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91iOS 9.1 — Apple has released iOS 9.1, and it’s available to download through the Settings app now on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and can also be obtained through iTunes on Mac and PC. According to Apple, the update includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes, including:
Live Photos now intelligently senses when you raise or lower your iPhone, so that Live Photos will automatically not record these movements;
Over 150 new emoji characters with full support for Unicode 7.0 and 8.0 emojis;
Improved stability with CarPlay, Music, Photos, Safari and Search. The new emoji include a unicorn, new smiley faces, devil horns hand, middle finger, and several other graphics.
Live Photos now senses when you’re lifting your camera so the jerky motion at the beginning of a shot isn’t an issue. Messages now has an option to not show photos for contacts, and the update also includes compatibility for the soon to be released iPad Pro and updated Apple TV.
iOS 9.1 is a free update. You can install it by going to Settings > General>Software Update on your iOS device, or connect your device to iTunes on your computer.

iRig Mic Lav isa Lavalier Mic for Broadcast Professionals — IK Multimedia has released iRig Mic Lav, a cavalier (clip-on) mic aimed at broadcast professionals for recording interviews and the like right to your iPhone. It’s chainable, so you can use two mics for one recording, and you can monitor straight from the device through an audio jack. For the mic itself, the device features an omnidirectional condenser capsule with a 30Hz-16kHz frequency range. It also comes with a foam pop shield, a mounting clip, and what the company calls a “generous cable length.” It’s shipping now at US$49.99/€49.99.

Siri knew it was Back to the Future Day — October 21, 2015 was the day in Back to the Future II where Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled in their Delorean time machine. To celebrate the date Siri was offering up some well timed responses.

Apple announces opposition to cybersecurity bill ahead of Senate vote — Apple, one of the staunchest opponents of U.S. government efforts to conduct digital surveillance on its public, on Tuesday publicly denounced the efficacy of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, or CISA, just days before the bill goes up for vote in the Senate. Apple says it’s practically impossible to unlock an iPhone for investigators anyway.

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Everything announced at the Apple event — Here’s the full list. The whole event has been made available online by Apple, but here’s what we didn’t get at the event

iPhone 6s — There have been some complaints [of course] that the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus aren’t innovative. Not true. Just because they look pretty much the same as the iPhone 6 and 6s doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of impressive under-the-hood improvements. Apple’s efficient M9 coprocessor will let your iPhone 6s track pace, make ‘Hey Siri’ always on. It borrows new fitness capabilities from the Apple Watch, by estimating your walking or running pace, and here’s how Apple’s new Retina Flash, which was 5 years in the making, brightens up selfies on the iPhone 6s.

Apple axes gold colour, 128GB options for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models — After announcing its new iPhone 6s lineup on Wednesday, Apple has apparently discontinued gold and the 128GB configuration options for previous-generation iPhone 6 devices, leaving only Space Gray, silver and 16GB and 64GB versions left.

iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard vs. MacBook: A hypothetical smackdown — Would an iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard hypothetically kick the petite rear end of the 12-inch MacBook or any other MacBook Air or MacBook Pro? Because the iPad Pro is positioned to take on the laptop market.

Apple seeds first iOS 9.1 beta to developers, adds new taco, burrito & unicorn emojis — In tandem with the GM releases of iOS 9, watchOS 2, and OS X El Capitan on Wednesday, Apple also issued the first-ever beta of iOS 9.1.

Apple posts new iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, Apple TV and Apple Watch videos — Following a big hardware blowout in San Francisco on Wednesday, Apple has uploaded ad spots and product reveals for the new iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, Apple TV and Apple Watch to its official YouTube channel.

New Microsoft Office features — Microsoft unveiled new Office for iPad features on Apple’s stage when a Microsoft exec really demoed new Office features.

Paper by FiftyThree Comes to iPhone — FiftyThree’s Paper is my go-to drawing app on the iPad, and now it’s available on the iPhone, too. Along with support for the iPhone 5 and newer, as well as the iPad and iPad mini, Paper 3.0 lets you create text notes and check lists, import photos from your camera roll, and export to Keynote, Powerpoint, and PDF. You can also share drawings with other apps and your camera roll, Dropbox, and social networks like Twitter.

New Apple TV ships in the northern  Fall with Games, Siri Remote, and Apps — Apple pulled out all the stops with Apple TV during Wednesday’s Hey Siri event, introducing new hardware, a new interface, a new remote, voice controls that are amazing, a new operating system called tvOS, and an SDK for developers to make their own apps (but it won’t have 4K support). Users can also use their iPhones for as game controllers in multiplayer games. Apple TV ships later this NZ spring starting at US$149 with 32GB of storage and US$199 with 64GB (no official NZ date or pricing yet).