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iPhone FM, 30m Music subscribers, Dino Park, Face ID white paper and privacy, HomeKit gains complexity

Fun AR puts dinosaurs into your scenes

FCC chairman urges Apple to activate FM radios in iPhones in light of recent disasters — The chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, has renewed pressure on Apple to turn on the FM radios hidden inside every iPhone, citing how useful that might have been during Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. [What? Then we’d get ‘free streaming music’ – ie, ‘radio’ – on our iPhones, can’t see Apple supporting that! Because …]

Apple Music breaks through to 30 million subscribers — Apple Music has topped 30 million paid subscribers, Apple confirmed on Thursday, supplying background for an interview with executives Jimmy Iovine and Larry Jackson, and Beats 1 DJ Zane Lowe.

Monster Park Dino World is a fun introduction to AR on iOS 11 — The game lets you “see” and move dinosaurs with a compatible iDevice’s camera. Using tracking and light detection, you can, for instance, make a tyrannosaurus rex walk around a room and watch pterodactyls fly around (and zoom toward you). You can also open and enter a portal to take a look at the world of dinosaurs, which packs one impressive waterfall.
For US$2.99, it’s a fun way to dip into the AR world of iOS 11. Monster Park – Dino World is available at the Apple App Store. But it won’t work on iPhones before the 6s, so not even the 6. Dang.

Apple publishes white paper explaining usage and security of iPhone X Face ID — Apple has taken steps to educate potential owners of the iPhone X about Face ID ahead of its release on Nov. 3, releasing a white paper alongside a support document that explains how the biometric authentication technology works to keep the user’s data secure. You can read more about Apple’s privacy stance at the Mac Observer.

Inside iOS 11: HomeKit gains multi-person geofencing, conditional triggers — With iOS 11, Apple has enabled more complexity in the triggers for HomeKit scenes and events, making them adaptable to a wider variety of circumstances —such as only turning off the lights in your home when everyone has left.

First look: New Radio app for Apple Watch featuring Beats 1 — Wednesday’s developer preview of watchOS 4.1 provided the first look at a new dedicated Radio app for Apple Watch, allowing users to stream Beats 1, Apple Music stations, and news channels directly to their wrist, without the need for an iPhone.