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Ring Menu is a dynamic circular Dock replacement menu around your mouse cursor that can be accessed from anywhere
Ring Menu is a dynamic circular Dock replacement menu around your mouse cursor that can be accessed from anywhere

Black Friday sales — Some of these won’t work as they’re US products in the US, but some of the items are software. There are more here.

Apple acquires Faceshift, which makes a facial motion capture system — It was rumoured earlier this year, and now Apple has confirmed that it’s purchased a company called Faceshift, reports TechCrunch.
Face shift makes Faceshift Studio, a markerless facial motion capture system. It analyses the face motions of an actor, and describes them as a mixture of basic expressions, plus head orientation and gaze, to create a custom 3D avatar, and to record facial animation data in real time. The animation data may be streamed live into Maya, MotionBuilder or Unity, or exported in a range of standard file formats, including BVH and FBX.

Ring Menu Dock alternative — If you want Dock functionality but, for whatever reason, dislike the Mac OS X Dock itself, The Ring Menu might be a handy alternative. Available at the Mac App Store for NZ$6.49 (US$4.99), it adds a circular menu containing apps, files and folders around the mouse cursor. It also sports a dynamic item zoom that magnifies the items under your mouse cursor.

Apple airs 2015 Christmas TV ad starring Stevie Wonder & Andra Daye — Apple has uploaded its annual Christmas TV ad to YouTube, which this year stars singers Stevie Wonder and Andra Daye.

What to do when mobile Time Machine backups linger and fill storage space — An attempt by Time Machine to keep backups up to date away from network resources can fill your drive, too.

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Apple may have acquired a Swiss marker-less facial motion capture.
Apple may have acquired a Swiss marker-less facial motion capture.

Large Apple logo goes up at Bill Graham Auditorium ahead of iPhone event — Apple is putting a legion of carpenters, electricians, security personnel and other contractors to work this US Labor Day weekend as it readies San Francisco’s Bill Graham Auditorium for what is expected to be a massive iPhone event next week.

How to protect your data, part two — In part two, Apple World Today looks at hardware.

Apple may have acquired real-time motion capture firm Faceshift — A report on Friday claimed Apple has potentially purchased Faceshift, a Swiss firm working on real-time facial motion capture animation through proprietary markerless technology. Unlike traditional motion capture technology, which uses stick-on markers as reference points to track facial expressions, Faceshift’s solution relies on powerful facial recognition software and 3D sensors to drive animations.

How to remove objects in your photos with Photoshop’s content-aware tools — It doesn’t take expert Photoshop skills to make unwanted objects vanish from your photos.

ArtistInfo helps fill in iTunes’ missing pieces — If you’re totally into buying your music online, you may miss all the great info once found in CD booklets and album covers. ArtistInfo by Metazoan is an application for Mac OS 10.9 and later that works in conjunction with iTunes to serve up a smorgasbord of info on musicians, music groups, producers and composers.

Controversial Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine premieres online and at limited screenings — Alex Gibney’s documentary Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, which has been heavily criticised by Apple executives, made its official debut on Friday, appearing in a limited theatrical run, as well as on a variety of online services. Here are Macworld’s ‘four takeaways‘.

Belgium’s first Apple Store to open in Brussels on Toison d’Or on September 19th — Apple has reportedly confirmed plans to open its first Belgian store in the capital city of Brussels on September 19th, erecting a special construction barricade around a building on Avenue Toison d’Or.