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iPad Air 2, mini 3 reviewed, iPhone 6, Qwik Coin, Apple Pay, Magic Hour, FitBit, CarPlay

A Kiwi app is designed to help you offer casual work
A Kiwi app is designed to help you offer casual work

In-depth review: Apple’s iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 — Daniel Eran Dilger finds Apple’s latest iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 incorporate Touch ID and support for Apple Pay within apps, with the same 10 hour battery life of previous models. The full size iPad Air 2 is also now 18 percent slimmer with an improved, antireflective display and gains a faster A8X chip, faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi and LTE wireless, a barometer, and a significantly improved iSight camera.

Apple’s new iPhones outsell the Galaxy Note 4 in Samsung’s home country, Korea — Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus iPhones are outpacing the sales of the Galaxy Note 4 on Samsung’s home turf in South Korea. According to the Wall Street Journal, pre-orders for the new iPhone models reached 100,000 units on the first day, compared to 30,000 for the Note 4.

New Kiwi App set to boost work for Job Seekers — An ex-special forces soldier looking for ways to help his grandmother find work in New Zealand has created a new app, designed to connect freelance workers with local people looking to outsource work (pictured above). Qwik Coin is now available to download for free on the iTunes Store and it’s coming soon to Android.

Apple Pay: the Mobile Payment Revolution — After a single use at my local grocery store, however,Jeff Gamet now has no problem saying he was wrong. “In fact, Apple made using your iPhone for credit card payments so easy I’m seeing a big problem for competitors hoping to get in on the mobile payment game, including Wal-Mart and its CurrentC system.”

Magic Hour for iOS offers almost unlimited filters — Magic Hour (NZ$2.59) offers 38 preset filters with the ability to modify and save them, allowing an immense number of options for modifying photos.

Fitbit unveils new Charge, Charge HR & Surge digital fitness trackers — Fitbit on Monday offered fitness buffs three new options for wrist-worn activity trackers, introducing the Charge and Charge HR — spiritual successors to the Fitbit Force — alongside the Fitbit Surge, which the company is calling a “fitness super watch.”

Alpine launches $800 CarPlay-compatible iLX-007 in-dash receiver — Aftermarket options with support for Apple’s CarPlay continue to expand, with Alpine launching a new US$800 unit featuring a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen and support for Siri voice commands. [So over NZ1k here, I’ll bet.]

New iPad mini, iPad Air 2 thinner, faster–iPhone 6–iOS 8.1–WatchKit, Reddit, Skype

From NZ$749, the new iPad Air is thinner and faster (picture from Apple Inc's Air site).
From NZ$749, the new iPad Air is thinner and faster (picture from Apple Inc’s NZ site).

iPad mini 3 gets Touch ID for $399,  first-gen iPad mini stays on sale with a price drop — Apple’s diminutive iPad will also receive an update this week, the company announced Thursday, in the form of the iPad mini 3, which features a Touch ID fingerprint sensor and new gold colour option.
NZ prices (inc GST): $599 for the 16GB, $749 for the 64GB and NZ899 for the 128GB.

Apple announces 6.1mm-thin iPad Air 2 with Touch ID, anti-reflective coating, new gold colour option — Apple’s next-generation tablet became official on Thursday with the introduction of the iPad Air 2, featuring a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, new anti-reflective screen coating, and the speedy new A8X chip.
Prices are NZ$749 for the 16GB, NZ$899 for the 64GB and NZ$1049 for the 128GB (all prices inc GST).

iPhone 6 largest launch ever — Tim Cook emphasised at the above launch that, taking the upcoming Chinese launch into account (with all three carriers there participating, a first), the iPhone 6 has been the largest iPhone launch ever.

Apple announces iOS 8.1 with Camera Roll, iCloud Photo Library — As part of the above October press event, Apple announced several upcoming features it is adding to iOS 8.1. The next major release of iOS 8 [which we’ll get early next week] will see the return of the popular camera roll, which was replaced in iOS 8 much to the chagrin of iOS users.

Apple announces WatchKit SDK for developers, launches in November — In preparation of the upcoming Apple Watch launch, Apple on Thursday announced a new software developers kit called WatchKit for creating apps tailored for the company’s highly anticipated wearable device.

