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First look at theApple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro by Mikey Campbell — As Apple Pencil stock trickles into brick-and-mortar Apple Stores, the iPad Pro’s other first-party accessory, the Smart Keyboard, has become somewhat of a hot commodity. AppleInsider was able to snag one of the hard-to-get device to offer this first look.

Some free Star Wars apps — A few other apps that can fill the void between now and December 18.

iPad Pro self-torpedoed? Some iPad Pro reviews suggest the iPad Pro, being a pro-level product, seems out of sync with iOS 9. John Martellero feels there is more capability in the hardware than iOS can fully exploit, since it has evolved to suit mobility.

Another day, another gift guide — This Macworld slideshow has an InfoWorld selection.

Speculation on future iPhones — One report suggests OLED displays in future iPhones, which is only in use by Apple Watch in the Apple world so far. Supporters praise its high contrast/deep blacks and potential thickness and power consumption advantages. Apple, meanwhile, argues its current iPad and iPhone LCDs provide superior colour accuracy.
Another report reckons future Apple devices will have even better waterproofing that the current Apple Watch and iPhone 6s range thanks to Apple R&D into ‘active shutters’.

How to pair Bluetooth headphones with Apple TV — That’s on The Mac Observer.