sure is persistent. Earlier today the number one purveyor of Android handsets released yet another anti-iPhone ad. As the title implies, the commercial puts down the iPhone for having a much smaller screen than the flagship Galaxy S5 which boasts a 5.1-inch display.

RollWorld lets you create your own little planet on iOS — You may have seen photos with the ‘little’ or ‘tiny’ planet effect. There are quite a few iOS apps that will render this effect for you, but most have a cost associated with them while RollWorld is free and works quite well.

Flir One case turns Apple’s iPhone into a high-end thermal imaging camera — Thermal imaging company Flir has announced that pre-orders for its new One iPhone case (pictured above) which will let outdoorsmen, HVAC contractors, and people who simply like to see how hot things are convert their iPhone 5 or 5s into a thermal camera — will begin Wednesday, with the device coming to Apple retail stores in August.

AMC debuts trailer for The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land mobile game arriving for season 5 — AMC announced today that it will release a new mobile game for The Walking Dead early next year alongside season 5 of the hit TV show. The TV network is teaming up with Next Games to develop the title and today shared the first trailer for the game that it plans to show off at Comic Con International later this month.

Alive Inside film explores power of music to restore memory — Audiences first encounter Henry hunched over in his wheelchair, head down, hands clasped firmly together, unresponsive to the world around him. But headphones with music playing make a huge difference. The film shows how iPods can make a huge difference toAlzheimer’s patients.

Activation Lock

Activation Lock in iOS 7 responsible for pronounced decrease in iPhone thefts
The Activation Lock feature Apple introduced in iOS 7 is already having a discernible impact on crime, according to law enforcement officials in a few major cities. If you recall, Activation Lock prevents would-be thieves from turning off “Find my iPhone” without first entering the appropriate iCloud credentials. What’s more, even if a thief wipes a device clean, reactivating the device requires the original device owner’s credentials.

The end result? The iPhone remains a popular device for consumers, but not so much for thieves. And also, all the other smartphone makers are considering adding similar features.

Maps ‘City Tours’ feature hidden in iOS 8 betas, works like a guided Flyover video
Although deeper changes to Maps are in the works, Apple did announce a new City Tours feature for iOS 8 discreetly on one of the keynote slides. This feature is not normally available in the current iOS 8 betas, but developer Pierre Blazquez has managed to unlock the feature through a hidden debug screen and shines some light on exactly what ‘City Tours’ entails.
[Image: London from the Apple Maps app.]

Hundreds of businesses in London are about to flip the switch on payments via iBeacons
In Brixton, South West London, hundreds of businesses will soon integrate iBeacons as part of one of the first real-world networks for mobile payments using Apple’s Bluetooth LE iBeacon tech.

Skype 5.1 for iOS rolling out with improvements to conversations and favourites
Approximately a week after releasing Skype 5.0 with a completely revamped design and new features, Microsoft is now rolling out version 5.1 with various improvements. Notably, there are enhancements to managing conversations, favourites, and finding the status of Skype contacts.

Adobe updates its iPad Voice app, linking it to Lightroom Mobile sync
Adobe has posted a quick update to the fascinating Adobe Voice app. Adobe Voice is designed to create animated videos with very little work. As we noted in our review, it integrates animation, photos and music to create quick, but professional-looking, presentations.

QuickBooks app for Mac review: Intuit’s free app makes QuickBooks Online more friendly
Each new iteration of QuickBooks Online and its related set of apps makes this platform better, thinks Jeffery Battersby. QuickBooks Online has had good iOS apps for accessing your QuickBooks Online data and now they’ve released the QuickBooks app for Mac, a free tool that brings your QuickBooks Online account to an app on your Mac.

LinkedIn debuts new Job Search iPhone app for finding your dream career
LinkedIn’s news continues today as it launches a standalone iPhone app for dedicated to job hunting. The iPhone app is called LinkedIn Job Search and it joins the primary LinkedIn app as well as LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn Contacts, and the social network’s other existing mobile applications. The app takes advantage of location data and push notifications to keep job hunters updated with relevant opportunities based on a set criteria.

Logitech +drive Mount


In the pack: one cylindrical windshield mount, two magnets, one mounting plate. The magnets are stick-on, which you’d probably rather stick to an iPhone case rather than to an iPhone itself, in fact (if the case is thin) you can place these inside, so the metal is against the iPhone and concealed but still magnets itself to the mount, through the case. This means you can use it with two devices out of the box, or three in my case as I still had the case+energy case I reviewed last week, which has a metal back that is also designed to attache to the magnet. Further, Logitech’s +tilt range of iPhone cases include magnetic plates, too, for $59.90 each in polypropylene or $69.90 in leather, and these are already magnetised so they’ll stick to your fridge.

Or you can buy a Mount/case combo called case[+]drive. The case can be grey or black in this instance (NZ$99).

REVIEW-Logitech+drive-mount2The +drive is a fairly unadorned grey cylinder of polypropylene with a similar somewhat sophisticated soft-touch feel as the case+energy.

It twists apart to reveal a brightly coloured handle (left). When you turn this, the suction plate sucks in and the cylinder becomes very firmly attached to your windscreen.

If you prefer to mount it to your dash, as long as there’s a flat bit suitable and that’s at least as big as the disk-end of the cylinder, you can stick the supplied smooth round plate of metal to it, then suction the +drive to that instead.

[In the main picture, above, you see one of the stick-on panels for your iPhone case, the +drive and the dashboard disc.]

I went for the windscreen option as my dash is curvy all over. Now my default navigation option for the last year is lying my iPhone against my speedo – it fits quite well and leans back and doesn’t, by chance, obscure the speedo since it’s in an arc above it, but a precipitous corner will dislodge it, so it’s been workable but hardly ideal. This new mount is bliss, since I just plug the charger on and snap it on. The magnet is strong! I haven’t managed to even come close to dislodging it and taking the iPhone off take a definite pull – it’s not exactly a test of your musculature but it’s very unlikely it will fall off.

If you change your mind about the positioning of the +drive, you just open the cylinder to expose the handle, twist it the other way and the whole thing should be able to be pulled off, but pulling on the tab of blue plastic that pokes out a little releases the pressure if not, and this combo should do the trick.

Magnetic attraction or not? That’s the question. Since there’s no hard drive in an iPhone, the magnet should not effect anything, and Logitech swears there will be no effect and has tested this. I certainly haven’t noticed any effect on calls or anything else.

Conclusion — Easily the best car mount system I’ve seen and/or tried. It’s modelled to go with most car interiors from the 1990s on, if aesthetics are a concern.

What’s great — Works perfectly, easily the most convenient method I’ve seen so far

What’s not — There’s limited movement through viewing angles compared to some mounts once the iPhone is on it, so ensure you put it in the right place.

Needs — drivers, although you could conceivably stick it to any window or shiny surface in your office or kitchen.

Mac NZ’s buying advice – very well designed, works perfectly: highly recommended.


What — Logitech +drive iPhone dashboard/windshield mount, NZ$69.90

System — Each +drive Mount comes with two universal adaptors easily placed in (or on) a slim case or directly on a smartphone for quick, secure mounting.

Contact — Your smarter smartphone accessory suppliers; Logitech NZ Ltd.