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(Picture from 9 to 5 Mac.)
(Picture from 9 to 5 Mac.)

Beats 1 to feature celebrity shows hosted by Elton John, Drake, Pharrell, Dr Dre & more — Apple will indeed have a number of mainstream musicians host shows on Beats 1 including Drake, Disclosure, St. Vincent, Josh Homme, Pharrell Williams, and Elton John, a report said on Thursday. [They need the money. We’re supposed to be thrilled.]

Apple playing a key role in ‘consumerisation’ of healthcare with iPhone & Apple Watch — With the iPhone an everyday part of millions of consumers’ lives, and now the debut of the Apple Watch, healthcare professionals believe Apple is a pivotal part in what they see as the “consumerisation” of healthcare, driven by easy access to health-related data.

Microsoft’s Sway gains legitimacy with Windows 10 plans, iPad app — Joining the ranks of other Windows 10 universal apps this summer will be Microsoft’s lightweight content-creation tool, Sway. Before that, however, it’s making the leap to the iPad.

With IBM partnership, Box thinks beyond cloud collaboration for iOS — After announcing its landmark partnership with IBM on Tuesday, cloud-based content management firm Box elaborated on what iOS users — and developers building on Box’s platform — can expect when the first jointly developed products hit market later this year, and intra-office file sharing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Facebook Messenger apps to allow chatting without a Facebook account — Facebook on Thursday announced that new Messenger users will soon be able to sign up without Facebook accounts, potentially expanding the reach of the chat service.

Seven ways to curb your iPhone’s cellular data use — Read on for 7 ways to put a lid on your iPhone’s cellular data use.

Apple inventions hint at next-level iOS geofencing features — A pair of Apple patent applications point to ongoing research in mobile device location sharing, one being an augmentation of existing iOS geofencing technology, and another detailing an entirely new form of indoor request-and-answer location notifications reliant on node-based triangulation.

Apple pulls Civil War games from App Store in ongoing controversy over Confederate flags — Apple appears to have removed most or all content from the App Store that features a Confederate flag, even games which only feature the flag in a historical war context, it was discovered on Thursday. [That’s ridiculous.]

Snowden approves Apple privacy, US share, Apps now free, Facebook Messenger, Women’s World Cup, solving App Store problems

Netherlands humbling the NW Women's Soccer team with a devastating shot
Netherlands humbling the NZ Women’s Soccer team with a devastating shot

Edward Snowden calls Apple ‘Pioneering’ in privacy — Edward Snowden called Apple a “pioneering” company in the area of privacy. In an editorial for The New York Times titled ‘The World Says No to Surveillance,’ Mr. Snowden made the case that public sentiment has turned against surveillance.
Apple has made full-disk encryption the default starting with iOS 8. The company also made iMessage use peer-to-peer encryption, a setup that means not even Apple can break that encryption.

Apple’s iPhone improves US marketshare — A fresh report published by comScore on Friday says Apple’s share of the US smartphone market grew nearly 2% during a three-month period ending in April, pushing iPhone’s share of subscribers above 43%.

Apps now free or on sale — Apple World Today has a list. [Includes Toca Doctor! My nieces will be thrilled.]

Facebook Messenger dumps auto-location tracking for a pin drop — Facebook Messenger is making location sharing a little less creepy, with finer controls your whereabouts.

Apps to track the Women’s World Cup in Canada — It’s not on TV, and I’d watch every game if it was, but there are ways to follow with Women World Cup apps, at least if you live in the US. The Fox site (Fox has the broadcast rights) Fox.

Fixing App store download problems — Kelly Guimont solutions worth trying.

Apple Watch dunked and drilled, Facebook Messenger adds video calls

Facebook's new video calling feature is available in the iOS and Android Messenger apps.
Facebook’s new video calling feature is available in the iOS and Android Messenger apps (image from Macworld).

Apple Watch gets dunked and drilled, but comes out strong in durability tests — Yes, there are those willing to spend money on a top-flight gadget just to see how far you can push it before it breaks.

Facebook adds free video calling to Messenger — Users can now place free video calls with Messenger, as Facebook continues to extend the app beyond simple text-based chats.
With the feature, Facebook is also taking a jab at competing products like Apple’s FaceTime, Microsoft’s Skype and Google Hangouts. Facebook previously allowed video calling through its site on the desktop, but not within its Messenger app.