Reddit acquires popular iOS app Alien Blue — Despite its stunning popularity and influence across the internet, Reddit has lacked an official app for actually using the service on mobile devices. It has an AMA (ask me anything) app, but nothing for everyday use. This has left users to browse the site using third party apps or their mobile web browser. Rather than developing their own app to fill this gap, Reddit has simply purchased Alien Blue, the most popular iOS client for the site.

Skype for iOS updated for optimised iPhone 6 experience — Microsoft has released a new update for Skype’s iOS app offering users with the larger iPhone 6 and 6+ an optimised user interface. In addition, the app now allows users to mark individual conversations as read/unread, disable notification sounds in “do no disturb” mode, and increased metadata in contact profiles. Here’s the company’s official summery of the update.

UK iPhone ads, HDR video, Smart Lock, Monsense, Figibox

Currently the ads are only streaming at Apple's UK site, so head over there to see the different versions of Duo and Health.
Currently the ads are only streaming at Apple’s UK site, so head over there to see the different versions of Duo and Health.

UK iPhone 6 ad features Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade of The IT Crowd — Along with the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus came a pair of ads featuring Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, in America. In the UK the ads are basically the same, just with one major and important difference — their ads feature Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade (but not Katherine Parkinson ) from The IT Crowd. (You have to click on either Health or Duo to see them – well, hear them, actually – it’s only their voices.)

Video app shoots HDR — Live HD/R (US$2.99) is an app that can shoot High Dynamic Range videos in real time, made possible by the faster processor and re-worked camera sensor of the iPhone 6. It just takes special software to unlock the HDR video features.

Yves Behar’s iPhone-controlled August Smart Lock arrives in Apple Stores — The August Smart Lock, created by famed designer Yves Béhar, is now available at retail through a partnership with Apple, which is selling the HomeKit-connected device at all of its locations across the US. [And if you get home during a power cut?]

Make sense of expenses and spending habits with MonSense — If you want a money management app that’s a step above basic, but not overly complicated, Monsense is a great choice (says TUAW).

Rediscover treasure hunting with Figibox — Figibox is a location based messaging app. A user goes to a location of their choosing and can drop a Figibox message that can include text and photos for another user to access. You can also locate other Figiboxes left by other users and open them on location like you would with a classic treasure hunt. There is an option to send both public and private messages. [Is FigiPudding next?]

iPhone 6 exceeding demand, Finland blames Apple, Flight Attendants, leak clause

Finland is blaming Apple for its financial woes
Finland is blaming Apple for its financial woes

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus demand exceeding supply, iPhone 5s selling well as Apple dominates smartphone sales — New data shows the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s were the top three selling smartphones at all four major US carriers over the last month, giving Apple complete dominance of its home market.

iPhone 6 siblings find their way to 36 additional territories in October — In its never-ending quest for world domination, Apple will be pushing the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to three dozen additional countries by the end of October. A press release from the company announced the rollout plans, going on to note that it will be the fastest iPhone rollout ever, reaching over 115 countries by the end of 2014.

Finnish prime minister blames iPad and iPhone for country’s economic problems — Following a downgrade of Finland’s credit rating by Standard & Poor, Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb spoke publicly about the negative rating in an interview with CNBC. During the talk, Stubb blamed Apple for part of his country’s economic woes. [Nokia was Finland’s biggest company.]

Flight attendants sue to stop gate-to-gate electronics use — Attorneys representing the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA argued in the US Court of Appeals late last week that the ban on in-flight electronics the FAA lifted a year ago should be reinstated for the safety of airline passengers. The Flight Attendants union thinks portable electronics use during takeoff and landing poses a serious risk and that the FAA made a mistake when it opened the doors for airlines to allow their use from gate to gate.

Apple’s supplier contracts include $50M penalty for leaking future product info — Details from Apple’s supplier non-disclosure agreements are beginning to leak thanks to the bankruptcy proceedings of GT Advanced Technologies, with the sapphire maker arguing that even more should be published so creditors and shareholders can see the full story behind its fall from grace. [What would be the alternative?]

