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Five Tip Friday ~ Transferring files iPhone to Mac, Hey Siri, prioritise downloads, sort Calendar spam

itfiles1/ Transfer files from iDevice to Mac via iTunes — There are various ways to transfer files from iPad/iPhone to Macs, but not all of them are reliable all of the time (like AirDrop). But iTunes file transfer is reliable for the apps that support it, and you’re not limited by file size.
Privacy is another benefit, since files you transfer aren’t uploaded to someone else’s servers (i.e., via cloud services): they go direct.
iOS devices don’t have an accessible file system like macOS does, but each app has its own document library. iTunes File Transfer lets you copy files to and from each app library.
Plug in your iPhone, iPod or iPad to a Mac with iTunes and the device shows up in the program. After clicking on the phone icon in iTunes (it appears as a little icon at top left), click on Apps on the left sidebar. Scroll down (make sure your cursor isn’t over a scrolling internal window, but over the main part of this interface) until you see the section File Sharing. There’s a list of apps currently installed on your device capable of transferring files.
If you made a movie with iMovie for iOS, for example, you can export it to iTunes. Then, using your Mac, you can open iTunes and save it to your computer. You can also do the opposite, and drag a video into iMovie using iTunes.

2/ Keep Siri from listening for Hey, Siri requests — One of the most convenient features of the newer iPhones is to have Siri always listening whether you have power connected or not. Any iPhone with the M9 chip can listen for the key words Hey Siri all the time to act upon any requests you give. But something that sounds like Hey Siri can activate Siri. Normally instances such as this are few and not a real issue, but this may not be the case in holiday season with lots of people about.
While you can disable Siri entirely by going to Settings > Siri > Siri, a much quicker way to avoid this is to quickly turn the iPhone on its face, since when the iPhone is face down, the proximity sensor stops Siri from listening. As long as the top front of the phone is blocked, Siri cannot listen. That’s why it’s very difficult to get Siri to respond while in a pocket or bag. It’s a low tech solution to a high tech problem.

prioritize3/ Prioritise app downloads — When downloading a number of apps on my phone, you may want to use one that’s in the process of being downloaded. In iOS 10 with an iPhone that supports 3D Touch (iPhone 6s, 7), you can choose to prioritise one download over another: with multiple apps installing, just press with a little force on the app you’d like to prioritise. When you do so, a menu pops up with that option.

4/ Get rid of Calendar spam — Some iOS and macOS users have received calendar invite spam, so if you began seeing invitations to an event in your calendar for Ugg Boots, Ray-Ban sunglasses and other products, thanks to spammers taking advantage of a long-available feature in iCloud that extracts invites from email and presents them as notifications in calendar apps.
In iOS, you can slide left and then choose Delete, which removes the invitation without providing a response (no similar option appears in macOS).
The best option, however, is to disable this automatic invitation parsing altogether. Go to your iCloud Calendar page via a desktop browser. (Apple doesn’t allow you to use iCloud.com via mobile Safari) – i.e., log into ww.icloud.com.
Click the gear icon in the lower-left corner.
Select Preferences.
Click the Advanced icon.
In the Invitations section, change the option from In-App Notifications to Email to iCloud Address.
Now spam invitations will appear in your inbox – or, more likely, get automatically marked as spam and never bother you.

5/ More Calendar spam flexibility — This is slightly inconvenient if you routinely received and wanted calendar notifications for invitations sent via email—you’ll have to look for these in your inbox and click to add them to your calendar.
If you have outstanding invitations that you can’t delete after making that change, follow these steps:
Via iCloud, iOS Calendar, or any calendar app in macOS, create a “spam” calendar.
Assign the invitation to the spam calendar without clicking Accept, Decline, or Maybe.
Delete the spam calendar. Click the Delete and Don’t Notify buttons when prompted.

6s’ ridiculous power, stealing Android users, Hey Siri, Ford Sync, book backing for Apple


iPhone 6s ‘Ridiculously Powerful’ — Apple has a new message to promote iPhone 6s: the company is calling it Ridiculously Powerful. Part of Apple’s “Not much has changed” campaign, the spot focuses on how fast the processor is in the new iPhone 6s, how good the graphics are, how great the camera is (and the processing that can be done on the device), and more. Note the cameo by Jon Favreau.

