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BitCam lets you shoot in retro dither patterns.
BitCam lets you shoot in retro dither patterns.

iPads had their best quarter in two years as Apple sees the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ — Global tablet shipments fell 8% year-on-year in in the second quarter (Q2) of 2016 to 46.7 million units while average selling prices (ASPs) went the other way, climbing 9% during the same period, according to Strategy Analytics. Consumers and enterprises alike are buying more “pro slates” (such as the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4) than ever before “as prices reach tolerable levels and as computing behaviors and needs shift toward more mobility and touchscreen interfaces,” adds the research group.

iMovie for iOS gets new project creation, sharing features — Apple has updated iMovie for iOS to version 2.2.3. It allows you to start projects quickly by selecting multiple photos and videos.

How to use Twitter Stickers on the iPhone — Twitter stickers are now available to everyone in Twitter’s own iPhone app. Stickers let you add fun graphics to the photos you upload, just like you can do on other social network services. They’re easy to use, and TMO’s Jeff Gamet shows you how in this Quick Tip video.

Pundit Wants Apple to License iOS to fix a 30-year old mistake —  Vivek Wadhwa has made the bold proclamation that Apple must “license the operating system and undo the mistake of 30 years ago.” [The 30-year mistake is people still saying this!] 

Can’t catch more Pokémon? Clear out your list — When you hit your 250 Pokémon storage limit, you can offload as many as you like to make room for that Pikachu you really want. Read on to learn how.

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iMovie for Mac OS X is revved to version 10.1.2 — Apple has updated iMovie for Mac OS X to version 10.1.2. According to Apple, the new version offers:
An easy to find New Project button in the Projects browser;
Larger project thumbnails that match the look of iMovie for iOS;
Provides fast project creation that lets you begin editing with a single click;
Clicking a video clip selects the entire clip, instead of a range [yay!];
Has a keyboard shortcut to select range within a clip in the browser and timeline (hold down R key while dragging);
Provides support for App Preview resolutions for the iPad Pro (1600 x 1200) and Apple TV (1920 x 1080);
And it has Improved stability. iMovie 10.1.2 is a free update for registered users. For new users the cost is $14.99. The app is available at the Mac App Store.

Apple, Samsung, Facebook, Amazon & the case of the ‘very bad’ Q2 — Apple’s fiscal Q2 earnings were the company’s “worst ever” of the last decade in terms of year-over-year growth, but not in terms of actual commercial activity during the first three months of 2016. Take a closer look at Apple and three other firms: Samsung, Facebook and Amazon.

Apple redesigns Support website with clean layout, responsive UI — As part of ongoing website redesign efforts, Apple on Friday launched a revamped Support Pages mini-site with a cleaner layout, easy to access topics links and responsive web assets supporting desktop and mobile browsing.

Drake’s new album an Apple Music exclusive for one week — Streaming of Drake’s latest album Views has hit Apple Music, and will be exclusive to the streaming service for one week, the rapper announced on Beats 1.
You can also buy the album on iTunes for $13.99. However, you should note that it comes with a parental advisory for “explicit content.” [Some say ‘woo-hoo!’ Others ‘Who?’]

Dead Apple employee identified as 25-year-old software engineer, report says — An Apple employee found dead at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino last Wednesday has reportedly been identified as a 25-year-old software engineer.

Which Mac should you buy? When it comes to purchasing a Mac, Macworld has the lowdown on each model to help you make a buying decision.

Apple Maps expands Spotlight Suggestions to 3 new countries, adds Flyover and traffic locales — Apple has rolled out new coverage areas for Flyover and traffic services, while activating Spotlight Suggestions in three countries.

Why not pick Keychain instead of 1Password or LastPass? Keychain has a number of excellent features, but it’s not as easy to invoke nor as diverse as 1Password, LastPass, and other third-party password ecosystems.

How to edit video in Photoshop CC — Photoshop CC is ideal for creating promotional video pieces, portfolio-based slideshows, and sellable videos for your photography business. Best of all, you don’t have to learn another program – you’ll use tools you’re familiar with. In this column, you’ll learn how to create a wedding video by mixing stills, video, and text.

