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Five Tip Friday ~ iMovie for iOS


1/ Edit a movie — The Projects tab in iMovie is where you’ll do most of your editing. The first tab, Video, displays all the video clips stored on your iOS device or in iCloud – it’s the warehouse of raw video clips. The next tab, Projects, is where you do all the work. To make a movie, you’ll need to create a project, stir in some clips from the Video tab, then start editing.
The last tab, Theater, is where your projects go once they’re fully edited. Once you’ve “exported” a project to the Theater tab (aka iMovie Theater), you’ll be able to play your new movie on all iCloud-connected devices, stream it to an Apple TV, or upload it to YouTube.

2/ Create a new project & pick a theme — Once you have a general idea of how to make a movie in iMovie, go to the Projects tab and tap the big “+” button to create a new project. Pick a theme for your movie, anything from Modern to CNN iReport. (You can change the theme later.) You have two choices: make a movie, or create a trailer. Making a trailer involves collecting just-right sequence of action shots, profiles, landscapes, two-shots, and more, so it’s more complicated than it may seem.

3/ My Movie — Once you’ve created a project, you go into the My Movie interface. Tap the Media button (the one that looks like a film strip) and tap the Video tab. (If you’re using iMovie on your iPad, the Media window will already be sitting in the top corner of the My Movie screen.) Just tap the curved arrow to add a video to your iMovie project. Now tap a clip, then tap the curved arrow – when you do, the clip flies into the My Movie interface. Go ahead and tap the Media button again, and add another clip to the mix. Back on the My Movie screen, tap the Play button to watch your two video clips cut together, complete with a “dissolve” transition between them. In the bottom half of the screen, try dragging your new movie back and forth with your fingertip; the vertical line in the middle of the display shows the exact point in the clip that’s being displayed in the preview area above. You can add stills to your video too – just pick them from the Media tab. You can trim a still image just as you would a video clip.

4/ Trim your clips and change the transition — Tap the first clip in the lower editing section; it’ll be outlined in yellow. Go to the beginning or the end of the clip, tap-and-hold the thick yellow side, then drag to snip out this portion of the clip. (Don’t worry, you are not trimming the original video. This is ‘non-destructive editing’.) If you want to trim the second clip in your project, repeat the process.
Notice the little square with the bow tie between your two clips – that’s your transition, same as in iMovie for Mac. Tap it, and you’ll see a series of transition styles at the bottom of the screen, including Dissolve, Slide, Wipe, Fade etc. Tap one and press Play to see how each transition looks; you can also pick the None option for a ‘hard’ or ‘razor’ cut.

5/ To change your theme — Tap the Settings button (the one that looks like a gear), then pick a new theme from the list.

Extra … Fade-in, -out — To add fade-in/out effects to the beginning and end of your iMovie, tap Settings, then flip the switches next to “Fade in from black” and “Fade out from black.”

Want even more? Read the full article at Macworld. And here’s another: reverting a photo edited in the iOS Photos app back to the original in this 60-Second Video Tip at Apple World Today.

So many new features in iOS 9, goodbye Helvetica, pressure ’phones, iMovie, migrate from Android

Now it's easier than ever to abandon the mobile Dark Side
Now it’s easier than ever to abandon the mobile Dark Side

iOS 9 already nearing 12 percent adoption — Despite some early hiccups, iOS 9 has rebounded strongly. According to Mixpanel’s data, it’s already nearing 12% adoption, less than 24 hours after its debut. (Mixpanel is an analytics platform for mobile and web devices.) However, iDevices may crash a bit more after a switch to an OS update.

Apple drops Helvetica for San Francisco in iOS 9 — The launch of Apple’s iOS 9 mobile operating system officially brings its bespoke San Francisco typeface to the rest of its product lineup, as Helvetica’s short run has come to a close. [Thank goodness, I can’t bear the soulless and overused Helvetica.]

More new features of iOS 9 — iOS 9 content blockers are great for the reader, bad for websites. Inside iOS 9: Siri Suggestions, news, apps & more on Apple’s revamped search screen and getting started with Hey Sirifive small features that will change your life; hands-on with iCloud Drive, a brand-new app in iOS 9; and three huge changes that make email less awful in iOS 9. Plus there’s Apple’s iPad-exclusive split-screen multitasking will enhance productivity.

Apple researching earphones with embedded pressure sensors for better sound — An updated patent filing published Wednesday suggests Apple is revisiting a pressure-sensing earphone design that promises to deliver higher quality sound by customizing output based on a user’s ear size.

Apple updates iMovie with support for 4K video, 3D Touch and more — As part of Wednesday’s iOS 9 release, Apple updated its portable version of iMovie with support for editing 4K video and new UI gestures to be introduced alongside iPhone 6s and iPad Pro.

