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AirPods aren’t perfect, but wonderfully designed — They’re as easy as possible to use. Once set up, you can listen to music (or movies, TV shows, or podcasts) and use Siri. The AirPods come in a magnificent charging case. Flip open the case (which is small enough to slip into your pocket), hold it close to your iPhone, and the AirPods pair instantly. They’re then immediately available to use with your iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch, as well as any devices signed into your iCloud account. Well, almost any. More on that in a sec.
There are no switches or buttons, which means you have to use Siri to increase or decrease volume, skip to the next track in a playlist or an album, etc. [The magnetic charge case is really cool, too.]

Pokémon GO is now on the Apple Watch — Pokémon GO is now available for Apple Watch, allowing you to explore and experience the world around you directly from your wrist.

Apple debuts three videos promoting iBooks exclusive ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ enhanced e-book — Apple has shared three promotional videos touting the new enhanced edition of “A Song of Ice and Fire,” on which HBO’s hit show “Game of Thrones” is based, which landed as an exclusive in the iBooks Store in September.

Scrivener for iOS update delivers small but strong improvements — The latest solid version of Scrivener, recently refined with an update , shows the writing app has aged well through years of development on multiple platforms. AppleInsider puts it through its paces, and takes a look back at Ulysses too.

Uber now lets you set a friend’s location as your destination —
Uber is getting more convenient and social with Snapchat integration and new filters, as well as the ability to set a friend’s current location as your destination.

Leaked documents show breadth of iPhone data accessible by Cellebrite forensic tool — Thanks to the recent encryption debate many smartphone owners are keenly aware of personal data stored on their iPhone, from contacts to calendar entries to photo metadata and more. Newly leaked documents relating to Israeli digital forensics firm Cellebrite demonstrate how much of that information is available to law enforcement agencies, at least when a device is left unencrypted.

Tinder-style god game — Reigns isn’t your typical resource-management game – not at all – but you will be required to manage resources (to some extent). Reigns is a mix of genres: Resource management, choose-your-own-adventure, decision-making, and… Tinder?