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Five tip Friday ~ Siri in iOS 8, and undeleting trashed images and videos

First, set up some Reminders lists
First, set up some Reminders lists for Siri to add items to on the fly (for Tip 2/)

1/ What’s that song? In iOS 8, Apple incorporated Shazam’s technology into Siri, making it even easier to find out the name of a song you hear. Hold your phone close to the music source, activate Siri (by holding in the Home button for a couple of seconds) and ask what song is playing. After a few seconds, Siri should you the name of the music, the album it comes from –and, if it’s listed in the iTunes store, Siri even offers a buy button!

Get used to using the words Siri offers (Cancel, Confirm in this case)
Get used to using the words Siri offers (Cancel, Confirm in this case)

2/ Instant reminders — You don’t have to even open the Reminders app to add things to it, but first you have to set this ability up. Open the Reminders app and at the top you will see the option for adding a new category. Click on the + sign. Name your list where it says “New List” and pick a colour by clicking on the colour circle (as in the main picture at the top of this page).
Create your list and select a colour identifier, then create as many as you want (Home, Work, Shopping etc) – use names you’ll remember as bot you and Siri need these as identifiers. (The generic list called ‘Reminders’ is included as part of the app.)
Now open Siri and say something like ‘Add get milk to my shopping list.
Siri will confirm ‘You want me to add milk to your shopping list?’ [With my NZ accent, Siri kept changing ‘add’ to ‘ed’ no matter how I over-pronounced it, so you might want to try ‘put’ which worked every time.)
Say  ‘Confirm’
Siri should say ‘Alright, I will add get milk to your grocery list.’If you say ‘Remind me to call Tim Cook on Thursday’, Siri will say ‘Get off the grass!’ – no, that’s a joke. Siri will say ‘Here is your reminder, shall I create it?’ (If you didn’t specify a time, it’s entered at 9am.)
Confirm, if Siri got it right.

3/ Train Siri — In the case above, Siri might say ‘There are two numbers for Tim Cook. Which one do you want?’
Me: I touch the one I want.
Siri: OK, I will remind you. (Siri adds it to Calendar and sends a message via they iPhone at the time specified. The message is preceded by a tone)

Add nicknames to make it easier to call specific people. You can also add relationships like Father, Mother, Sister and Child
Add nicknames to make it easier to call specific people. You can also add relationships like Father, Mother, Sister and Child

4/ Train Siri to identify contacts by your own labels — Say you want to tell Siri to call someone Jim. There may be lots of Jims in your Contacts list, so you can tell Siri to call this particular Jim by his first and last name, assuming his name is easy to pronounce. You can take the time to train Siri to recognise that last name, but there is a faster way to tell Siri exactly who you want: assign a nickname to this Jim.
(Of course, the person under consideration must be listed in your Contacts along with their phone number.)
To have Siri recognise this specific Jim, hold down the home button until Siri appears. In a strong voice say “Jim is my Jimbo.” You may have to correct Siri a time or two until it gets it right. When it does, grant permission for it to apply the new term – from then on, you can say ‘Call Jimbo’ and you’ll only get this Jim.
Note — With Siri, you have to word requests precisely, in this case by saying “person is my xyz.” . You must put the word ‘my’ in front of the nick name.

You can now 'undelete' trashed images, within 30 days anyway
You can now ‘undelete’ trashed images, within 30 days anyway

5/ Trashed an image? No problem — With iOS 8.1, Apple finally aded a way to undelete an iPhone or iPad photo or video clip that you may have deleted.
Open the the Photos app, then tap the Albums tab at bottom right. At the bottom of your list of albums, you’ll find a new one labeled ‘Recently Deleted’; go ahead and tap it. Inside the album, you’ll see all the snapshots and videos you trashed within the past 30 days, with a countdown timer on each photo showing the number of days left before the image is deleted for good.
To rescue it, Tap the Select button in the corner of the screen, tap the image or video clip you want to save, then tap Recover.
Great, huh?