Sales lull blamed on iPhone 6, WordPress stats app, weather widgets, pressure, Amp and amp

Analysts claim sales drops are result of people spending on iPhone 6 instead
Analysts claim sales drops are result of people spending on iPhone 6 instead

Retail analyst blames sales lull on iPhone 6 — The launch of a new iPhone always has a ripple effect across the electronics industry, and while analysts pontificate about the iPhone 6 launch affecting sales of competing smartphones and even Apple’s own tablets, retailers are claiming they’ve been hit with the iPhone effect as well. Analytics firm Retail Metrics noticed a significant dip in sales and lackluster traffic in general other sales that it attributes to consumers choosing the new iPhone over a trip to the mall.

App analyses your WordPress stats — Numerics is an app that gives you dashboards to visualise your WordPress traffic numbers. It’s free but in-app purchases (or four additional packs) give you more metrics. It works for WordPress.com and self hosted WordPress site users so users can quickly look at their site’s visitors, views, monitor top posts, discover top search terms and more on iPhone or iPad.

Three nice weather apps with widgets for iOS 8 Notification Centre — Previously, four science oriented apps that integrate with iOS 8 Notification Center were discussed. Two were weather apps, one from The Weather Channel and the other from Yahoo. Since then, I have found three more very nice weather apps that also have widgets appearing in the Notification Centre. The full-featured weather apps  boast widgets that vary in extent and design.

Barograph uses the new iPhone pressure sensor — The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus each have a sensor that gives readings for barometric pressure. Barograph (free) displays real-time pressure data from that sensor. Weather watchers will know dropping pressure usually means bad weather is coming, rising pressure means good weather.

The Amp case by SoundFocus gives iPhones an aural boost — SoundFocus, a San Francisco-based startup, is out to provide a personalised listening experience for iPhone. Amp is an iPhone case that doubles as an external speaker, and when paired with its corresponding app, can tailor audio playback to your tastes and needs.

Sound Blaster E5 is a portable DAC and headphone amp — The E5 is a portable, battery-powered DAC (digital-to-analog converter), USB audio device, headphone amp, and more bundled into a relatively compact package. [Not sure if it’s available in NZ but it’s US$200 over there.]

Apple Watch ~ Two weeks with iPhone 6

Im really glad Apple's iPhone 6 cases are now available
I’m really glad Apple’s iPhone 6 cases are now available

The smaller of the two new iPhones (the 6) has been (mostly) in my pocket for two weeks now, and I’m finding unexpected pleasures. It’s such a solid thing it feels like there’s no space for air in it – it often feels like a solid piece of metal and glass rather than like a highly complex device.

The work Apple has put into the processing around imaging is superb — photographs are beautiful, particularly if you use HDR and/or one of the latest camera apps like TrueHDR, which takes three rather than two pictures and lets you set the range, plus manipulate the image immediately afterwards. Rich, saturated colours, excellent detail – I have been very happy to have this level of photographic quality at such easy access.
But I’m still finding it a problem that the sleep button is directly opposite the Volume Up button, as I am used to using the Volume Up as the shutter release in the Apple Camera app. This is so very handy compared to trying to find that on-screen button – it falls where the shutter button would be if you hold your phone horizontally like a point-and-shoot camera. But there’s another problem with this in iPhone’ 6’s camera configuration: the lens is now at the bottom rather than at the top, so it’s easier to get your fingers in the way of the lens while doing this. On the 5 the lens would be at top right corner, which works better.
Still, it’s a fairly minor quibble – I’m sure I’ll get used to it, and it’s worth perseverance since the images from the camera are such a delight. See three more images at the bottom of this post.

Case-wise, I still find it all a bit slippery, and after ten days the Apple sample cases arrived. The Apple cases come in several colours. More importantly they give the iPhones a little more knock protections and make them much less likely to slip from your grasp, slip from your pocket or slide across shiny surfaces, without adding much size and weight. The cases are very well made and fit snugly, although I hope the chemically smell of the silicon version (the leather didn’t ping my nostrils), once out of their wrappers, doesn’t linger too long. The cases come in silicon (NZ$49 for the 6, NZ$59 for the Plus) or leather (NZ$69 for the 6, $75 for the 6 Plus). The colours are Silicon: black, white, pink, sky blue, pea green or red; leather black, red, dark blue brown and cream.

