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New 5K iMac, Force Touch MacBook Pro 15-inch, Tom-Tom Maps deal, next Thunderbolt, better Photos Adjust

Apple launches a rejigged 5K iMac (image from Apple Inc)
Apple launches a rejigged 5K iMac (image from Apple Inc)

Apple Updates iMac 5K, lowers starting price — Apple updated the iMac with Retina 5K – the iMac 5K for short —late yesterday, rejigging the line with lower prices. The company added a new entry-level model that starts at US$1,999 (here it’s NZ$3049) and Apple also dropped the price of the high-end model from US$2,499 to US$2,299 (here it’s now NZ$3499).
[I also notice you can buy via the Apple Store online at 0 interest for 18 months.]

Apple has just announced Force Touch 15-inch MacBook Pro — The updated MacBook Pro with Retina Display includes the company’s new Force Touch trackpad. The device has faster Flash storage for video professionals and an additional hour of battery life, as well as faster graphics. NZ prices $3099 and $3899.

Apple re-ups digital maps pact with TomTom — Apple will continue to work with TomTom on mapping data, the Dutch firm revealed on Tuesday, extending one of the oldest and most important partnerships in Apple’s expanding navigation and mapping efforts. [That’s where your Maps traffic info comes from, even in Auckland.]

Intel to reveal ‘next-generation’ Thunderbolt connector at Computex — Apple’s decision not to include Thunderbolt in its super-slim 12-inch MacBook hasn’t discouraged Intel from continuing the development of the high-speed connector technology. But Intel will reveal the “next generation of Thunderbolt” at a press event to be held next month at the Computex trade show in Taipei, according to a press invite sent by the chip maker on Monday.

How to use the Adjust tools in Photos for OS X — The new Photos for OS X app includes substantially more refined, more granular, and easier-to-use tools than iPhoto. They’re also quite speedy to preview and apply in comparison.

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Lots of new Mac games appeared in March
Lots of new Mac games appeared in March

A quick April Fools’ product roundup — Some of the manufacturers and developers that Apple World Today works with have a good sense of humour, “so we thought we’d share some of their April Fools’ Day goodies.”
[My effort appeared on iStart, insisting Apple was going to patent the letter A.]

UK enacts new tax to cope with companies like Apple, Google diverting profits overseas — A new tax in the UK directly targets companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Google, which have been accused of shifting profits overseas to avoid paying taxes in countries where they nevertheless do business.

Inside Force Touch: Apple’s new ‘force click’ action opens up new possibilities for the Mac — The new Force Touch trackpad found on the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro and upcoming 12-inch MacBook features an entirely new method of input, activated by applying additional pressure to the trackpad. AppleInsider offers a closer look at how force click works, and what new possibilities it opens up for OS X.

Dolby VP Mike Rockwell Jumps Ship for Apple — Apple has yet another new executive on its payroll, and this time it’s Dolby executive vice president Mike Rockwell. He joined Apple in February as a hardware division executive.

A month of Mac gaming to savour — March’s selection of intriguing new releases serves as a testament to how strong Mac gaming has become. It’s a wide selection of experiences spanning a nice array of genres: city building, role-playing, strategy, simulation, action, puzzle, and more. And what’s especially great is that almost every game on this list launched at the same time as on other platforms—waiting for ports is much less of a concern on Mac these days.

Jeff’s Comprehensive Mac Backup Guide — Today is World Backup Day. “My data backup routine is made up of multiple strategies: on sight and off site; hourly and daily. Here’s how it all comes together.”

Nifty MacBook Air drive — Finally, you can add storage to your 13″ MacBook Air without an eye-sore drive tainting your Apple aesthetic. Nifty comes with 4GB of storage, but also lets you slip in your personal micro-SD card to add up to 128GB of space. It blends with your Mac’s colour, texture, and shape so seamlessly, you may just forget it’s there. [Hope it comes to NZ!]

Apple’s Lisa Jackson talks environmental regulations, global carbon footprint at WSJ conference — Apple’s head of environmental efforts, Lisa Jackson, addressed a variety of issues, including the company’s relationship with federal regulators and its global carbon footprint, in a new interview.

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Apple's new one-port MacBook will be available soon. (Image from Apple Inc's NZ MacBook site.]
Apple’s new one-port MacBook will be available soon. (Image from Apple Inc’s NZ MacBook site.]

Why the new MacBook’s single port is all you really need — Apple’s revelation of a single-port MacBook had been leaked months ahead of time. Still, many were in denial and remain so. From their perspective, which you can read in comments on Macworld articles and widely elsewhere, a single port is a nonstarter. [Cynically, I’d say ‘it’s all you need because Apple wants to sell you all the extra converters, adapters and dongles to actually make it useful’.]

First look: Apple’s Force Touch trackpad on the early 2015 MacBook Pro — The newest revision of Apple’s littlest MacBook Pro packs faster flash memory and Intel’s latest Broadwell chips, but the star of the show is its new Force Touch trackpad. AppleInsider went hands-on with the clickless wonder to see if it upholds Apple’s tradition of finger-navigating excellence.

Job opportunity in Auckland: iLab has moved and is hiring a store manager — iLab has been repairing iDevices and Macs since 2008, and has recently moved shop to the historic Letham Cottage on Jervois Road. iLab fixes everything Apple, focusing on out-of-warranty repairs, including high-level repairs of Macs and iPhones. Anyone interested in working there as a store manager should contact Richard at richard@ilab.co.nz.

Latest Safari update brings fixes for WebKit security flaws — Apple has issued a new versions of its Safari Web browser for OS X with fixes for two WebKit vulnerabilities that could allow maliciously crafted code to run on a target Mac. Check in Software Update, ie Updates in the Mac App Store.

Apple has augmented reality R&D team, could inject AR devices with much needed style — Apple is supposedly making a long play for augmented reality systems that one analyst believes will potentially pivot on the company’s current push into fashion, an initiative set to bear fruit with Apple Watch in April.

10,000 participants in ResearchKit trial, CIA on Apple encryption, Force Touch

Force Touch is in the Apple Watch and the new MacBook trackpad. What's next?
Force Touch is in the Apple Watch and the new MacBook trackpad. What’s next?

Over 10,000 participants sign up for Stanford medical trial after ResearchKit debut — The number of participants in a Stanford University cardiovascular study conducted using Apple’s new ResearchKit medical research platform ballooned to more than 10,000 overnight, researchers say, after the trial was featured on stage during Apple’s Spring Forward event earlier this week.

The CIA has a secret war against Apple encryption — The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is engaged in an active campaign to break Apple’s encryption technologies in order to broaden its ability to surveil anyone, anywhere. According to The Intercept, the CIA has waged a multi-year effort to find vulnerabilities in iOS, iPhones, and iPads that it can exploit.

Next-gen iPhone rumoured to include Force Touch, possible pink color option — A report on Tuesday reiterated claims that Apple plans to integrate Force Touch features into its next iPhone model, and at the same time floated new rumours about an upcoming pink version of the handset.