Apple is stealing Android users in record numbers — A new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners — as noted by RCR Wireless News — says Apple is stealing users from Android in record numbers. The study is based on a survey of 300 US Apple users October 27 through November 12.

Apple Shows Off ‘Hey Siri’ in new spot — Apple is promoting the Hey Siri feature that allows you to activate Siri hands-free using that spoken command. In typical Apple fashion, it’s not an explainy piece, however. Instead, Apple shows different people using the feature in several situations. Entitled ‘iPhone 6s – Hey Siri’, the spot is part of Apple’s ‘Not much has changed’ series of commercials.

Ford Sync update brings Siri Eyes Free support to more than 5M vehicles — Detroit automaker Ford enabled Siri Eyes Free integration for more than five million car owners with the release of a Sync infotainment system software update on Thursday, an upgrade compatible with cars dating back to the 2011 model year.

Authors Guild, Barnes & Noble, others file brief supporting Apple in Supreme Court appeal of e-book antitrust case — The Authors Guild, Authors United, Barnes & Noble, and the American Booksellers Association  have filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court backing Apple in its attempt to appeal a 2013 antitrust case over ebook deals.

iPod 14, Hey Siri, Music costs, WiFi Assist suit, iPhone 7, iMovie update, Chrome, Facebook drain, weather app tips


Steve Jobs introduced the iPod 14 years ago today — Fourteen years ago, Apple was beginning to come back from the brink, led by the late CEO and co-founder of the company Steve Jobs. On October 23, 2001, Jobs introduced the device that is credited with jumpstarting the company’s fortunes, making CDs and other MP3 players obsolete, and pointing the direction towards consuming music and other media off of thin, lightweight and pocketable devices – the iPod.

iPhone 6s stops listening for ‘Hey Siri’ when it’s in your pocket or face down on a table — Apple’s new iPhone 6s utilises its M9 coprocessor for “Hey Siri” input, allowing it to always listen for voice commands. Well, almost always. [Hey, good idea.]

Apple Music costs Pandora — Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews on Friday said he expects listenership to rebound after seeing Apple Music contribute to a decline of 1.3 million active users for the third quarter of 2015, noting the launch of Apple’s streaming service is having roughly the same impact as that of iTunes Radio in 2013.

Apple sued for failing to properly warn owners of the price of iOS 9’s Wi-Fi Assist feature — Another day, another lawsuit. Apple has been hit with a class action lawsuit claiming that the company failed to properly warn users that the new Wi-Fi Assist feature in iOS 9 will use data from their cellular plan, reports AppleInsider. [‘I buy your device but I’m unhappy with some of the features …’]

Let the iPhone 7 speculation begin … The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus went on sale less than a month ago, so, of course, it’s time for the rumours and speculation about the iPhone 7 to begin.

Apple updates iMovie for iOS with 4K video support for iPad Air 2, bug fixes — Apple on Thursday released an update to its iMovie video editing app for iOS, bringing 4K support to iPad Air 2 hardware running iOS 9.1 and addressing a number of bugs including an import issue with iCloud Drive.

Chrome for iOS picks up iOS 9’s iPad multitasking features, Facebook Search expands to public posts — Google on Thursday updated the iOS edition of Chrome with support for iOS 9’s multitasking features, while Facebook updated its Web and app interfaces with wider search functions, including the ability to see any public post.

Facebook issues a partial fix to battery-draining iOS app — The Facebook app for iOS has been the target of a lot of abuse from users lately thanks to its propensity to use more power than it should. Yesterday, Facebook pushed out a partial fix to the app and explained what was causing the battery-killing issue.

Using Weather Apps on your iPhone? Here are some insider tips — Weather apps, especially on the iPhone or iPad, are usually great looking and informative when it comes to the conditions and forecast. However, for some kinds of data, it requires just a little extra bit of extra knowledge to understand what the app is trying to tell you. This applies in the cases of atmospheric pressure and sunrise/sunset times.

Five Tip Friday ~ If you’ve made the jump to iOS 8, these are for you. If not, find out what to expect.

