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Review ~ Smart, protective keyboard overlays by Editors’ Keys


I’ve always been a fan of keyboard overlays. Anything that stops your keyboard getting grubby is fine by me, and splash protection is a bonus. Sneeze on your keyboard with an overlay, you can just take it off, rinse it, shake it out, and it’s dry in a few minutes. Pop it back on.
An additional benefit is the rubberised (OK, silicon) layer between your keys and the screen, on laptops when you fold them, and the suppression of noisy key-clacking.
EditorsKeys from England makes excellent keys with all of the above properties, but there’s more. They have keyboard shortcut overlays for various pro apps like Logic and Final Cut Pro X, pointing out all the handy keyboards you may be using, and definitely should be using if you want to really get to grips with editing, and to speed up your work quite dramatically.


Key points — You see, beyond the obvious like tapping the Spacebar to stop/start play, and the delete key working as you’d expect, and Command X, C, V and Z for Cut, Copy, Paste and Undo, all those keys on your keyboard are only going to be used for typing in words when you name tracks and samples, add notes or retitle things. If you’re not editing text, why not assign functions to them?
So Apple wisely added all sorts of attributes to the other keys for when you’re not actually trying to type in words while editing movies or sound.
There are many key commands and abilities I didn’t even know in Logic and Final Cut, but now they are – quite literally – at my fingertips. These include tapping the T key for instant access to Track Header Tools. Other new faves include Area Focus, smart keys for screen sets and Move to Playhead – but there are a very many more. With an Editors Keys overlay on, you will find yourself discovering all sorts of new possibilities and soon you’ll be working faster and with more precision.

Yet another benefit is that Musical Typing (Command-K to turn your alpha-numeric keyboard into a virtual musical keyboard in case you don’t have your input musical keyboard handy, or just want to add in tome quick notes and/or beats) in Logic or GarageBand is a little more forgiving on your fingers with this thin layer of silicon padding absorbing some of the tap-shock, and perhaps as a result, I found it easier to hit beats on time.

The overlay for Final Cut Pro X (click the image for a larger view)
Some detail on the Final Cut Pro X version
Some detail on the Final Cut Pro X version

What’s great — Smart, stylish, well-made, protective and very handy. A range available for different Apple keyboards – accessory and built-in – and for different pro apps (not just the Apple ones). (Boy, would I like to try the microphones this company has for sale!)

What’s not — Can take a little getting used to if you’re a look- (rather than a touch-) typist, as although the letters are clear for normal typing, it’s a different look.

Needs — Anyone wanting stylish keyboard protection while easy learning great new skills for editing and creativity.

Editors Keys overlays for Apple Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X, US$39.85 (about NZ$55 – some of the MacBook Pro keyboard overlays are only US$29.85) plus shipping from the UK.

System — A variety of keyboards catered for, including laptop and PC.

Contact — Editors Keys.

Apple in our futures, Data Pop infographics for Final Cut


Apple CEO Tim Cook says future products will be ‘in every part of your life that we can’ — Although it may only expand into new categories when the time is right, Apple intends to weave its products into virtually every aspect of a person’s life, Apple executives Tim Cook and Eddy Cue revealed in an interview.

Data Pop lets you add some ‘pop’ to Final Cut Pro X projects — If you need to add info graphics to your Final Cut Pro X projects, check out Data Pop, a set of 16 customisable infographic HD titles available from FxFactory. It includes 11 categories of customisable charts and graphics. Data Pop is now available at the discounted price of US$49 for a limited time; the price is normally US$99. Want to try it before you buy it? Download FxFactory and open in Final Cut Pro X for a free demo of Data Pop.

15-inch MacBook Pro discontinued, Final Cut, network problems, Cook’s weibo

Cook's Weibo travelogue underscores the important role China plays in Apple's current and future success
Cook’s Weibo travelogue underscores the important role China plays in Apple’s current and future success

Apple discontinues 15″ MacBook Pro BTO models ahead of Force Touch refresh — Apple on Friday began discontinuing many models of its professional 15-inch notebook ahead the company’s annual developers conference, which is widely expected to give way to updated models with Force Touch trackpads and Intel’s latest mobile processors.

