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Yosemite Dashboard, Horace Dediu on what’s to come, FilePlane


Yosemite's Widgets move to Notifications
Yosemite’s Widgets move to Notifications

Can’t wait for OS X Yosemite? Disable Mavericks’ Dashboard — OS X Yosemite is coming soon, and it moves the widgets from the Dashboard, which will be no more, to the Notification Centre (pictured left). But if you can’t wait to get rid of it in Mavericks, here’s how to do it.

Interview With Horace Dediu: What To Expect When Apple’s Expecting — Forbes’ Eric Jackson asked Dediu to answer a few questions about what he’s expecting from the new product announcements and more questions about Apple’s current strategic trajectory.
An example answer is “New iPhone(s), new iPads, new iPods, new Apple TV. Possible new Macs as well. iWatch is very likely though not sure on timing. I expect everything to run iOS except the Mac.”

FilePane review: Expand the power of drag-and-drop on Macs — FilePane  can be a true timesaver thanks to its quick access to various helpful actions via a handy and inventive drag-and-drop approach. It’s an app that works not only with files on your desktop or within Finder windows, but also images and text on websites and in documents. It’s NZ$6.49.