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Apple Watch tallies, extra links kit for stainless steel band


Apple Watch tallies 42% of total dollars spent on wearables in the first half of 2015 — In just three months of availability, Apple now has 42% of total dollars sold in the first half of the year followed by Fitbit at 31%. Motorola, Garmin, Jawbone, Polar, Pebble and Samsung combined make up just 15%, according to 1010data’s Ecom Insights, which measures what consumers are purchasing online. However, when we look at units, Fitbit is number one with 35% of the market and Apple #2 at 11%.

Kit available soon with extra links for stainless steel watch band — The kit has six additional stainless steel links for wrists that exceed 205mm. Crafted from the same stainless steel alloy as the case and the Link Bracelet, these links extend the 42mm stainless steel Link Bracelet by an additional 40mm. Thanks to a simple release button, you can add and remove them without any special tools. The 42mm Link Bracelet Kit will ship in a week or so.

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A Kiwi app is designed to help you offer casual work
A Kiwi app is designed to help you offer casual work

In-depth review: Apple’s iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 — Daniel Eran Dilger finds Apple’s latest iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 incorporate Touch ID and support for Apple Pay within apps, with the same 10 hour battery life of previous models. The full size iPad Air 2 is also now 18 percent slimmer with an improved, antireflective display and gains a faster A8X chip, faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi and LTE wireless, a barometer, and a significantly improved iSight camera.

Apple’s new iPhones outsell the Galaxy Note 4 in Samsung’s home country, Korea — Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus iPhones are outpacing the sales of the Galaxy Note 4 on Samsung’s home turf in South Korea. According to the Wall Street Journal, pre-orders for the new iPhone models reached 100,000 units on the first day, compared to 30,000 for the Note 4.

New Kiwi App set to boost work for Job Seekers — An ex-special forces soldier looking for ways to help his grandmother find work in New Zealand has created a new app, designed to connect freelance workers with local people looking to outsource work (pictured above). Qwik Coin is now available to download for free on the iTunes Store and it’s coming soon to Android.

Apple Pay: the Mobile Payment Revolution — After a single use at my local grocery store, however,Jeff Gamet now has no problem saying he was wrong. “In fact, Apple made using your iPhone for credit card payments so easy I’m seeing a big problem for competitors hoping to get in on the mobile payment game, including Wal-Mart and its CurrentC system.”

Magic Hour for iOS offers almost unlimited filters — Magic Hour (NZ$2.59) offers 38 preset filters with the ability to modify and save them, allowing an immense number of options for modifying photos.

Fitbit unveils new Charge, Charge HR & Surge digital fitness trackers — Fitbit on Monday offered fitness buffs three new options for wrist-worn activity trackers, introducing the Charge and Charge HR — spiritual successors to the Fitbit Force — alongside the Fitbit Surge, which the company is calling a “fitness super watch.”

Alpine launches $800 CarPlay-compatible iLX-007 in-dash receiver — Aftermarket options with support for Apple’s CarPlay continue to expand, with Alpine launching a new US$800 unit featuring a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen and support for Siri voice commands. [So over NZ1k here, I’ll bet.]

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Apple's invite to the 16th October event
Apple’s invite to the 16th October event

Apple to hold iPad event October 16 — Apple has just announced a media event to be held at its Cupertino headquarters October 16 (New Zealand’s 17th). The company didn’t give much detail as to what journalists and guests can expect, just writing “it’s been too long.” Expectations are for An iPad Air 2, possibly a Retina iMac, the official launch of OS X Yosemite, iOS 8.1, and more information about Apple Pay… but who knows? (Image from The Mac Observer.)

Bicyclist pits iPhone 6 Plus OIS against the iPhone 5s in handheld video test — Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is set apart from earlier iPhone models and even the iPhone 6 with the inclusion of Optical Image Stabilisation. How much of a difference does the stabilisation make when shooting video, especially when you are in less than steady conditions like riding a bike?

Fitbit says no to Apple’s HealthKit for now — Users of Apple’s Health app in iOS 8 will have to get by without Fitbit integration for now. Responding to questions on its forums, Fitbit says it has no plans to tie the data from its app and fitness band to Apple’s HealthKit framework.

Latest Apple TV update enables remote access relay for HomeKit connected accessories — The centre of a connected smart home could soon be the Apple TV, as Apple’s latest beta software officially brings HomeKit support to its NZ$159 streaming set-top box.

9 alternative ways to carry your iPhone 6 Plus other than your pocket — The iPhone 6 Plus is a bit larger than Apple customers have been accustomed to. Belt holsters grow enormous. Protective cases have micohectares of plastic. As a result, iPhone 6 Plus owners are looking at novel ways to carry Apple’s phablet.

Add all sorts of extras to photos, with filters
Add all sorts of extras to photos, with filters

Reflect+ can refresh your photos in amazing ways — Reflect+ (NZ$2.59) is a simply amazing little app that takes a photo and realistically adds other elements – water or a beach to a barren landscape, realistic haze and fog or 50 other effects including lens flares, birds, star fields, the moon and planets …
And then it filters the image to provide different lighting and tonal washes.

Explore the world with Wayfare for iPhone — Wayfare (free) hooks you up with a user across the globe, and the two of you spend a week sharing photos, comments and culture via fun, simple “missions.”