Final Cut Pro 10.2.1 solves bugs causing crashes, Timeline problems — Apple has issued a minor update to Final Cut Pro X, its professional video editing suite, fixing a trio of bugs including a critical crash-on-start issue seen by some users.

Basic checklist for identifying network problems —  Let’s start at the beginning: there a wire (cable or DSL or fibre or what have you) coming from the street to your house, and that wire connects to a modem.

Apple CEO Tim Cook chronicles recent China trip on new Weibo account — Apple CEO Tim Cook chronicled a recent four-day trip to China on microblogging website Weibo, posting pictures and brief messages regarding Apple Store meet-ups, school visits and general goings on while in the country.

Final Cut, Cook, Spotify, new Skype, Chinese government drops Apple, databases love gone

Final Cut was used extensively in the forthcoming movie Focus.
Final Cut was used extensively in the forthcoming movie Focus.

Apple highlights Final Cut Pro and its role in Warner Brothers movie ‘Focus’ — Ahead of the February 27th release of romantic comedy Focus, Apple has provided a detailed look at the role Final Cut Pro X played in the production and development of the motion picture. 

Tim Cook to deliver May commencement address at George Washington University — Apple CEO Tim Cook will deliver the keynote address to graduates at George Washington University, reports GW Today. Cook, along with Anthony S Fauci and Carole Watson, will receive an honorary doctorate of public service. Cook was nominated by GWU students and accepted the invitation for the May 17th event.

Spotify adds song lyrics, gets more social on PCs — The popular music streaming service is tweaking its desktop app to display song lyrics as you listen. Spotify’s new music lyrics feature is powered by Musixmatch, one of the most popular apps in Spotify’s catalog.

Apple dropped as supplier by Chinese government — Apple is among the companies China has officially dropped from its state-approved technology buying list—a move that was unofficially revealed several months ago. The change means Chinese government agencies can’t purchase iPhones, iPads, or Macs.

Skype 7.5 for Mac now available — Skype 7.5 for Mac is now available from Microsoft, and the app is adding localisation for a number of new languages as well as tackling some performance issues. Skype is a free download in the first place. To get it, open Skype, choose ‘Check for updates’ from the Skype menu.

Love with databases over for Mac users — A few years ago, you could select from a fairly wide range of database programs (many on the PC including the still formidable MS Access, a few on the Mac) that allowed us to keep track of our CDs, records, books, wine bottles and whatever we were collecting. Not any more.

Old Jobs’ emails, Bluetooth 4.2, App Store appeal, Final Cut

Emails from Steve Jobs offer an insight into his thinking and Apple's music stance. (Image from TUAW.)
Emails from Steve Jobs offer an insight into his thinking and Apple’s music stance. (Image from TUAW.)

Old Steve Jobs emails resurface as part of iPod antitrust lawsuit — Thanks to a slow winding judicial process, a class action suit against Apple stemming from its business practices in the mid-2000s is getting underway today in California. During the process, a number of Steve Jobs’ emails are starting to emerge.

Bluetooth 4.2 supercharges smart homes, blocks privacy-bashing Beacons — New versions of wireless technology standards aren’t often a big deal, but Bluetooth 4.2 is looking to change that with a major boost for home automation, along with privacy enhancements. The new spec allows Bluetooth devices to connect to the Internet through newer home routers supporting IPv6. This should drastically simplify home automation, as it would avoid the need for dedicated Bluetooth hubs or devices with built-in Wi-Fi.

Apple loses App Store trademark appeal in Australia — Apple was handed a setback in Australia on Wednesday when a Federal Court judge rejected Apple’s appeal as the company tries to trademark the term “app store” in the country. The news of the rejection was first reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

Apple has released Final Cut Pro 10.1.4 and Xcode 6.1.1 with feature additions, bug fixes — Apple has updated its pro-level video editing app Final Cut Pro with minor feature additions and bug fixes, while the latest Xcode release addresses crashing issues experienced when coding in Swift. The latest version is Final Cut Pro 10.1.4, and includes stabilisation and rolling shutter reduction for 240fps video, a welcome addition considering that frame rate is supported by the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
Xcode 6.1.1 is a free 2.49GB download from the App Store.