As for the movement sensor, the two fitness apps that have lasted the distance with me have been Moves, which just tots up yours walks, cycling and jogs and tells you at the end of each day, in steps, calories and kilometres. It’s a bit jarring being told ‘No Activity’ for a day! And the other is B.icycle, a German biking app. They still work well (although neither appear to have been updated for the Health app) although they’ve always been wildly out on calories – with each other, anyway. For example, Moves figures out what you’re up to from the motion of the device, and the other day it clocked my short (it was bad weather) bicycle ride as 24 minutes and 6.3kms, for 198 calories whereas B.icycle said it was 4.9kms, took 22.9 minutes and burned 259 calories. On the B.icycle app, though, you get to set you bike and body weight, which might make the difference. They both map it accurately.
But they don’t support HealthKit yet, as far as I can tell, unlike the newish app Lark. Lark can be a bit smarmy: “Your’e killing it with 1 hour 2 minutes”, for example (today’s bike ride). Thanks.But inside Lark you can manage Health data access – Health is Apple’s new (in iOS 8) app that strives to correlate all your fitness data. It charts your days so you can look back on your week etc. I’m not 100% convinced by it yet but it’s interesting (I don’t have any monitor sensor things to stick anywhere so the data is pretty limited to what it can sense itself from your movements). There’s also something very narcissistic about constant self monitoring – but still, it’s interesting territory, since most at least like to maintain fitness at a certain level. why not have your iPhone tell you how you’re getting on?

The surprising thing about the iPhone 6 is that Apple has made an 8 megapixel sensor achieve so much. These shots of a native Clematis were all shot within two minutes on the same day – click for full resolution: 

Shot with a Canon Ixus 12MP SX230 HS with 14x optical zoom
Shot with a Canon Ixus 12MP SX230 HS with 14x optical zoom
8MP iPhone 6
8MP iPhone 6
8MP iPhone 6 Plus
8MP iPhone 6 Plus

The dynamic range and exposures both look better, to me, in the iPhone images.

iPhone 6 measured, MultiCam, Asphalt Overdrive, Gates likes Apple Pay, Medical ID

Asphalt Overdrive
Asphalt Overdrive

Which wins a speed test, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8? iPhone 6 has proven itself the leader in speed when it comes to benchmark tests, but how does it do in a real world app launching test? A new video from PhoneBuff pits the iPhone 6 against the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 (where the same app was not available for both iOS and Android a comparable app was used instead). iPhone 6 wins …

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 delivers poor graphics performance vs. Apple iPhone 6 Plus — While boasting an ‘Octa Core’ Application Processor option and an extremely high resolution display, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 4 falls flat in running GPU intensive apps and games in comparison to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.

MultiCam for iOS can greatly improve your photos — MultiCam (NZ$2.59) cleverly turns the whole process around: you take a photo, then select the proper exposure and focus. Once snapped, you see the photo with two sliders: one to change the exposure, another to see all the focus options. Moving those sliders, you see the changes in the picture all happening smoothly in real time. When you have the combination you like, you save the photo. Both the front and back cameras are supported.

Racer — Asphalt Overdrive is a new racing game from Gameloft that is both classic and exciting. The design quality and energy of this game makes it feel more current than older racing games. It is compatible with both the iPad and iPhone. It requires iOS 6 or later and is optimised for iPhone 5 and it requires internet access. It’s free.

Bill Gates reckonsApple Pay is “fantastic” and a “real contribution” — Bill Gates yesterday sat down for an insightful interview with Erik Schatzker of Bloomberg where the Microsoft co-founder discussed, amongst other topics, his efforts to leverage the ubiquity of cellphones to help bring affordable and digital banking options to the world’s poorest countries.

iOS 8: setting up your Medical ID — If you’ve got an iPhone 4s or later, or  iPod touch (fifth generation) and you have installed iOS 8, you’ve now got the ability to configure what’s called a Medical ID. Doing so will give emergency responders access to your important health info without them having to unlock your device.

