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Two Apple commentators love the bigger 6 Plus
Two Apple commentators love the bigger 6 Plus

Office goes free on phones and tablets: what you get, and what you don’t — With the news that Microsoft is making all of its mobile Office apps free — the iPad and upcoming Android tablet versions — with a few caveats: Phone and tablet users will be able to view, create and edit documents for free, and they’ll be able to sync those documents with Dropbox or OneDrive cloud storage. Certain advanced editing features, such as the ability to accept or reject Track Changes in Word, will require an Office 365 subscription. And for commercial use rights, you’ll need Office 365 for Business.
[I am loving Microsoft’s re-engagement with the Apple world – better for all of us.]

Dan Frommer still likes his iPhone 6 Plus, and Steven Sandes loves his — Dan Frommer, writing over at Quartz, published a 30-day review of the iPhone 6 Plus today. The verdict? “After more than a month of everyday use, it has become even more of the pocket computer I’ve always wanted.” Steven Sande loves his too.
[I still love my slimmer 6 – the Plus is just too big for me.]

EFF ranks Apple’s iMessage, FaceTime “best mass market options” for secure messaging, ahead of BlackBerry Messenger, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Microsoft Skype — In its ranking of electronic messaging systems for safety and security, the Electronic Frontier Foundation said no mainstream products passed all of its criteria, but that Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime “stood out as the best of the mass-market options.”

Philips Hue iOS 8 Notification Center widget for connected lightbulbs now available — Users of Philips Hue connected LED lightbulbs can now quickly control their lighting and enable “scenes” with the new easy-access Hue widget, now available for iOS 8.

8 ways to take better photos with any camera — Now that ghosts and goblins have cleared the way for turkeys and reindeer, the prime holiday picture-taking season is upon us. To avoid getting disappointing photos that you can’t reshoot, you can follow these tips to increase your photographic prowess and take better pictures with any camera…including your iPhone.

Samsung Electronics’ heir apparent Lee Jae-yong profiled as silver spoon-fed product of corrupt nepotism with little real experience — When Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook came out as gay, jokes flew that Samsung might rush to announce it “was even more gay.” In reality however, Samsung Electronics is a step further behind Apple, having yet to officially name a successor to its ailing leader Lee Kun-hee, who at 72 remains hospitalised following a heart attack in May.

Jailbroken Chinese iOS devices fall prey to invasive WireLurker malware — Researchers at Palo Alto Networks said they’ve discovered an impressive malware attack against Apple devices, which for now appears to be limited to users of a Chinese application store. [Most people, don’t panic – your device is most likely not jailbroken, as that’s something you have to do specifically to your iDevice as a hack.]

Apple Pay dominates discussion at Money20/20 mobile payments industry conference — This week was the Money20/20 mobile payment conference in Las Vegas, Nevada and with over 7000 people in attendance, the hottest topic at the show was the recent launch of Apple Pay and what it means for the industry.

Leaf on the Wind is an engaging and very clever game — Mel Martin doesn’t do a lot of game reviews “because to me they usually are endless variations on a theme. Leaf on the Wind (NZ$3.79) is a clever exception, and a game I am really enjoying.”

Send your kid on a safari adventure with Trail the Tail — Trail the tail is an educational children’s app. It requires iOS 6.0 or later, is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and is optimised for iPhone 5. It’s a simple app with three short, fun, and educational games for young children in the main menu, a simple math game, and several other games involving various zoo animals on a side menu and costs NZ$3.79.

Google Maps app gets overhauled, adds Uber and Opentable — Google Maps, otherwise known as the mapping app that Apple Maps so desperately wishes it could be, got a little bit better today with an app refresh. The update brings with it a cleaner look and less clutter, which happens to match the post-iOS 7 aesthetic perfectly, along with support for third-party apps such as OpenTable and Uber.

iOS 8 over 50%, Plus resale value high, Logitech keyboards, wardrobes and cars, FitBrains, SSL client

Logitech’s standalone Ultrathin keyboard for iPad

iOS 8 now installed on 52% of all devices — Apple iOS adoption rateDoes it seem like a lot of your iPhone or iPad toting friends have updated to iOS 8? You’re right – new information from the Apple Developer Support pages shows that iOS 8 is now installed on 52% of all iOS devices. [The last month of Mac NZ iOS tips is compiled in MagBytes 58, due out tonight.)

Constrained supply keeps iPhone 6 Plus resale prices at 124% of retail price — Used and resold iPhone 6 Plus units are still selling at above-cost on sites like eBay, as Apple continues to struggle to keep up with overwhelming demand for its new jumbo-sized 5.5-inch iPhone.

Logitech launches Type+ & Ultrathin keyboards for iPad Air 2, ultraportable Keys-To-Go for all models — Logitech this week updated its Type+ and Ultrathin keyboard cases to be compatible with Apple’s new iPad Air 2, and also introduced a new standalone ultraportable wireless iPad keyboard (pictured above) dubbed Keys-To-Go.

Cloth’s revamped iOS app lets you peer into strangers’ closets — Cloth debuted two years ago as a way for people to photograph their clothes and put together outfits. Instead of cluttering up your Camera Roll with wardrobe shots, Cloth centralised your photos in one spot and let you tag outfits by occasion. All of those features are still around, but in its latest incarnation, Cloth is focusing on social.

