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Apple's latest Store in China structure is cantilevered and appears to be floating in mid-air
Apple’s latest Store in China structure has a cantilevered internal floor that appears to be floating in mid-air.

Apple’s auto-industry hires suggest an interest in more than software — Power train engineers, former Tesla employees, and an expert on new battery technology are among the people now working at Apple, amid rumours that the company is building an electric car. In fact, Apple is even being sued for poaching car battery engineers.

High-res photos reveal mysterious Apple van’s equipment package — A pair of high-resolution photographs acquired by AppleInsider on Wednesday show close-up views of a van thought to be part of a secret Apple initiative, including a highly detailed look at what are believed to be GPS, camera and other roof-mounted instrumentation.

Apple could receive up to 20 years in tax breaks for solar-powered Arizona data centre — Apple’s forthcoming “global command center” for its online operations in Mesa, Arizona, could be the beneficiary of up to 20 years’ worth of tax breaks, thanks to new rules proposed by the state legislature. [And you thought it was for the planet …]

RBC says Apple could fund $65B+ annual capital return program, raises target to $140 — Apple is set to announce an update to its capital return program in April, and investment firm RBC Capital Markets believes the company could return some $65 billion to investors annually, creating yet another reason to buy into the company’s stock.

Adobe Photoshop: 25 years of image editing video — Photoshop, the defacto standard image editor, is 25 years old and Adobe is celebrating with a video highlighting works from artists around the world. The short video includes what adobe calls “their most amazing dreams,” and the works in the video are pretty impressive, all set to Aerosmith’s “Dream On.” It’s a great example of what Photoshop is capable of in the hands of experts.

Apple’s new West Lake store in Hangzhou, China is an instant classic — China is Apple’s fastest growing market, and the company has been busy building new Apple Stores in order to meet demand for its products. The latest store, designed in part by Apple’s favoured architectural company Foster + Partners, is located in Hangzhou, China’s West Lake shopping center and is absolutely stunning.

Dr Mac’s 3 Must-Have Utilities For Mac OS X — Bob LeVitus’ must-have applications for Mac OS X Yosemite.

Mac software bundle for US$50 — That’s for eight apps for Mac, only two of which cost under US$50 by themselves, and one is Sid Meier’s Civilisation: Beyond Earth.

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Riccardo Mori has a collection of old Macs – and even some of their About boxes
Riccardo Mori has a collection of old Macs – and even some of their About boxes

Vintage Mac app About boxes show just how far we’ve come — Mac consultant, writer, and translator Riccardo Mori has a collection of vintage Macs, and he’s been putting them to good use creating a wonderful archive of About boxes while trying to determine what apps are on some old CD-ROMs and floppies.
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Apple celebrates new China Store with mural and video — Apple is only days away from opening its latest retail store in China, and to celebrate the event the company released a video showing artist Wang Dongling creating a mural that’s currently covering the location. The mural is a poem about West Lake in Hangzhou where the new store is located.

Apple highlights ongoing Campus 2 ‘spaceship’ progress in new aerial photos — Apple on Monday provided a fresh photo of its Campus 2 construction site in Cupertino, California, showing accelerated progress on the main ‘spaceship’ structure’s foundation, as well as work on ancillary buildings.

The opposite of Apple: A Mac user’s weird experience buying a PC laptop — John Moltz had never purchased a PC. “I’ve used a lot of them in the workplace, which is why I use Macs at home. It’s not that they don’t work, it’s just that I don’t like them.” He details his strange experience of trying to buy one.

LastPass unveils new Mac app — Web-based password manager LastPass has unveiled its first native Mac app.

Is your password on this list of 2014’s worst passwords? There are still surprising numbers of people who use passwords that are very easy to guess. For some reason, these are usually the same people who are shocked when someone breaks into their computer system and steals credit card or banking information. SplashData has published its list of the worst passwords on the internet, compiled from more than 3 million leaked passwords from 2014.