Review iPhone 6 — 4: video

iPhone 6 shot with the 6 Plus (the 8MP Plus did a better job than my 12MP Canon compact, for some reason.)
iPhone 6 shot with the 6 Plus (the 8MP Plus did a better job than my 12MP Canon compact, for some reason.)

Finally, how do the new iPhones do in video? One of the new features is a really fast refocus. This is thanks to what Apple calls ‘Focus Pixels’ which are sensitive to distinct angles of incoming light, and work together to determine the focus direction and how far to move the iSight lens.

Exposure — The same exposure controls you can use in photos exist for video. You can lighten or darken a photo or video on your viewfinder by up to four f-stops in either direction by tapping on the screen, then sliding your finger up and down to the right of the yellow focus/exposure area that appears.

Optical image stabilisation — Unlike the 6, the bigger iPhone 6 Plus has optical image stabilisation. It uses the A8 chip, the gyroscope, and the new M8 motion coprocessor to measure motion data and provide precise side-to-side lens movement to compensate for hand shake in low light. The 6’s new iSight camera also takes both long- and short-exposure images, which also helps reduce subject motion. That means on a pan-sweep, where you start filming and change the viewpoint of the iPhone Plus results in pretty smooth video, almost as if you have a steadycam, as you can see in the linked videos. (Note these all got sampled down to 720P when uploaded to Vimeo.) The videos were shot from the same point and light conditions within a 20-minute time frame. You can see that the iPhone 5 doesn’t refocus on the shed on the right, whereas the other two do.

iPhone 5 pan video

iPhone 6 video

iPhone 6 Plus

Review iPhone 6 part 3 — photos

The same shot in the same place, light etc, iPhone 5 left, iPhone 6 centre, Plus right
The same shot in the same place, light etc, iPhone 5 left, iPhone 6 centre, Plus right

Below: the same shot zoomed in 1000 per cent in Photoshop, and cropped (not resampled), iPhone 5 left, iPhone 6 right. (Click on the images for more detailed views.)

Zoomed in 1000%, cropped and saved in Photoshop
Zoomed in 1000%, cropped and saved in Photoshop

Closeups, below — top is iPhone 5, then 6, then 6 Plus. iPhone 6 Plus actually has a wider aspect ratio – it captures more pixels at the borders. The sixes appear to have slightly wider aspects.




Pure image quality — Apple did a lot to improve exposure and focussing on the new iPhones.

I was always pretty happy with the camera in the 5
I was always pretty happy with the camera in the 5
The iPhone 6 works hard to get everything in focus, but this close in (as with any camera) depth of field is limited.
The iPhone 6 works hard to get everything in focus, but this close in (as with any camera) depth of field is limited so the Sapphire Gin is slightly blurry. But see how the light and dark areas fare better.
And the same shot on the 6 Plus.
And the same shot on the 6 Plus.

Aha, the Black Cat Test! Our cat Chilli is most unimpressed at the reports that black cats have become unpopular since they don’t photograph well for posting in social media. Luckily, she does’t have to worry any more thanks to iPhone 6.

In these difficult, sun-striped lighting conditions the iPhone 6 Plus does a great job of resolving exposure issues while still showing detail in the cat's fur (right, compared to iPhone 5 left)
In these difficult, sun-striped lighting conditions the iPhone 6 Plus does a great job of resolving exposure issues while still showing detail in the cat’s fur (right, compared to iPhone 5 left)

Next (4)— some video clips.

iPhone 6 gush, Apple Watch, iCloud outages photo and Notification Centre, science, Rome, Waze

Apple Watch in Colette's window, Paris
Apple Watch in Colette’s window, Paris

Gigaom’s Kevin C Tofel gushes over the iPhone 6 — It’s not surprising for those of us who write about nothing but Apple products to get excited over new iPhones, but what about an online journalist who is equally at home in iOS and Android worlds, often buying both an iPhone and an Android phone each year?
Kevin C Tofel of Gigaom says in a new reviewI like the iPhone 6 so much that I may not buy a new Android.”
[By the way, I talk about the new iPhones in the NZ Tech Podcast with Paul Spain and Paddy Buckley. Paul is equally platform agnostic, also impressed with the iPhone 6; Paddy is Android. You can listen directly at that link or subscribe to the podcast on your Mac in iTunes or directly on iPad, iPhone via the Podcasts app.]

