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How long for your Mac? Windows 10 adoption, Google Map Maker, myTuner

Macworld has a store room full of redundant Macs
One of Macworld’s redundant Macs

How long for your Mac? Mac Observer tells you how long should you wait before replacing your Mac. Basically, they can go 7 or 8 years but can last ten – but I usually have to replace mine after 4-5 to have them keep up with the software I use.

Windows 10 adoption up to 75M devices nearly one month after launch, Microsoft says — Adoption of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system has already hit 75 million devices nearing the end of its first month, a marketing executive announced on Wednesday. OS X Yosemite, a free update for owners of Mavericks, managed to reach about 12.8 percent of Mac users within its first week. Roughly three and a half months later, that figure rose to 49%.

Google reopens Map Maker with new safeguards to block controversial edits — Google has reopened Map Maker access in 45 more countries, including the US, with a new moderation system designed to prevent a repeat of the offensive Google Maps edits that forced it to disable the system in May.

myTuner Radio for Mac OS X is a cool companion for Apple Music — If Apple Music doesn’t satisfy all your music listening needs, AppGeneration’s myTuner Radio app for Mac OS X is a nice complement to the music service. There’s a version for Mac (NZ$12.99) and another for iOS.