The Camera in iOS 8 has new features
The Camera in iOS 8 has new features

If you haven’t upgraded to iOS 8 yet, have a quick scan through these and see what you’ll soon be able to do.

1/ New Camera features — Apple also added a slew of new Camera features including time lapse, shutter timers (tap the little timer icon to choose from Off, three seconds and 10 seconds, and then tap the Shoot button to see a large on-screen countdown to the photo being taken). Meanwhile, on the front of the iPhone, the flash blinks for every second passed. The Camera also got advanced exposure controls …

2/ Advanced exposure — You can still tap on the screen to set the focus and exposure point of your photos on iPhone (and iPad and iPod touch 5th gen) but iOS 8 adds a slider you can drag up and down to set overall exposure yourself.

3/ Time Lapse — Found to the left of Video mode on the rotating mode selector, Time-lapse is a set-it-and-forget way to capture long sequences of video. Select Time-lapse, set your focus point and exposure, and then press the red button. iOS dynamically adjusts the frequency of the photos it takes for Time-lapse mode, depending on the action in the scene. The only limit to the length of a time-lapse video is your iPhone’s storage capacity and charge.

4/ Hey Siri! iOS-only features like Siri have also been drastically improved, with the virtual assistant now supporting Hey Siri hands-free operation when plugged in to a power source – which also means on your car’s charger. In other words, yelling Hey Siri at your iPhone boots it up.  (And voice responses have been tweaked to sound more natural).

5/ Interactive Notifications — Interactive Notifications means you can deal with them right in the Notifications window – now it’s a dialogue.  For example, in Messages, when your device is unlocked and a message banner comes in, simply pull down on the banner and you can send a response without leaving the current app. (But follow-up messages will not be shown to you, which is especially important to know if you’re responding to someone who likes to send multiple messages in a row.)

With Yosemite, you'll be able to accept calls to your iPhone right there on the Mac screen in front of you.
With Yosemite, you’ll be able to accept calls to your iPhone right there on the Mac screen in front of you.

Extras coming soon — When OS X 10.10 is released ‘soon’, iOS 8 will be able to integrate seamlessly through ‘Continuity’. You’ll be able to answer phone calls on your Mac, continue text conversations and if there’s a Web page open on your Mac, it’s open on your iPad (which could be embarrassing for some people). Documents will be able to be picked up and continued via Handoff. Perhaps most excitingly, AirDrop currently works Mac to Mac and iDevice to IDevice, but with Yosemite and iOS 8, you can AirDrop device to Mac and vice versa, too.

AirDrop iDevice to Mac once you have Yosemite
AirDrop iDevice to Mac once you have Yosemite

iOS 8’s Hey Siri; book reader; Microsoft attack ad; Reddit; fishing knots

Voice Dream Reader automates your iOS book reading
Voice Dream Reader automates your iOS book reading

iOS 8’s Hey Siri! — It’s surprising how much Erica Sadun both loves and is bothered by the new [coming, in iOS 8] Hey Siri feature. It offers what’s probably the best and the worst of all iOS 8 features at the same time.

Get your books read to you —Erica Sadun investigates more automated solutions for book reading. Voice Dream Reader (pictured above, NZ$6.49, additional voices available with in-app purchases) represents one of the better-reviewed text-to-speech apps currently available in the App Store. She tested excerpts from several books.

Microsoft, HTC use Windows Phone’s Cortana to poke fun at Apple’s iPhone in new ad — A new television spot from Microsoft’s Windows Phone division again puts Siri on the iPhone 5s up against Cortana on an HTC One M8, though the video slants more toward a hardware comparison than Microsoft’s previous Siri-focussed efforts. [Microsoft and Samsung look like they’re getting increasingly nervous about Apple’s forthcoming September 9 announcement, if you ask me, with all these attacks.]

Reddit launches new Ask Me Anything app for AMA sessions — Reddit today has released its new Ask Me Anything iOS app with support for both live and archived Reddit AMAs. The new app is designed for mobile users who are visiting Reddit’s website in increasing numbers.

Digital Guide to fishing knots — If you follow the tips and steps to tying proper knots in this app you won’t need to talk about the “one that got away” with your fishing buddies. The Digital Guide to Fishing Knots is an iPad app that costs NZ$1.29 and needs iOS 6.0 or later.