Apple launches Move to iOS content migration tool for Android — Apple has released Move to iOS, a tool for switching away from Android that is also its first-ever app custom-developed for Google’s rival operating system.

Watch shipping slips, tattoos, updates, App Analytics, iMovie, Jot, Tweetbot, gardening

Apple Watch sensors can struggle with wrist tattoos (image from Macworld)
Apple Watch sensors can struggle with wrist tattoos (image from Macworld)

Shipping dates for 42MM Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport slip to July worldwide — Apple’s online stores are now showing July shipping estimates for 42-millimeter stainless steel and aluminum Watch models, checks on Friday revealed.

Apple Store app for iOS updated with Apple Watch support — Apple on Thursday rolled out an updated version of its Apple Store app for iOS with support for Apple Watch, which lets users keep track of orders, pick up purchases, check in to Genius Bar appointments and more.

Apple admits tattoos can confuse Apple Watch sensors — Apple is officially warning inked Apple Watch users that they might have trouble getting reliable heart rate readings.

Apple invites developers to App Analytics Beta — Apple began inviting developers to participate in a beta program for App Analytics, an other unannounced service that gives developers more information about how and how often their customers are engaging with their apps. The invitation was posted to Twitter by developer Ryan Hoover (via TechCrunch), and is limited on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Adonit Jot Pro and Jot Mini feel natural in your hand — Since Adonit launched its first styluses in 2011, the company has expanded its lineup. In January, it refreshed the two styluses that started it all: The Jot Pro and Jot Mini. Priced at just US$30 and US$20 respectively, the styluses are the most affordable in the company’s lineup.

Apple updates iMovie for iOS with fix for incorrectly cropped photos — Apple on Thursday issued a minor update to the iMovie video editing app for iOS, addressing an issue that sometimes caused portrait photos to be cropped incorrectly.

Tweetbot updates iOS app with new Twitter ‘Quote Tweet’ format — Popular iOS Twitter client Tweetbot received a small update last Friday with access to Twitter’s new “Quote Tweet” format, which embeds tweets in a new message instead of copying a block of text.

Apple World Today’s apps for gardening — There are a lot of apps, plus some accessories, that can help you enjoy your greenery a lot more.

Lots of links for new MacBook, LaCie USB Type C, iMovie, Safari patch, NZ prices up

Hub designers will rejoice; everyone else will be perplexed with a MacBook you can't charge while running an external  a hard drive at the same time.
Hub designers will rejoice; everyone else will be perplexed with a MacBook you can’t charge while running an external a hard drive

12-inch MacBook hands-on: Great keyboard and trackpad, but only one port — The all-new MacBook. Apple’s newest, goldest laptop is lighter and thinner than the MacBook Air, yet sports a gorgeous Retina display like the top-of-the-line MacBook Pros. But this isn’t an Air or a Pro. It’s just a MacBook, and yet… it changes everything, writes Macworld.
AppleWorld Today has thoughts too, and Macworld adds 5 everyday technologies Apple killed in the 12-inch MacBook. Two videos are now available on YouTube – these were shown during the company’s Spring Forward event on Monday. There’s the one-minute look at the aesthetics of the machine, while the longer video is narrated by Jony Ive and takes a closer look at the Force Touch trackpad, the butterfly keyboard design and other technology that the notebook introduced.

LaCie announces USB Type-C mobile drives to match Apple’s 12-inch MacBook — Now that Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook is out, the mad dash is on among peripheral makers to create fancy new accessories to match the fanless, USB Type-C-loaded laptop. LaCie is in the vanguard.

Apple secures Safari against FREAK attacks — Apple on Monday patched the FREAK flaw in both OS X and iOS, issuing updates for both operating systems to protect users of its Safari browser. The OS X update was labeled 2015-002 to identify it as a multi-edition fix.

iMovie for OS X gets support for Photos beta in latest update
By Roger Fingas — Apple has released an iMovie update to the OS X edition of iMovie, making several minor but important changes, including integration with Yosemite’s new Photos app, which is bundled with the current OS X 10.10.3 beta. iMovie 10.0.7 users can browse Moments, Collections, Favorites, and Albums in the new Photos app in order to add still images to a video project.

Apple Board of Directors reelected with 95% support at annual shareholder meeting — Apple’s annual shareholder meeting was held at its corporate campus on Tuesday, and went by largely without any surprises, as the company’s board of directors was reelected with near-universal support from shareholders, while other initiatives were rejected.

Apple hikes international prices in response to fluctuating exchange rates — In reaction to the strength of the US dollar, Apple has raised prices at a number of its international online stores, including prices in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Portugal.