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Google Microsoft, iOS coding bundle, patent payout

(Image from the Apple Insider VirnetX story)
(Image from the Apple Insider VirnetX story)

Google is making the same mistake now that Microsoft did in the 90s — [This may just be wishful thinking, but Jason Snell thinks] “In so many ways, Google is the modern equivalent of Microsoft. It makes a operating system used by the majority of the market, running on an array of hardware from many vendors. It’s powerful, ubiquitous–and the target of dislike and rage from many people who love Apple products.

iOS coding bundle at 83% off — This fully immersive iOS 9 course, has you learn Apple’s new programming language, Swift 2.0, and build several actual iOS apps. If you’ve never coded before, this is a gateway into the highly lucrative world of iPhone and iPad app development.

VirnetX asks court to ban FaceTime and iMessage, add $190 million to patent payout — Intensifying its patent infringement case against Apple, VirnetX has asked a Texas court to order an injunction against FaceTime, iMessage, and a VPN feature, while simultaneously asking for greater damage payments on top of $625.6 million awarded earlier this year.