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Cook’s iPad speed bump, Minnesota iPads, Instagram, Hyperlapse, Likes, and ‘the new iPhone 6’

Hot dog! It's iPhone 6
Hot dog! It’s iPhone 6

Tim Cook calls slumping iPad sales a ‘speed bump’ — Though Apple’s earnings results last quarter were exceptional, tech observers couldn’t help but notice that iPad sales only came in at 13.3 million units, a 9.2% decrease from the same quarter a year ago. What’s more, iPad sales during the March quarter were also down year over year, by about 19% to be exact.
Tim Cook, though, remains thoroughly optimistic about the iPad and its future prospects.

Minnesota plans to roll out 40,000 iPads for students — Apple’s deal with the LA Unified School District may have fallen through due to a variety of factors, but Minnesota’s St Paul School District remains committed to deploying 40,000 iPads to students as soon as possible. The district will supply Apple’s tablets to 37 schools by January 2015, which will conclude the first phase of the rollout. The remaining schools will be targeted for iPads in the following school year, until all 61 locations are equipped.

Hyperlapse by Instagram creates time lapse magic — Instagram has unleashed yet another amazing tool for capturing your world in photos and video.
The free Hyperlapse app from Instagram adds motion to the mix — time lapse motion. And it you’re into Instagram, Likes lets you save the pictures

YouTube Find: Is this the new iPhone 6? Doldo411 of Second City Network introduces us to the iPhone 6 in what he claims is the biggest leak in Apple history. Will you be line-waiting for this one next month? [Main picture, above. And yes, this is humour.]