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Face ID on iPhone X is just as fast, if not faster, than Touch ID — Much has been said about Face ID on iPhone X, but prospective customers are wondering how the new face-based recognition system performs against Apple’s established Touch ID system. In Apple Insider tests, Face ID is as fast, or in some cases faster, than its predecessor.
Meanwhile, Apple has emphasised again that Touch ID for iPhone X was never an option, company all-in on Face ID.
Here’s how to enable and use Reachability on iPhone X, and how to invoke Control Center and Notification Center on iPhone X (since the cutaway at the top changes the real estate somewhat).

First look: Apple’s official iPhone X leather and silicone cases — Though Apple is holding back deliveries of the iPhone X until its official launch on Friday, the company has placed no such restrictions on official cases for the highly anticipated handset, as customers have now been receiving Apple’s official iPhone X protective cases.

GarageBand 2.3 for iOS adds classic drum sequencer, Taiko drums, iPhone X Super Retina support — Apple has released an update for the iOS version of GarageBand, with the new version taking advantage of the Super Retina display on the iPhone X, as well as adding a new sound library and a ‘classic’ beat sequencer.

How to use Apple Music and Radio Streaming in watchOS 4.1 — 
watchOS 4.1 makes Apple Watch music playback a lot easier and fulfills a promise Apple made when it first showed off the operating system earlier this year. Now you can get at your complete Apple Music library from your watch whether you’re on Wi-Fi or LTE. Read on to learn how Apple Watch music playback works with this new update.

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GarageBand for Mac updates with Music Memos & Logic Remote support, bigger sound library — Apple last Friday released a new version of GarageBand for the Mac, improving support for recent companion apps on iOS, and greatly increasing the number of samples available to musicians.
The updated software — v10.1.1 — can open Music Memos projects, and be controlled by the iPhone and iPad Pro versions of Logic Remote. Similarly, the software should also be better compatible with GarageBand for iOS and Live Loops projects.

Apple says Mississippi ‘religious freedom’ bill ’empowers discrimination’ — An avid promoter of civil rights, Apple on Thursday voiced concern over Mississippi’s ‘religious freedom’ house bill that was signed into law this week by Governor Phil Bryant, a piece of legislation opponents say is a tool for discrimination against LGBT individuals.

Leaked Senate encryption bill called ‘ludicrous, dangerous’ by security experts — A proposed US Senate draft bill that would give courts the authority to compel tech company compliance in law enforcement requests to encrypted data leaked online Thursday night, and by Friday security experts and civil rights advocates were dismantling the policy, calling it ill-informed and potentially dangerous. Meanwhile, if Apple’s products weren’t so secure, the Fed wouldn’t be using them

TextExpander 6 review: A snippets subscription service that’s priced too high — The TextExpander utility saves keystrokes by letting you type a short sequence that’s replaced by a longer one. That’s the heart of the app, which has expanded (sorry) its repertoire of replacement types over time to include form letters with fill-in and drop-down elements, a library of emoji and a host of placeholders for date, time, the contents of the clipboard, and other elements.
The reason for this new review is a significant change in how its maker, Smile, prices the software that’s coupled with mandatory cloud-based synchronization through its own servers, as well as options to share continuously updated snippets for individual users and groups.

How to access advanced OpenType features in a variety of apps — 
Lesa Snyder informs us how to up your typography game in Apple, Microsoft, Adobe and Quark apps.

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Apple has added a new beats-organising app to its inventory: Music Memos
Apple has added a new beats-organising app to its inventory: Music Memos

Apple Releases iOS 9.2.1 with MDM Fixes and 9 Security Patches — Apple has released iOS 9.2.1, an update that fixes an issue with mobile device management (MDM) servers. The update also includes security fixes for 9 different security holes, most of which would have allowed bad guys to take over your iOS device.
You can download the update on your iOS device through Settings>General>Software Update. It’s a 40.8MB download for iPhone 6s or a 35.2MB download for iPad Air, but 2.01GB via iTunes on your Mac or PC for iPhone 6s.

Apple releases new Music Memos app for capturing and organizing beats on iPhone — Apple has unveiled a surprise addition to its iOS lineup with a new Music Memos app, designed specifically to help musicians and songwriters craft new musical ideas on the go. Crafted after the existing Voice Memos app, it adds features to improve musicians’ workflow. The iPhone’s built-in microphone can be used to record instruments in a lossless format, and the resulting recordings can be analysed for rhythm and chords. The app can then add instant drums and a bass line to help flesh out the song, and it will also provide a basic notation view. Music Memos are synchronized via iCloud and can be opened directly in GarageBand or Logic Pro X. It should appear eventually, of dive in and get it (free) from the App Store now. [That’s great, as I’ve used Voice Memo for years to take down baselines and melodies!]

New GarageBand 2.1 for iOS update includes Live Loops and Drummer features — The newest feature in GarageBand 2.1 is Live Loops, which Apple said is “inspired by DJ hardware controllers and drum machines.” Live Loops features a large grid and users tap cells and columns to play looped instruments and samples. As the name implies, Live Loops can be played, arranged and remixed live, while GarageBand automatically keeps the beats in sync. GarageBand 2.1 for iOS is $8 in the App Store but it’s a free upgrade available to current GarageBand users who have a compatible iOS 9 device. The App also comes with new iOS devices configured with 32GB or more of storage.

Apple publishes list of Apple TV content providers and support links — Apple has published a list of content providers for the Apple TV. At this time, there are 85 providers.

How to use a passcode with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch — You can set a passcode on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to help protect your data. When you do, each time you turn on or wake your iOS device, you’ll need to unlock it with your passcode. (If your device supports Touch ID, you can use your fingerprint instead of a passcode.)