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Official White House photographer uses iPhone to capture intimate presidential moments — Pete Souza, President Barack Obama’s Chief Official White House Photographer, posted his annual ‘Year on Instagram’ collection of photos to the web on Monday, this year selecting only images shot on iPhone.

Nearly one-third of all photos uploaded to Flickr in 2015 were taken on iPhones — According to a year-end report from Flickr, Apple’s iPhone extended its lead as photo sharing service’s most-used camera brand during 2015, accounting for almost one-third of all images uploaded to the site.

Get started with your new iPhone or iPad with these great family friendly apps — Whether visiting family, off on vacation or spending some quiet time at home for Christmas, chances are you’ll have an iPhone or iPad at your side. AppleInsider offers together a list of critically acclaimed and family-friendly iOS games to make the season bright. And here are 12 apps for your new iPhone.

Judge dismisses Android Switcher lost iMessage lawsuit — A lawsuit alleging Apple somehow interfered with text messages so they wouldn’t appear on Android smartphones after users switched from iPhones has been dismissed. The ruling wraps up a string of failures from a small group trying to call Apple to task over the problem.

Apple requests another $179 million in supplemental damages from Samsung — Three weeks after finally receiving US$548,176,477 (NZ$Heaps) from Samsung over the South Korean company’s infringement of Apple’s design and technology patents dating back to a 2012 jury verdict, the iPhone maker has filed for another US$178,659,870 in supplemental damages and US$1,192,490 in interest payments.

Apple marks Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter as officially iPhone-compatible — Apple has updated its product page for the Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter to officially include iPhone support, extending it beyond the iPad use the accessory was originally designed for.

How to limit Facebook’s iPhone background battery usage — Facebook’s iOS app is a notorious background battery eater and, despite some attention and updates aimed at solving this problem, it remains so to this day. While it’s simple enough to just remove the Facebook app and access the site in Safari, this leads to missing on Notifications, Live Photos and other features. Good news: it’s possible to have your cake and eat it, too, with a little bit of understanding and effort.