Apple Watch manufacturing to begin in January, Quanta to be sole supplier — A new rumour suggests Apple plans to begin manufacturing its upcoming wearable device in January, and that Taiwan’s Quanta Computer will exclusively handle that responsibility. The forthcoming Apple wearable was in the spotlight at Paris Fashion Week. The Guardian talks about this too (pictured above). It also took the window of The Colette store at 213 rue Saint-Honoré in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris (pictured above).

iCloud outages — Apple has reported all iCloud services down for some users worldwide. In an update to Apple’s online systems status webpage, the company announced ongoing outages of all iCloud services, including account sign-ins, mail, storage and more. [It’s back online now, and could be related to the implementation of the new iCloud Drive that will be part of Yosemite.]

Evercore raises Apple’s price target to $125 thanks to iPhone 6 — Bigger iPhone 6 screens are likely to result in a bigger upgrade cycle for Apple, in the eyes of Evercore Partners, which increased its price target to $125 on Tuesday and advised investors to buy in.

4 Cool iOS 8 Photo Extension Apps — iOS 8 opened the door for developers to share features with other apps and one place that really shines is Photos. Developers are updating their apps to take advantage of iOS 8’s new Extensions feature, and Mac Observer put together a list of some of early favourites for working with your photos.

Four science-oriented Apps that support iOS 8 Notification Centre — iOS 8 supports widgets in the Notification Center. Apps that are properly built will be visible there and support a subset of the app’s full features, often for quick reference. Here are four science oriented apps currently shipping that integrate with Notification Center.

Hands-on with Places, Waze’s latest feature — Community-powered navigation app Waze got a major update on Monday, which introduces a new feature for sharing info about destinations. Dubbed Places, drivers can share information about local businesses and residences with other Waze users, providing tips and photos of places they’ve visited.

Raise an army in Rise of Rome — Commanding armies, building a city, and employing strategies to complete a variety of quests are a big part of the action in Rise of Rome. On the quest to create a strong Roman empire, players can upgrade their city for defence and upgrade their army to be able to conquer more territory. Rise of Rome is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 5.0 or later.

In-depth iPhone 6 review, iOS 8 update appears, pulled, battery life & LAPD on microwave hoax

Apple’s 4.7-inch iPhone 6 running iOS 8 reviewed by Daniel Eran Dilger — After establishing iPhone 5s as a “forward thinking” high-end luxury device a year ago, Apple is now enhancing its eighth generation of iPhone with a broad range of new and improved hardware components inside a slimmer new case design with a much larger, higher-resolution display. Andy Ihnatko humorously unboxes the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus here, and see how its camera compares to seven other iPhone cameras.
MacObserver reviews ’em too. [And it’s on sale in New Zealand from tomorrow, 26th September.]
But Macworld’s Kirk McElhearn is thinking of sending his back – it’s too big!

iOS 8 update appears, disappears — A week after the debut of iOS 8, Apple provided an update for its newly upgraded mobile operating system, addressing a number of bugs related to HealthKit, Photos, third-party keyboards, Reachability, and much more. But the update was quickly pulled after iPhone 6 users began experiencing serious bugs. Here’s how to boost your iOS 8 iPhone battery life, and some iPhone 4s owners might like to downgrade their iPhone or iPad from iOS 8 to iOS 7.

LAPD warning iPhone owners not to microwave their handsets — A hoax viral marketing scam advising iPhone owners to microwave their phones is being taken seriously enough by some people that the communications department of the Los Angeles Police Department has decided to publicly debunk the advertisement. As reported by the LA Times, the department tweeted the ad with the word “Hoax” written across the front in giant red letters. [Duh!]

