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Five Tip Friday ~ Apple Music on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Some great tips to help you get to grips with Apple’s new music service.

1/ How to use the mini music player while browsing Apple Music — The new Music app in iOS is chock full features, including the Beats 1 radio station, the For You recommendation engine and the Connect social network. Apple has included a mini player that allows you to control your music while you browse through all the content in the app.
IMG_2510The mini music player is the little horizontal strip at the bottom of the screen just above the bottom navigation bar. It displays the current song playing and even displays tracks that you are listening to on Beats 1.
It has a small play/pause button and a three ellipse button that pulls up a menu with track options to “Add to My Music”, “Show in iTunes Store”, “Share” and more. You also can tap on the center of the player to launch the song in full screen mode.
Once you are in full-screen mode, you can tap the small circle at upper left to minimise the player back down into it’s horizontal strip and go back to browsing content on Apple Music.
IMG_2511The mini player remains in place (left) while you look through all parts of the Music app, including For You, New, Radio, Connect, and My Music.

2/ Add an image and nickname to your profile — One appealing feature of Apple Music is the social aspect: you can curate your own playlists and share with others. In order to do this, you need to make sure you have your username set up.
First, launch the Music app (the new one with the white background and gradient icon) and take a look at the front page. Tap the person silhouette in the top left. On the account screen, you’ll see your name, and a space for an image and a nickname. Tap that area and add whatever you’d like your nickname to be 9in my case, macnzMark), and even adjust your name if you want to. Tap the edit just below the circle with your initials in it and you can add an image from your device as your user image. Currently, this nickname doesn’t appear to do much aside from show up on your comments if you comment on Connect pages, but it stands to reason that in the future you can follow others (aside from artists with Connect pages) and find playlists by your friends.

3/ Use Siri with Apple Music — Apple has steadily improved Siri’s music controls, allowing you to open the music app, play songs, and even identify tunes using Shazam. This integration continues in the new Apple Music with Siri allowing you to interact with Apple Music tracks, Music Radio stations and even Beats 1.
Here is a small sampling of the things you can say to Siri:
Play Tropical Hotdog Night from Captain Beefheart
Stop playing the music
Resume Playing
Add this song to music
Add the song on the radio to music
Listen to Beats 1.

4/ Request a song — Apple has set up a special Request a Song page on Tumblr, with lists of phone numbers covering various regions. You can use the Messages app for iOS or Mac to send a request to beats1radio@icloud.com, and you can even just call: people from outside the listed regions must call a U.S. number where long-distance charges apply– from New Zealand, it’s +64 9-887 8360.
The full list of numbers:
US AND WORLD: +1 (310) 299-8756
US TOLL FREE: +1 (877) 720-6293
CANADA TOLL FREE: +1 855-648-0703
UK TOLL FREE: +44 800 802 1238
FRANCE: +33 9 75 18 21 60
JAPAN: +81 3-4589-5123
GERMANY: +49 1573 5982361
BRAZIL: +55 11 4950-1098
MEXICO: +52 81 4170 3626
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: +1 829-956-5158
AUSTRALIA: +61 2 8294 5836
ITALY: +39 02 9475 1288
IRELAND: +353 76 680 5749
If you call one of these, you will be asked to leave a recorded message with your name, location, and the song you want before hanging up. Request messages themselves may be played on the air, but there is no guarantee one of Apple’s DJs will accept a request, and some shows are either repeats or do not accept listener suggestions.

5/ Remove Connect from Apple Music and replace it with Playlists — While Apple Music Connect is a social network for musicians to ‘connect’ with their fans by sharing content and adding comments when their fans respond, Connect isn’t for everyone, and you can remove it from Apple Music if you’re not interested. Once removed from Apple Music, the Connect tab is replaced by Playlists.
Here’s how to make the swicth. Removing Connect requires you to setup Restrictions and use the parental controls to block the Connect social network. Open the Settings app and then go to General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions. You must enter a parental control password — remember this password in case you need to get back inside this Restrictions menu to restore Connect. In these parental controls, you can select the toggle to disable “Apple Music Connect.” Similar to other iOS toggles, green is on and grey if off.
When you return to the Music app, you should no longer see the Connect tab. In its place is the very useful Playlist tab. If you do not see these changes, then you should forceclose the Music app using the iOS task switcher and restart it.

More: Connect with and follow your favourite artists —  a strong feature of Apple’s new streaming music service is Connect, a Tumblr-like social network for musicians and fans. It’s actually one of the simpler features of Apple Music. Following a specific artist is easy: just access their individual page and tap the Follow button — they’ll automatically start showing up in your Connect stream.
You can get to an artist’s page in a variety of ways. Tap their name when you’re looking at the detail view of an album or song, or use the universal search field to find their individual pages directly.
You can manage your entire list of followed artists from your account page. To access it, tap the small outline of a person that can be found in the upper left of most screens, then tap Following to bring up a list of every artist you’re following (and you can unfollow any artist from there).
Apple allows you to automatically follow any artist when you add their music to your library, an option that can be enabled or disabled from the same screen. Tapping Find More Artists and Curators will bring up a list of follow recommendations based on your library and the artists you already follow.