iOS 8.1 is here, might solve iPhone 4s performance problems, Dropbox Touch ID, Flic, HDR X

iOS 8.1 is now available
iOS 8.1 is now available

iOS 8.1 arrives, which means Apple Pay is live — OS 8.1 is packed with major features like Apple Pay, iCloud Photo Library, and support for Continuity so your phone and your Mac will work in perfect harmony. Now it’s ready to install. [Apple Pay will only work on iPhone 6 and only in the US so far, but it’s worthwhile for the other features which you can read about at the above link. Macworld has a rundown on what Apple Pay means, if you’re interested.]

Dropbox adds support for TouchID — The advent of TouchID is making it easier than ever to trust other people to use your phone without worrying if they’re snooping through your files. Dropbox for iOS has been updated for iOS 8 users to support TouchID unlocking. With the service set up, launching the app requests a fingerprint scan before you get access to your files.

Flic, the iOS photo manager for lazy people — Flic is a new iOS app that helps you sort through your photos and decide what stays and what gets dumped.

More HDR control — Pro HDR X (NZ$2.59) is a new app that has evolved from Pro HDR. It has solid roots, and this new app pushes your iPhone camera towards better HDR imaging.

New iPad mini, iPad Air 2 thinner, faster–iPhone 6–iOS 8.1–WatchKit, Reddit, Skype

From NZ$749, the new iPad Air is thinner and faster (picture from Apple Inc's Air site).
From NZ$749, the new iPad Air is thinner and faster (picture from Apple Inc’s NZ site).

iPad mini 3 gets Touch ID for $399,  first-gen iPad mini stays on sale with a price drop — Apple’s diminutive iPad will also receive an update this week, the company announced Thursday, in the form of the iPad mini 3, which features a Touch ID fingerprint sensor and new gold colour option.
NZ prices (inc GST): $599 for the 16GB, $749 for the 64GB and NZ899 for the 128GB.

Apple announces 6.1mm-thin iPad Air 2 with Touch ID, anti-reflective coating, new gold colour option — Apple’s next-generation tablet became official on Thursday with the introduction of the iPad Air 2, featuring a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, new anti-reflective screen coating, and the speedy new A8X chip.
Prices are NZ$749 for the 16GB, NZ$899 for the 64GB and NZ$1049 for the 128GB (all prices inc GST).

iPhone 6 largest launch ever — Tim Cook emphasised at the above launch that, taking the upcoming Chinese launch into account (with all three carriers there participating, a first), the iPhone 6 has been the largest iPhone launch ever.

Apple announces iOS 8.1 with Camera Roll, iCloud Photo Library — As part of the above October press event, Apple announced several upcoming features it is adding to iOS 8.1. The next major release of iOS 8 [which we’ll get early next week] will see the return of the popular camera roll, which was replaced in iOS 8 much to the chagrin of iOS users.

Apple announces WatchKit SDK for developers, launches in November — In preparation of the upcoming Apple Watch launch, Apple on Thursday announced a new software developers kit called WatchKit for creating apps tailored for the company’s highly anticipated wearable device.

Reddit acquires popular iOS app Alien Blue — Despite its stunning popularity and influence across the internet, Reddit has lacked an official app for actually using the service on mobile devices. It has an AMA (ask me anything) app, but nothing for everyday use. This has left users to browse the site using third party apps or their mobile web browser. Rather than developing their own app to fill this gap, Reddit has simply purchased Alien Blue, the most popular iOS client for the site.

Skype for iOS updated for optimised iPhone 6 experience — Microsoft has released a new update for Skype’s iOS app offering users with the larger iPhone 6 and 6+ an optimised user interface. In addition, the app now allows users to mark individual conversations as read/unread, disable notification sounds in “do no disturb” mode, and increased metadata in contact profiles. Here’s the company’s official summery of the update.