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Astropad unifies the iPad and Mac screens into one mirrored interface.
Astropad unifies the iPad and Mac screens into one mirrored interface.

Astropad turns your iPad into a graphics tablet for your Mac — Heaven for a hardcore graphic artist or photo editor is a Wacom Cintiq, one of those fancy input devices that builds in a display and includes a pen stylus for drawing, painting, or retouching photos [a new model, btw, is due in NZ soon]. They’re amazing, but they’re pricey and not the most mobile. Astro-HQ wants is making software that transforms an iPad into a Mac graphics tablet. Founders Giovanni Donelli and Matt Ronge are former Apple engineers.

Declutter your Camera Roll — Leah Yamshon’s apps to help you manage photos.

Weather Underground’s Storm app packs maximum data into a simple UI — There’s already the Weather Underground app, Wundermap (both free with in-app purchases) or WunderStation (free, but today, the company released a new universal iOS app called Storm (free with in-app purchases). Steven Sande takes a look at the offering in a short video. [Weather apps being one of my odd obsessions.]

Makeovr Web app lets iPhone users create blank spaces on home screen — If you’ve ever found yourself despairing over Apple’s insistence that home screen icons be lined up neatly in rows, but can’t — or won’t — turn to jailbreak tweaks, a relatively new Web app called Makeovr has come to your rescue.

ViewExif is a handy iOS extension for viewing photo Exif data — It installs as a standalone app, but ViewExif is actually an iOS extension that allows you to view the Exif information of the photos on your iPhone. This Exif information is stored with each photo and contains a range of photo and camera settings including ISO speed, exposure time, aperture, location information, camera make and model, lens make and model and more.

Inbox by Gmail heads to the iPad, bringing yet another Google app to Apple tablets — Google’s new email app is designed to surface the most important messages and better organise the rest.