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iOS 9 adds a Back button when an app link takes you to another app, for example to Maps from Calendar (photo from Apple Insider).
iOS 9 adds a Back button when an app link takes you to another app, for example to Maps from Calendar (photo from Apple Insider).

Big Apple event rumored for September 9; what can we expect? John Paczkowski of BuzzFeed, quoting unnamed “sources familiar with Apple’s plans”,  says Apple will unveil new iPhones the week of September 7th, and probably on Wednesday, September 9th. He also thinks Apple will unveil the next generation Apple TV, new iPads, and perhaps — though Paczkowski thinks it’s a long shot — the long-rumoured iPad Pro. [This is a rumour, please note, but new versions of iPhones are expected by most.]

Photo album maker — Transferring old photo albums to digital format can be a huge amount of work. There’s the hassle of taking photos out of an album, whether they’re glued in, using those little adhesive corners, or using the clear plastic sheets that are used in “modern” albums. Then the images need to be scanned, generally with a flatbed scanner of some sort. Next, each image is colour-corrected if necessary, or touched up if there are scratches or stains. Photomyne (NZ$6.49, universal) is an iOS app designed to take the work out of converting a printed photo collection to a digital format.

iOS 9’s Back button — One of the most notable, if least trumpeted, user-facing enhancements in iOS 9 is the new back button, which lets you quickly return to where you were when following links between apps.

Latest iOS 9 betas automatically detects, switches away from weak Wi-Fi signals, adds AT&T Wi-Fi calling — Two small but critical additions to the new iOS 9 betas released on Thursday include “Wi-Fi Assist,” a feature built to prevent iPhones from latching onto poor Wi-Fi connections, and Wi-Fi calling for AT&T network customers.

Thrilling choose-your-own-adventure game Lifeline leaves an astronaut’s fate in your hands — A US space shuttle inexplicably crashes on a moon in a galaxy far, far away. One survivor—a science student named Taylor—has managed to get her communications device working, and she’s texting…well, you.

Microsoft debuts early, open-sourced Windows Bridge for iOS — Microsoft on Thursday released an early version of Windows Bridge for iOS, a set of tools that will allow developers to port iOS apps to Windows.

Healthkit’s Woman Problem fixed — Apple is fixing its mistake in iOS 9 with a Reproductive Health section in the native Health app. The app as we’ve seen it in the iOS 9 public beta collects the following data points: basal body temperature, cervical mucus quality, menstruation, ovulation test result, sexual activity, and spotting. You can enter your own data here if you don’t use a period-tracking or sexual health app, and Health really drills down into specifics (we’re talking mucus clarity).

The best camera apps for iOS — Not only is the iPhone one of the most popular point-and-shoots on the market, if you had to pick one feature that sets it apart from its smartphone competitors, it would have to be the camera. The secret is in Apple’s proprietary image signal processor, which handles things like autofocus, face detection, and noise reduction to reduce the strain on the main processor and optimize the camera for iOS. Here are the best apps based on three factors: interface, ease of use, and of course features.