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Privacy while globetrotting, health devices that communicate with your doctor


Privacy-Minded Globetrotters, this is a new way to safely navigate on public Wi-Fi — If you’re travelling and visiting a different café each day, you most likely rely on free Wi-Fi networks to stay connected with the world, run your business or simply post vacation selfies. Bitdefender BOX is an integrated home cybersecurity solution designed for breakthrough IoT devices, but it also secures computers, tablets and smartphones. Using the embedded Private Line feature, BOX secures your online activities on any Wi-Fi network, even unsafe ones. Your communication is encrypted and scanned for threats using Local Protection. It’s currently US$99 instead of US$199 for the yearly subscription (the box itself is free) but t’s only available in the US).

Qardio’s smart medical devices will now share data with your doctor — The future of health care is wearable devices that transmit our vitals to our physicians. Instead of self-reported data, which is often inaccurate (no offense, but our memory is often not that great), doctors will have real numbers to form the basis for diagnoses and treatment plans. In the wake of Apple’s CareKit launch, connected medical device maker Qardio is launching a platform to share health data from its hardware with your doctor.

iPhone 6 measured, MultiCam, Asphalt Overdrive, Gates likes Apple Pay, Medical ID

Asphalt Overdrive
Asphalt Overdrive

Which wins a speed test, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8? iPhone 6 has proven itself the leader in speed when it comes to benchmark tests, but how does it do in a real world app launching test? A new video from PhoneBuff pits the iPhone 6 against the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 (where the same app was not available for both iOS and Android a comparable app was used instead). iPhone 6 wins …

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 delivers poor graphics performance vs. Apple iPhone 6 Plus — While boasting an ‘Octa Core’ Application Processor option and an extremely high resolution display, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 4 falls flat in running GPU intensive apps and games in comparison to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.

MultiCam for iOS can greatly improve your photos — MultiCam (NZ$2.59) cleverly turns the whole process around: you take a photo, then select the proper exposure and focus. Once snapped, you see the photo with two sliders: one to change the exposure, another to see all the focus options. Moving those sliders, you see the changes in the picture all happening smoothly in real time. When you have the combination you like, you save the photo. Both the front and back cameras are supported.

Racer — Asphalt Overdrive is a new racing game from Gameloft that is both classic and exciting. The design quality and energy of this game makes it feel more current than older racing games. It is compatible with both the iPad and iPhone. It requires iOS 6 or later and is optimised for iPhone 5 and it requires internet access. It’s free.

Bill Gates reckonsApple Pay is “fantastic” and a “real contribution” — Bill Gates yesterday sat down for an insightful interview with Erik Schatzker of Bloomberg where the Microsoft co-founder discussed, amongst other topics, his efforts to leverage the ubiquity of cellphones to help bring affordable and digital banking options to the world’s poorest countries.

iOS 8: setting up your Medical ID — If you’ve got an iPhone 4s or later, or  iPod touch (fifth generation) and you have installed iOS 8, you’ve now got the ability to configure what’s called a Medical ID. Doing so will give emergency responders access to your important health info without them having to unlock your device.

Assassin’s Creed NZ, iPhones 6, Time Lapse, Ive Vogues, Pebble, secure, Health

A NZ First – Assassin's Creed for iPad
A NZ First – Assassin’s Creed for iPad

Assassin’s Creed: Identity launches in NZ first — Assassin’s Creed is a massive console franchise that has never really fully embraced smartphones and tablets.
Identity looks a lot like the console versions of Assassin’s Creed, placing you in the Italian Renaissance period. Spying, researching your targets, and ultimately killing them off is the core gameplay here, but there’s also the same pseudo-historical flavour of past games, with backstories of real-life locations as well as period-accurate characters. And it’s … free [but check the comments at that link – apparently it crashes a lot.]

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus by Bob LeVitus — “I’m now on my tenth day of carrying both new iPhones — one in each front pocket of jeans or shorts — wherever I go. As I reported last week, I’m about to replace my year-old iPhone 5s with an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Now, after ten days of careful consideration, I believe I’ve got it all figured out.” [A merry dance – also see my four reviews by clicking Reviews over there on the right in the content filters.]

How Apple implemented time-lapse video in iOS 8 — One of the great new software-based camera features Apple tossed into its bag of iOS 8 tricks is the ability to take time-lapse video footage.

Jony Ive talks Apple Watch in Vogue feature — In line with Apple’s efforts to position the Apple Watch as a bonafide fashion accessory, the latest issue of Vogue features an in-depth profile on Jony Ive, Apple’s famed mastermind of design. There’s more on the watch at TUAW.

Pebble gets more competitive — Pebble is facing down Android Wear and the forthcoming Apple Watch. The smartwatch startup has announced lower prices and further refinements to its software. The plastic Pebble now costs US$99, while the metallic Pebble Steel costs US$199 — both down US$50 from their original prices.

US Attorney General voices concern over Apple’s iOS 8 security features — Attorney General Eric Holder is the latest government official to come down on new mobile OS security features from Apple and Google that make unlocking a smartphone nearly impossible, even for law enforcement agencies. [In other words, he’s worried it’s too secure!]

HealthKit-aware apps expand — Here’s the list so far – boo, still no Moves or B.icycle.