Do you really love your wheels? Instacar (free) may be the app for you. Take a picture of your beloved car, load the photo into InstaCar and add car logo and model graphics to your photo.

Fit Brains workout for your grey matter — Fit Brains from Rosetta Stone (universal, free with in-app purchases) is an app that presents challenging games to test and improve mental acuity across several categories. It’s very good-looking, well executed and fun (says TUAW). You can track your progress across devices and monitor your progress over time. Here’s my look at Fit Brains.

Prompt 2 from Panic: a gorgeous SSH Client for iOS — Prompt 2 is version 2 of a good looking, easy-so-use SSH client for iOS byPanic Inc (of Transmit FTP). As the website says, “Restart your server from a coffee shop. Fix a web page from the back of car…” Version 2 has several new features, notably Panic’s sync across devices, iOS 8 compatibility, stored text in “clips”, private keys, and easier switching between multiple connections. Sysadmins who must be able to access their servers remotely, securely and with first-class software will want to have this on every iOS device. It costs US$10.

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Complex image masking and more on iPad with Superimpose
Complex image masking and more on iPad with Superimpose

iPad Air 2 glass cover has 2.5% screen reflectance vs 8% reflectance for sapphire — Apple fans still hoping the company will adopt a scratch-resistant sapphire cover for the iPhone in the near future might temper their expectations: one display expert believes the impressive anti-reflective glass coating on the iPad Air 2 display is instead the way of the future. It’s less reflective.

Apple Pay activated 1 million times in first three days — Apple’s new contactless payment system on the iPhone 6 saw 1 million activations in its first three days of use, pointing to an initially enthusiastic response from Apple users.

How to disable taking iPhone calls on your iPad — Its easy: open your iPad and go into Settings, choose FaceTime, and switch iPhone Cellular Calls to off (the switch will be green if on). This same toggle is in the Mac version of FaceTime as well, in Preferences for the app there.

Big iPhone 6 Plus selling well — Outspoken T-Mobile CEO John Legere on Monday said Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus ‘phablet’ is generating unprecedented demand for America’s fourth-largest wireless carrier, and at one point accounted for about 55% of the company’s smartphone sales.

Microsoft unveils Office 365 SDK and APIs for iOS app extensibility — Microsoft on Tuesday revealed a multi-pronged initiative to supply developers with new Office 365 APIs and open-source SDKs, which can be used to tap into the company’s cloud-based productivity platform for deep iOS app integration.

Superimpose for iOS lets you blend and superimpose your photos — Superimpose (pictured above and NZ$1.29) does a first class job of taking part of one photo and adding it to another. It’s great for removing your best friend from a picture taken in your living room and putting them at Niagara Falls, or taking the head of one person (or your dog) and placing it on another body.

Apple Event October 16th, iPhone 6 Plus, FitBit, Apple TV, Reflect, Wayfare


Apple's invite to the 16th October event
Apple’s invite to the 16th October event

Apple to hold iPad event October 16 — Apple has just announced a media event to be held at its Cupertino headquarters October 16 (New Zealand’s 17th). The company didn’t give much detail as to what journalists and guests can expect, just writing “it’s been too long.” Expectations are for An iPad Air 2, possibly a Retina iMac, the official launch of OS X Yosemite, iOS 8.1, and more information about Apple Pay… but who knows? (Image from The Mac Observer.)

Bicyclist pits iPhone 6 Plus OIS against the iPhone 5s in handheld video test — Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is set apart from earlier iPhone models and even the iPhone 6 with the inclusion of Optical Image Stabilisation. How much of a difference does the stabilisation make when shooting video, especially when you are in less than steady conditions like riding a bike?

Fitbit says no to Apple’s HealthKit for now — Users of Apple’s Health app in iOS 8 will have to get by without Fitbit integration for now. Responding to questions on its forums, Fitbit says it has no plans to tie the data from its app and fitness band to Apple’s HealthKit framework.

Latest Apple TV update enables remote access relay for HomeKit connected accessories — The centre of a connected smart home could soon be the Apple TV, as Apple’s latest beta software officially brings HomeKit support to its NZ$159 streaming set-top box.

9 alternative ways to carry your iPhone 6 Plus other than your pocket — The iPhone 6 Plus is a bit larger than Apple customers have been accustomed to. Belt holsters grow enormous. Protective cases have micohectares of plastic. As a result, iPhone 6 Plus owners are looking at novel ways to carry Apple’s phablet.

Add all sorts of extras to photos, with filters
Add all sorts of extras to photos, with filters

Reflect+ can refresh your photos in amazing ways — Reflect+ (NZ$2.59) is a simply amazing little app that takes a photo and realistically adds other elements – water or a beach to a barren landscape, realistic haze and fog or 50 other effects including lens flares, birds, star fields, the moon and planets …
And then it filters the image to provide different lighting and tonal washes.

Explore the world with Wayfare for iPhone — Wayfare (free) hooks you up with a user across the globe, and the two of you spend a week sharing photos, comments and culture via fun, simple “missions.”