Photographer loves iPhone 6, so do frogs and it’s durable; iOS 8 adoption; Scanbot

Apple has been airing iPhone 6 ads
Apple has been airing iPhone 6 ads

Pro Photographer reckons the iPhone 6 Plus camera is ‘awesome’ & an asset to the industry — Oregon photographer and filmmaker Ben Canales put his iPhone 6 Plus camera through its paces during a weekend trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The result is a wonderful video showcasing the time-lapse, slow motion and high definition video capabilities of the iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8. SquareTrade tests have suggested iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are most durable iPhones yet, and frogs found the screen so convincing they tried to eat a worm displayed on its screen.
Apple has aired two new iPhone 6 ads starring Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake (that’s frame from one, above).

iOS 8 adoption nears 50% after slow start — Despite getting off to a a slow start, perhaps thanks to a larger-than-ever-before space requirement, iOS 8 seems to be doing just fine in its quest to conquer every iDevice it can. Apple has put iOS 8 adoption at 46% as of September 21st, according to iClarified.

iOS 8 and crashing — One aspect of the data that will interest anyone who wonders if iOS 8 is really crashing more than iOS 7. You’re not crazy, iOS 8 has a 78% higher crash rate than iOS 7.1, but it’s not as bad as it sounds – but 78% sounds like a lot, but the increase is only from 2% to 3.56%. You can find the rest of Crittercism’s report here as a free download.

Scanbot for iOS gets an update and improves your scans — Scanbot (US$1.99) advertises it can pretty much eliminate your desktop scanner, and it’s hard to argue with that. An earlier version of Scanbot impressed, but now the app can image any document, whether it is one page or multiple pages, and get you a clear and usable scan quite quickly. It costs NZ$2.69.

iOS has Kill Switch, iPhone 6, lots of iOS notes, iWork updated, Apple TV

The iPhone 6 Cinematic Stabilisation demonstrated vs a point-and-shoot
The iPhone 6 Cinematic Stabilisation demonstrated vs a point-and-shoot

iOS 8 has Kill Switch — Apple has become the first smartphone maker to enable by default a kill switch that can lock and secure a stolen phone. The software is capable of remotely locking and disabling a phone if it’s stolen, only allowing the handset to be unlocked with a correct password. That action essentially makes a phone useless, reducing the resale price to close to zero.

Cinematic video stabilisation on the iPhone 6 is incredible, says Yoni Heisler — The video from Matthew Panzarino of TechCrunch really drives the point home. It was put together as part of his iPhone review and provides a split-screen comparison going on a ride at Disneyland looks like recorded with an iPhone 6 versus a point and shoot. (The point and shoot video footage was taken a couple of years ago.) The video can’t be embedded so you have to check it out directly here (that’s a frame, above).

Apple TV gets Beats Channel, Family Sharing — Apple released an update for the second and third generation Apple TV on Wednesday with a new Beats Music channel and support for iOS 8’s Family Sharing feature. The update also replaced some icons with versions that better match the flat style introduced in iOS 7 and continued in iOS 8.
The Apple TV update is a free download, but the Beats Music channel is available only on the third generation model. You can find the update by choosing Settings on your Apple TV, then go to General > Software Update.

iOS 8 enabled WebG, which means you can play Quake and Doom in mobile Safari — WebGL allows the Safari browser to harness the power of the phone’s GPU using HTML 5 and Javascript. Now with iOS 8, iPhone and iPad owners can render 3D WebGL content in their browser, including these awesome online demos of Quake III and Doom III models from Google WebGL developer Brandon Jones.

iOS 8 notes, tricks, tips — Can’t install iOS 8 over the air because it’s too big? Do it via iTunes (as I recommended yesterday). How to install and activate third party keyboards, new Camera tricks and a major overhaul of Photos, how to auto-delete old texts and silence annoying conversations in iOS 8,  taking full advantage of interactive notifications, why business users (and IT departments) will be happy,  Apple says it’s incapable of decrypting iOS 8 user data, even for government agencies, and Apple has updated iMovie for iOS with new filters, speed controls, Photo app integration, more.

Apple updates iWork for iOS suite with support for iOS 8, stability fixes — Apple has  rolled out updates for its iWork productivity app suite, bringing the titles up to speed with the company’s latest mobile operating system.

EyeEm Camera gets a host of new features in time for iOS 8 — There will be flood of iOS app updates, but the latest from photography app EyeEm is sure to inspire photo fiends to get clicking. The update introduces a reworked camera function that combines your camera roll and camera to show images in their proper aspect ratio as you snap.