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Mach Wallpaper lets you run themes movies and more on your desktop
Mach Wallpaper lets you run themes movies and more on your desktop

Apple releases OS X 10.11.3 — Apple has released Mac OS X 10.11.3 and iOS 9.2.1. The latest version of OS X El Capitan provides bug fixes and security updates. You can obtain it via the Updates section of the Mac App Store.

iMovie for Mac version 10.1.1 — iMovie for Mac has been upgraded to version 10.1.1. It’s available via the Updates tab in the Mac App Store. According to Apple, the update resolves an issue with YouTube sharing that could prevent sign-ins for users with multiple accounts; fixes a problem that could prevent white balance adjustments from being applied to clips; correctly plays Sony XAVC S clips captured at 100 or 120 frames per second; resolves an issue that could lead to the incorrect display of images.
Also, clips are now copied when dragged from the Project Media container to events in the Library list. iMovie 10.1.1 also received stability improvements.

Mach Wallpaper can bring your Mac desktop to life — Mach Wallpaper is customisable (NZ$3.79) so you can choose your own Quartz Composition, QuickTime movie or web page to put on your desktop, as well. In case you’re not familiar with them, Quartz Compositions are a Mac OS X-only data type that allows developers to make 3D compositions. Many screen savers are Quartz Compositions. [This uses resources so only suits newer, more powerful Macs.] Apple World Today has more detail.

Apple India files application to open retail stores in the country — Apple India has filed an application to open Apple branded retail stores in India with the department of industrial policy and promotion (DIPP).

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Steve Jobs introduced the iPod 14 years ago today — Fourteen years ago, Apple was beginning to come back from the brink, led by the late CEO and co-founder of the company Steve Jobs. On October 23, 2001, Jobs introduced the device that is credited with jumpstarting the company’s fortunes, making CDs and other MP3 players obsolete, and pointing the direction towards consuming music and other media off of thin, lightweight and pocketable devices – the iPod.

iPhone 6s stops listening for ‘Hey Siri’ when it’s in your pocket or face down on a table — Apple’s new iPhone 6s utilises its M9 coprocessor for “Hey Siri” input, allowing it to always listen for voice commands. Well, almost always. [Hey, good idea.]

Apple Music costs Pandora — Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews on Friday said he expects listenership to rebound after seeing Apple Music contribute to a decline of 1.3 million active users for the third quarter of 2015, noting the launch of Apple’s streaming service is having roughly the same impact as that of iTunes Radio in 2013.

Apple sued for failing to properly warn owners of the price of iOS 9’s Wi-Fi Assist feature — Another day, another lawsuit. Apple has been hit with a class action lawsuit claiming that the company failed to properly warn users that the new Wi-Fi Assist feature in iOS 9 will use data from their cellular plan, reports AppleInsider. [‘I buy your device but I’m unhappy with some of the features …’]

Let the iPhone 7 speculation begin … The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus went on sale less than a month ago, so, of course, it’s time for the rumours and speculation about the iPhone 7 to begin.

Apple updates iMovie for iOS with 4K video support for iPad Air 2, bug fixes — Apple on Thursday released an update to its iMovie video editing app for iOS, bringing 4K support to iPad Air 2 hardware running iOS 9.1 and addressing a number of bugs including an import issue with iCloud Drive.

Chrome for iOS picks up iOS 9’s iPad multitasking features, Facebook Search expands to public posts — Google on Thursday updated the iOS edition of Chrome with support for iOS 9’s multitasking features, while Facebook updated its Web and app interfaces with wider search functions, including the ability to see any public post.

Facebook issues a partial fix to battery-draining iOS app — The Facebook app for iOS has been the target of a lot of abuse from users lately thanks to its propensity to use more power than it should. Yesterday, Facebook pushed out a partial fix to the app and explained what was causing the battery-killing issue.

Using Weather Apps on your iPhone? Here are some insider tips — Weather apps, especially on the iPhone or iPad, are usually great looking and informative when it comes to the conditions and forecast. However, for some kinds of data, it requires just a little extra bit of extra knowledge to understand what the app is trying to tell you. This applies in the cases of atmospheric pressure and sunrise/sunset times.