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Photolemur, Civilization expansions, Fruitfly malware


Photolemur is photo magic — Arthur C Clarke’s third law states that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” While Photolemur doesn’t do magic on every photo, it did magically improve almost all the test shots, with 70–80% of them noticeably improved despite a wide variety of flaws and subjects.
It’s extremely simple for the user: drag a picture or folder full of pictures onto the Photolemur icon to enhance them one at a time or all at once. Then, there’s just one slider control with Realistic at the left end and Vivid on the right. Slide it left or right (or don’t), and then export your improved picture.

Civilization VI Gets Viking and Poland Expansions, other improvements — Civilization Vi got its first expansions with the release of the Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack and Vikings Scenario Pack. The Polish pack includes the full Poland civilization, which includes the ability to take over tiles by fortifying their borders. The Poland scenario is a 60-Turn game where you defend Poland, Prague, and Vienna from Teutonic Knights and Ottoman Turks! Sounds awesome. The Viking Scenario includes new City-States with new benefits, and a 100-Turn game where you invade England, take Paris, find Vinland, or raid the Mediterranean. Each pack is US$4.99, and is available through both Steam and the Mac App Store version of the game.

‘Fruitfly’ malware patched by Apple relies on ‘ancient’ Mac system calls — Newly-patched Mac malware relies on some antiquated code predating the OS X era, but has been used in some previous real-world attacks on biomedical research groups, according to a prominent security software maker.
Serious malware threats are a relatively rare phenomenon on the Mac, both because macOS remains a minority platform —hence a smaller target —and because Apple has stepped up its own security efforts in recent years.