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MacBook, Xcode, Safari RSS, Lightroom CC 2015, iCloud failures and foibles

Compromised, expensive – but it's the future of laptops. (Image from Apple.)
Compromised, expensive – but it’s the future of laptops. (Image from Apple.)

Apple Insider’s review of the all-new 12″ MacBook with Retina display — With the launch of its new ultra-portable 12-inch MacBook, Apple has signalled that the future of notebooks is here. The future does indeed look bright, though the initial cost and compromises made in building the new MacBook should keep most people from buying in — for the first generation, at least.

Apple releases Xcode 6.3.1, fixing ‘critical issues’ related to debugging and more — Apple has issued a minor update for Xcode, improving stability and fixing what the company said are “critical issues” associated with debugging, playgrounds, and Interface Builder.

60-Second Tips: subscribe to RSS feeds in Safari’s Shared Links tab — Think that you need a separate RSS feed reader app or service to keep up with the latest from your favourite websites? You don’t – see this 60-second video tip.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 2015 review: New features and major performance gains — With facial recognition, easier editing tools like the great new filter brush, and better performance from using the GPU, the latest edition of Lightroom could appeal to former users of Aperture. [I find the way Lightroom is organised – or, actually, disorganised – a major barrier to using it.] 

iCloud fails and foibles that need to be addressed — Here you will find your top five complaints, and responses, about iCloud and Messages listed in no particular order.